Every growing child loves various activities both outdoors and at home. As a rule, this results in ripped and muddy clothes, dirty faces and tangled hair. This, in its turn, requires parents to look for special care products for their kids.

As an award-winning supplier of kids’ toiletries, Dandydill Way offers everything parents need for this purpose. Clean skin and shiny hair are two important points to consider if you want to keep your child healthy while the safe ingredients of all products will not cause any skin irritation or other health concerns.

Main features of Dandydill Way products

  • All kids’ care products are made exclusively in Great Britain;
  • They are distinguished by an amazing variety of organic scents that every kid will definitely admire;
  • The range of products is also diverse;
  • They contain only safe ingredients that provoke no health problems and are suitable even for delicate skin;
  • The products come in beautifully designed bottles that can also be recycled as yet another benefit of this trademark;
  • The quality of Dandydill Way special care products meets all the European standards and is approved by qualified dermatologists as the best proof of their safety.

Story of Dandydill Way label

The brand was founded owing to the efforts of a famous make-up specialist, Tania Rodney. She got an idea to establish her own kid’s care label after the birth of her child. She was also inspired by her own childhood memories about the time spent with her sisters in rural areas of Yorkshire.

Beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings resulted in the firm decision to develop a brand of kids’ care products that would contain only natural ingredients with no risk of harming little children.

As a young mother, she wanted to know everything about how to take care of her child’s health and use this knowledge in the development of personal care products for little girls and boys. For this purpose, she conducted a thorough research to get scientific proof of her own ideas. As a result of her efforts, she managed to create a luxury collection of care products that were tested for quality and contained top-quality components suitable even for sensitive skin.

Since that time, she replenished her line of products with new amazing goods. Today, Dandydill Way skin and hair goods contain only organic extracts that are rich in antioxidants and other useful substances.

The use of plant derived formulas, great quality and amazing scents have made this brand a reputable label on the UK and European markets. Dandydill Way goods can also serve as a perfect souvenir. In 2018, the label’s collections of special care products received global recognition while the brand itself was called one of the best developers of toiletries for children.

Today, the creations of the label are loved by kids and parents alike. Complete safety, verified quality and a perfect blend of components, which always produce the right effect, contributed to the label’s popularity in this segment.

Kids’ care products by Dandydill Way: Most popular options

The selection of goods offered by the label is gradually replenished with new fascinating options suitable for little babies and children. The best offerings from their recent developments include the next items which are always in high demand among customers:

#1 Face moisturizers

Although this product is a bit pricey, it still remains a popular choice among parents. It contains dermatologically tested ingredients that produce a nourishing effect on the skin of children and contain no harmful substances. The key ingredients are hawthorn berries and moisturizing hydrates which keep the skin of babies nourished and soothes any irritations.

The product also contains an effective cream that has a gentle effect and comprises natural extracts. It is added with vitamins and nutrients including vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba seed oil. Face moisturizers by Dandydill Way are pH balanced while their formulas pose no risk to the kid’s health and ensure quick absorption.

To use this product correctly, try to avoid the sensitive skin areas. All moisturizers are natural and well-balanced. This helps to ensure maximum protection of skin and keep it clean during the day. This type of product is suitable for children aged from 6 months and older.

#2 Luxurious gift set of face care products

Gentle skin care formula is the key to the popularity of all Dandydill Way special care goods. Some of them are available in the form of gift sets that comprise two amazing products including:

  • Cleansing creamy mousse that provokes no dryness of skin or other health problems;
  • Face moisturizer with a great amount of vitamins and nutritious components.

Just like all other goods from this company, this set of two superior-quality care products suits children of different age groups. You can also use it as a lovely souvenir for close friends and relatives.

#3 Kid’s shampoo

This shampoo has a mild effect on kid’s hair being made of natural components with amazing cleansing properties. It can also work great as a conditioner so as to avoid the problem of dry skin and maintain the pH balance. To use this product safely, you should:

  • Apply it only to wet hair;
  • Massage the scalp gently;
  • Thoroughly rinse the hair to achieve the right effect.

It will let you to keep your kid’s hair soft, shiny and free from tangles, while its fragrance is 100% natural.

Dandydill Way remains one of the favorite UK suppliers of organic skin and hair products exclusively designed for children. With this brand, you’ll be able to take care of your kid’s skin and hair regardless of their daily adventures.

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