Cheap & Chic Moschino – the third in a row fragrance brand, before it had been established for women

Moschino Moschino in 1987, and men Moschino Pour Homme in 1990.

Fragrance Moschino Cheap and Chic appeared just at the time when the brand became famous all over the world, in 1995. In those days, everybody wanted to smell expensive and Cheap & Chic Moschino by its very name already breaks this pattern. The bottle is also characterized by vivid originality in its creation was used by way of Olive Oil, Popeye sailor lover, the heroine of the famous cartoon characters and comic books.

Pretty funny sounds and the instruction of the brand, which was accompanied by advertising this fragrance: “Apply fragrance on your neck, wrist, chest, the tip of the nose, then with a cold view walk past you are interested in a man, as if unaware of it. We recommend bringing a man to the boil slowly. Nevertheless, if you have little time, we can expedite the process by using provocative views and fleeting phrases. Do not spray the Cheap and Chic nearby excessively hot bodies! It is not safe! Moschino is not responsible for the misuse of the aroma. Spray perfume with caution – to your bait can be caught as many men as you would like! “

Cheap & Chic Moschino – flavor with charisma, a combination of violet and iris gives soft flavor, a sense of purity and freshness of the cream, but it’s definitely female face powder. Bittersweet and sour in it all at once, musk and amber, sandalwood relaxing, exciting orchid – aroma beckons and rings. Reminiscent of a full breath of prickly, cold air, when you stand on the Gulf, prolonged dangerous ice (which promises to walk through risk). The Wind in the face, and felt that spring soon.


Today Moschino takes pride of place among the fashion houses: the brand has its own unique history, its own style and its own public.

The main market brand today is Italy, which is approximately 33% of total sales Moschino. The honorable second place is occupied by European countries – 25% of sales and in third place is the America that gets about 5% of all Moschino products every year.It is worth noting that Franco Moschino left us with not only a great brand, which boasts a magnificent garment quality and unique style, but a huge number of phrases that have become winged. One day you will have fun in the glory when accidentally get out of the house in slippers from different pairs. ”

Among the fans of the brand Moschino, there are many stars such as Tina Turner, Madonna, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, and Yoko Ono. Despite the eccentricity and originality of the collections, among clients of the House of Moschino were titled persons: Princess Diana and Caroline Grimaldi, Princess of Monaco.

Today Moschino brand consists of several lines. Lines Moschino (main line of clothing for men and women), Moschino Cheap, and Chic (more democratic second line of clothing for women.) There is also a line of young fashion – Moschino Love. Previously, it was known for its denim products and named accordingly – Moschino Jeans. Under the Moschino brand also sells accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes and even motorcycle helmets. Mark has boutiques around the world, and recently you can order your favorite items online at on our website. In addition, in the center of Milan is Hotel Maison Moschino with a fitness center, Russian bath and, of course, the amazing interiors incorporate style.

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