Claesen’s is a rapidly developing trademark that specializes on the production of stylish underwear for men, women and kids. The label’s collections tend to change at a quick pace, while the growing popularity of their goods is explained by the amazing quality of fabrics, vivid and unusual designs of each item and a palette of simplistic colors and style patterns.

Today, Claesen’s products are in high demand while the brand itself has a reputation of a credible supplier of underwear in Europe. The label’s goods are manufactured by only qualified and talented specialists who are conscious about children’s health and pay attention to every detail. As a result, Claesen’s has become a trusted provider of chic lingerie for girls and comfortable pants for boys which are always affordably priced.

History of Claesen’s

Claesen’s label was originated in Amsterdam. It entered the world of fashion back in 1993. At first, the founders concentrated their efforts on the production of gorgeous underwear for adults only. After a few years, they expanded their selection of goods and introduced an all-new line of underwear for kids which later became their major focus.

The brand was founded by a married couple Gerard and Debora. Their collaboration has resulted in successful development of the family business that quickly became an all-favorite producer of high-quality yet reasonably priced essentials.

In 2012, Claesen’s label emerged on the Indian market. Favorable pricing and amazing selection of quality goods contributed to the brand’s fame and popularity with the locals. Unique fabrics, simplistic color palette and attractive design patterns also played a great role in the label’s success.

From newborns to adolescents, this brand had much to offer to children of any age. Tops, pants, pyjamas, vests and bras became a must-have purchase for local and international customers.

In 2016, the company was proud of getting international appreciation of their collections. The brand’s products were certified according to the global standards which became yet another reason to believe that all their goods are of great quality and free from dangerous substances harmful for kids.

In a couple of years, the label celebrated its 25th anniversary which marked its strong position on the global scene.

Lingerie and sleepwear for children: Main characteristics

Apart from the top quality and durability of Claesen’s kids’ wear, the characteristics of their products include simple yet unusual styles that have long become the signature of the company and helped it to enter the global market. Today, the underwear by Claesen’s is extremely popular with kids and adults alike.

The reason for this is simple – the label’s designers can masterfully combine the vintage style of the 50-60s with the modern fashion tendencies. As a result, they achieve a perfect mixture of simplicity and elegance in all their products. Other characteristics include:

  • Exceptional quality of every piece of kids’ wear;
  • Reasonable pricing policy;
  • A wide selection of underwear on offer;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Stylish prints and beautiful embellishments;
  • All-favorite color palette;
  • The use of only natural and delicate fabrics, etc.

The underwear for children by Claesen’s is very soft. The fabrics used by the designers are also breathable. As a result, Claesen’s underwear causes absolutely no discomfort. As for the characteristics of design, it’s developed with close attention to age differences of children. The variety of sizes and types of underpants for kids is so diverse that you’ll have no problems choosing exactly what your child needs.

Claesen’s products for girls and boys: What’s on offer?

#1 Boxer shorts for boys

Claesen’s offers a pack of two boxer shorts for boys. They are available in gray, black, striped and navy blue colors. This model of shorts is made from delicate and stretchy cotton fabric of supreme quality. Each item has an elastic waistband with a branded logo. The waistband is specially designed to fit boys of any size. Some models of boys’ shorts have a secure button fastening for comfortable fit. The shorts are machine washable at 40*C.

#2 Trendy vests for boys

Boys’ vests are available in navy blue, gray and white striped colors. These are also made from delicate cotton which makes them soft and pleasant to wear. They are not only of top quality but also look stylish on every young boy.

#3 Feminine bras for girls

Claesen’s bras for girls are available in pink and navy blue colors, although some samples have a feminine floral or striped print. They are made from the softest cotton fabric and added with straps that can be adjusted whenever necessary. Bras for girls by Claesen’s are easy to clean in the washing machine at 40*C.

#4 Pants for girls

These are also made in different colors like navy blue, black and gray. Some of them are decorated with elegant flowery prints, while others feature a fashionable striped pattern. All types of pants are produced from quality fabrics and sold in a pack of two differently colored items. The label also offers pink pants with elastic waists to ensure that they suit girls of different sizes.

#5 Crop tops for girls

Girls’ tops by Claesen’s come in a range of simple colors like black, white, pink and gray. Their main features include the stylish racer back and an elasticated band with the label’s logotype. The tops are produced from cotton and lycra fabrics that are stretchy and comfortable to wear.

#6 Elegant vests for girls

The vests for girls by Claesen’s are available in navy blue color although some of them have striped or flower patterns which add up to the elegant style of every item. They are embellished by ruffles and bows to create a feminine look. Adjustable straps allow girls to regulate the size and fit whenever needed. The vests are manufactured from top-quality elastic fabrics.

All goods by Claesen’s are designed in Holland as the best proof of their quality, while the brand’s prices are always affordable.

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