For almost a decade, Cute Cute has been supplying the European market with beautifully designed girls’ accessories handmade by the best craftsmen of the United Kingdom. This is a family-owned business that is devoted to providing top-quality headbands, hair clips, gift sets and other gorgeous products for young ladies. Every accessory is developed in line with the recent fashion tendencies to suit the tastes and demands of little clients.

Cute Cute hair accessories are perfect not only for daily wear but also for special events like family holidays or birthday parties. The brand also offers beautifully wrapped sets of girls’ accessories that can become a great gift for someone you love. Appealing design, eye-catchy embellishments and top quality of each headwear are only a few reasons behind this brand’s popularity.

Story of Cute Cute: Where it all began

As a family-run company, Cute Cute label started its career back in 2012. It was established by a mother of two children, Magda Haroon. In cooperation with a group of local mothers, she started to develop hair embellishments for girls. Every item is designed with love and care for children while their styles are always unique and never the same.

During the first years of the company’s growth, the design process could take up to several weeks simply because it was important to thoroughly choose the fabrics and pay much attention to details. What’s more, keeping up with the UK norms of quality was yet another priority of the label. Cute Cute designers ordered only premium materials from different corners of the world as their goal was to create a gorgeous collection of both beautiful and durable products.

After a while, they started to supply local fashion boutiques and were even invited to tradeshows – this helped to promote their brand and expand their line of products on both local and global markets.

In a couple of years, the brand stopped being just a home-based trademark. Instead, they managed to move to a boutique of their own due to all the positive feedback and support they received from grateful customers.

As a result, their main goal was achieved – to create gorgeous hair accessories that would let every girl feel like a princess. They soon expanded their variety of headbands to suit all tastes of young clients. As a result, their renewed selection of goods was replenished with new hair accessories that quickly became a success.

Today, they are striving to offer customized services to every client to let every little girl feel special day after day.

Main benefits of Cute Cute hair accessories

  • Amazing quality of each item;
  • The ability to purchase gift sets to surprise your loved ones;
  • Great prices and excellent service;
  • The use of only high-quality materials;
  • Provision of only handcrafted goods;
  • A wide variety of unique styles and trendy designs;
  • The use of different handcrafting techniques and materials in the production process.

Cute Cute collections of girls’ accessories: Best products on offer

The label offers not just individual products but also stunning gift sets that are all packed in bright boxes. Some of the most popular and highly valued types of girls’ accessories by Cute Cute include the next ones:

#1 Unicorn gift set for baby girls

Unicorn style makes this accessory a popular choice for many customers. The accessory itself represents a lovely organza bow on shining clips. It’s wrapped in a gift box with a satin ribbon on it. All these features make this stylish item a must-have choice for young girls. Just like the rest of products by Cute Cute, sequin unicorn accessories are handmade in Great Britain.

#2 A trendy clip with six stars wrapped up in a gift box

This is one more gift set consisting of an adorable and cute clip with six stars. The clips are available in gold, silver and bronze to let customers choose what color meets their tastes most. The ribbon is attached to the gift box, while the quality of this fascinating gift set will hardly leave anyone indifferent.

#3 Elastic headband trimmed with lovely embellishments

This accessory by Cute Cute is a great choice for special events like birthday parties. It’s made from elastic material and comes in pale pink color. It’s also trimmed with shining crystals and pearls for a dressy look of every girl. It’s available in different sizes to suit kids of any age, from newborns to six-year old girls.

#4 Bright bow hairclip

This hairclip by Cute Cute suits girls aged 3 to 16 years. It’s a handcrafted accessory embellished with a red bow and a shining diamante in the center. It can serve as a gorgeous gift for girls of any age.

#5 Pale white and pink headband for baby girls

Elastic headband for little girls aged 0 to 2 years is yet another fabulous handmade accessory from Cute Cute label. It’s made in pink and white color mixture and decorated with pearls. Fabric flowers are yet another embellishment of this accessory.

#6 A set of a gold hairclip and bracelet

A sparkling butterfly hairclip and bracelet set for young girls by Cute Cute can serve as an admirable gift for young girls. Elastic bracelet is made from the velvet material, while the hairclip is decorated with a ribbon.

#7 Gold hairclips for girls

The pack contains a pair of lovely hairclips by Cute Cute. This handmade accessory is added with the gold ribbon made from satin material, while the bright glittery diamante in the center adds up a special touch to the design of this item. This product will suit girls aged from 2 to 16 years.

Cute Cute is a relatively young family-owned designer brand that was founded in 2012. It was established by a mother of two kids, Magda Haroon. Together with her team of local designers, the founder of the brand launched several collections of kids’ accessories made from the highest-quality materials. Every item features a thoroughly thought design to follow the recent trends in kids fashion. All of the accessories are different and absolutely unique, just like your little ones. The process of production lasts for several weeks with each element being carefully chosen for the creation of unique accessories made from the finest materials from all over the world. At the beginning of the founder’s career, the brand supplied local stores and boutiques, but the word of mouth raised a need to expand the production and go internationally. Today, the products of the brand are distributed not only nation-wide, but also all over the globe. For the past four years, the family business was home based, but owing the support of local designers, the brand’s production is now sold in a brand-new local boutique, while the workshop is located in Handforth.

The brand is proud of delivering high quality headbands and other accessories to little princesses who want to look their best in any situation. The brand’s designers have recently widened the variety of casual everyday accessories and nowadays they offer stylish handmade headbands and school bows to make every girl look astonishing at school and during outdoor activities. The aim of the brand is to provide personalized services to every customer to make the little ones feel that they are special day after day. Cute Cute remains a leading distributor of lovely accessories for girls of different age groups. Young customers absolutely adore wearing the headbands produced by the brand. The products of the brand are ideal for Christening and other special events as well. The designers of the brand are trying to make sure that every item is produced from the highest-quality materials that are totally safe for the health of little children. Furthermore, close attention to details has helped the brand to stand out from the crowd making little ones look exceptional and not resemble anyone else. If you choose to buy the accessories of Cute Cute, you will ensure that your little princess looks adorable and lovely in any situation, be it Christening day or other special event in the life of your child. The accessories can also be worn on a daily basis to diversify the looks of your child and make her feel good and look great at the same time.

Don’t hesitate to look through the collections of children’s accessories offered by Cute Cute and you will surely find something exclusive and luxurious for your precious one. The brand’s designers are trying to make sure that every item is unique of its kind and does not resemble the works of other fashion designers. By choosing Cute Cute, you choose high quality of materials and exceptional design that makes every girl look incomparably cute and lovely. The accessories are available in a variety of colors and color combinations for you to choose the most suitable one to match the outfit of your child. Every item is distinguished by characteristic style to reveal the individuality of your kid and instill a good taste in your little princess. Cute Cute is now available not only in luxury fashion boutiques of its country of origin, but also in online shops where you can find the accessories of the brand for a highly affordable price. Check out the collections of the brand to make a perfect gift for your precious one!

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