As a young but promising British designer brand for kids, Cucamelon offers a variety of bright and unusual socks for little babies and older kids who only start to explore the world around and make their first discoveries. Although not much is known about the origins of this fashion brand, numerous parents choose this trademark as a number-one supplier of cute and admirable accessories for their precious ones.

Cucamelon’s products are really diverse and colorful. The brand’s socks come in packs of up to five pairs to suit the needs and tastes of young customers. Some packs represent a perfect mix of lovely accessories for both parents and children. All of them are wrapped up in beautiful gift boxes which turn them into ideal souvenirs for close friends or relatives. Each set of socks for babies and toddlers has a joyful print of its own depicted on vivid backgrounds.

Main benefits of Cucamelon products

  • The packs usually contain five pairs of socks of superb quality.
  • The durability of fabrics will let your kid wear them every day with minimum risk of wear and tear;
  • Bright designs of each accessory will hardly make your child bored.
  • The themes used by the brand’s designers are not only fun and adorable but also unique – they are not like anything you may come across in the kids’ fashion segment.
  • The assortment of their goods is gradually replenished with new styles of socks so that you can always find something new to make your child happy.

Themes of kid’s socks by Cucamelon

You might have heard about cucamelons as exotic edible fruits that belong to the category of melons. They look like green cucumbers with a bit soury taste that reminds a lemony flavor. These unusual fruits became the source of inspiration for the British brand’s founders who created a fascinating selection of colorful socks featuring fun patterns and colorful prints.

The brand’s design themes include the next ones:

  • Smiling monsters depicted on striped background;
  • Cute dinosaurs made in vivid colors;
  • Pale pink unicorns;
  • Pretty flowery prints made in pastel color palette and a delightful variety of style;
  • Fun monkeys on yellow, white and blue backgrounds;
  • Safari theme featuring different adorable animals.

With such a diverse variety of themes, styles and designs, Cucamelon label guarantees that every item in their collection will cheer up your kids and make the dressing time enjoyable and fun. Joyfully designed sets of socks by Cucamelon come in lovely packages which make them a perfect gift for birthdays and any other special event. The characters depicted on each product will never make children bored while the durable and quality cotton combined with elastic fabrics will leave every parent satisfied with their purchase.

What’s more, Cucamelon’s sets of socks for little kids are always affordably priced to suit parents of all budgets. The label’s kids’ accessories are also easy to clean as they are machine washable at 40*C. However, whilst all Cucamelon products may run tight, you should be careful when choosing the size you need.

Most popular designs by Cucamelon for little feet

Each package consists of up to five pairs of kids’ socks of cute styles and amazing quality. They are majorly intended for children aged from one to four years. The most popular types of socks include:

#1 Socks with lovable floral designs

This set is a gorgeous present for little girls. They feature lovable flower prints that every girl will instantly fall in love with. As usual, the package consists of differently designed socks made from a stretchy, soft and comfortable cotton blend. They are ankle long and have individual designs featuring flowers of bright pink, blue, yellow and white colors. Some of them are made in brightly colored striped styles. All packs are wrapped up in Cucamelon’s customized gift boxes.

#2 Safari socks for boys and girls

This set also consists of up to five pairs of high-quality and cozy socks. As a credible supplier of kids’ accessories, Cucamelon guarantees maximum comfort to baby boys and girls – safari-styled socks are not an exception. They come in white and gray colors and have individualized designs that are all based on animal theme. Here you can find different cute animal characters like monkeys, elephants, and dogs among others.

#3 Dinosaur-style socks for babies

This is yet another lovely set of socks for boys and girls alike. A mix of cotton and stretchy fabrics makes them a must-have purchase for every young parent. To suit the taste of little customers, the British supplier offers a pack of green and blue-colored socks with joyful dinosaur prints. These also come in lovely boxes representing a nice gift for babies and their parents.

#4 Fun monster-style socks

These ankle long socks have a truly lovable design depicting smiling monsters that are all made in vivid and lively colors. The cool designs of each pair make this sample one of the most popular accessories from this developer. These socks will keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy day after day. The monster-style socks come in trendy and vivid designs, while the quality of fabrics is always impeccable. This pack is suitable for girls and boys aged from 2 to 4 years.

#5 Sweet and pretty unicorn socks for girls

This type of Cucamelon’s unicorn-style socks for girls come in pale pink, yellow and white colors and feature customized designs. This design theme looks admirable and pretty on every little girl. Similarly to other gift sets, these socks meet all norms of quality being made from a perfect blend of natural and elastic fabrics. This will help to keep your girl’s feet comfortable throughout the day.

Check out the collection of high-quality and lovely accessories by Cucamelon to find something truly unique for your little ones.

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