CHILDREN’S CLASSICS is a well-known Spanish brand of footwear for children of all ages. The name of the brand already talks for itself. The line produces classic and elegant shoes for both girls and boys. The footwear of CHILDREN’S CLASSICS is made of the best materials of fabricating, such as 100% soft leather. Thanks to the high technologies, that the company uses, child’s foot will stay in comfort during all day. Modern designers of the line always follow the latest trends in the world of fashion, creating not only practical shoes, but also beautiful ones. CHILDREN’S CLASSICS regularly represents its new collections. You will be able to find the right model, size and color of every item. The main feature of those trendy boots is the fact of using non-slip sole that provides young boys and girls with safety while they are in movement. It is interesting to notice that the company also creates girlish sandals with small stable heels, so the young ladies may feel themselves like real princesses. Nowadays children in other countries of Europe and the Unites States already enjoy the products of CHILDREN’S CLASSICS. It is worth noticing that every item of the popular brand can be purchased online.


Children’s Classics brand name well known not only for kids shoes but also for baby footwear. Yes, small babies are not walking in the first months of their life, but you can still buy special shoes for them, so-called pre-walkers. Why do you and your baby need pre-walkers? First of all they are so cute : ) Little shoes are made of 100% genuine leather and can be in white, red, pink, black, navy blue, ivory colors. Some models are specially designed for baby girls (they may have a bowl decoration or flowers etc) other shoes are good for baby boys. Some pre-walkers models have neutral colors and design, so you can buy them for boys and girls.

Children’s Classics pre-walkers shoes available in different sizes, from 0 month newborn baby to 18th months old babies who really can walk already.


Boys shoes by Children’s Classics available in different sizes, from EU 17 (UK 1) to EU 40 (UK 7). There are more than 40 different models of boys shoes and sandals by Children’s Classics available in our online boutique. For now you can buy boys leather boots, leather sandals, classic brogue shoes, t-bar shoes, moccasins, velcro brogues, boys leather loafers, oxford shoes… all shoes have really classic design and perfect quality. What about shoes colors? Here you can also find only classic and timeless coloring: brown, navy blue, black, white, beige, light blue. For some models Children’s Classics designers can use shiny patent leather, this makes classis kids shoes look really chic and luxury.

If you are looking for ideal pair of boys shoes for everyday use (for example for school) or shoes that will match with the classic suit for special occassion – Children’s Classics is exactly what you need. One of the great advantages of this kids footwear brand is its price policy. The shoes are really cheap, but they do not look cheap. Buying a pair of boys shoes by Children’s Classics you can be sure that child’s feet will be in comfort. Children are growing and their bodies change very fast and it is extremely important in this period to wear reliable shoes, to prevent some health problems in the future.


It looks like Children’s Classics designers really like their job and as a result they can create so gorgeous girls shoes. There are more than 90 models of different shoes, ballerinas, t-bar shoes, boots, Mary Jane shoes, sandals, heeled shoes, moccasins, bow shoes, velcro shoes, brogues, floral bar, lace up shoes, side zip boots etc. All made in fines 100% leather that are so gentle and comfortable for girls feet.

Speaking about shoes colors here you can buy many different models. Children’s Classics designers like gold leather and silver leather for girls shoes. You can also buy silver leather shoes or sandals as well as rose gold, metallic red, metallic pink girls footwear. If you need shiny shoes you can buy silver or gold glittered heeled shoes or patent leather shoes in different colors (black, navy blue, deep green, red, ivory). As you can see there are so many colors and textures that you can buy exactly what you need and match the footwear with the dress or other girl’s outfit.

Do not forget that Children’s Classics shoes are made in Spain and this means a lot when we are talking about quality leather kids shoes.

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