DAINTY DIZZY is a new British line of kids clothing that was founded only in 2011 by Justine Rogers, a woman who loves children and wants to make their appearance unforgettable. The brand was created for girls aged 3 to 12 years. The main idea of the young designer is to convert little ladies into real princesses. The collection of unique dresses impressed the audience at once. Each dress is made of high quality pattern, as silk and tulle, which make the look of a girl more feminine and gentle. Candy, flower, dark lilac, peach, fairy snow, sugar plum and snow queen colors prevail in the exclusive line of DAINTY DIZZY. The creative designer tends to mix extraordinary ideas with the comfort of dressing. The silk straps on each dress enhance the attractiveness of the girlish look. Moreover, a nice head band will make the exclusive silhouette seem complete. The manufacturers of DAINTY DIZZY try to satisfy the tastes of young ladies and create the dress of their dreams. But not less important part take the quality of tailoring. Nowadays the British line has become popular in many countries Europe. People also tend to purchase the products of DAINTY DIZZY online.

DAINTY DIZZY – girls dresses hand made in England

DAINTY DIZZY is not just an ordinary fashion brand. All DAINTY DIZZY girls dresses are hand made in England – this is the best guarantee of high quality and supreme individuality. As every hand-made piece of clothing, all these dresses may have a slight difference and uniqueness. It sounds unreal, but YES, you can buy one of these dresses online and get something special, like a tailor-made dress.

It will be hard to find any little girl on this planet who will not like dresses by DAINTY DIZZY. The best thing is that we have worldwide fast and easy shipping, so you can buy online and very soon get your dress even if you live in the US, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East. Among our regular customers there are parents and their children from London, New York, Sydney, Doha, Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai, Moscow, Alberta, Kyiv, Barcelona, Athens, Miami, Tokio, Beijing and many other cities from all over the world.

It sounds unbelievable, but luxury DAINTY DIZZY hand-made dresses are not very expensive. The price of these gorgeous girls dresses is very affordable, we can even call it cheap.

DAINTY DIZZY like to use tulle materials for its dresses, with voluminous drape, floral details, satin straps and other luxury decors. There are various dresses collections under the name DAINTY DIZZY, such as:

  • Storm
  • Mother of pearls
  • Sea Spray
  • Magical Mermaid
  • Sun Beam
  • Sand Jewel
  • Pink Blush
  • Peach Blush
  • Candy Cane
  • Classic Flower
  • Sugar Plum Fairy
  • Snow Queen
  • Snow Fairy
  • Lilac Blush

Some DAINTY DIZZY dresses models (for example Mother of Pearl or Pink Blush) can be worn as a skirt (just remove the straps, it is very easy). So, as you can see you can wear these girls dresses not only once, but it can become your girl’s favorite clothing in her wardrobe.

Speaking about the coloring, we have to mention that you can buy a dress on any taste and occasion: black & grey, pale pink, peach, bright pink, bright blue, ivory, white, red, lilac and other colors may appear from collection to collection. Some DAINTY DIZZY dresses are made in one color, others may be a combination of matching or contrasting colors, but always look gorgeous.


DAINTY DIZZY dresses care

You will be surprised, but such a luxury and occasion dresses can be hand washed, so there is no need to visit dry laundry after every party or special occasion you girl visited. Just one important note, please DO NOT SOAK the dresses after the hand wash!

Buy DAINTY DIZZY girl dress only once and your little princess will become a fan of this fashion brand for many years. The good news is that you can find different sizes, from 3 years old and up to 12 years old, so your girl can enjoy wearing DAINTY DIZZY dresses for many years during her childhood.

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