As a currently world-famous Lebanese designer brand, Elie Saab started its activity from the production of beautifully designed couture garments for brides. Today, it also has a marvelous collection of girls’ wear suitable for kids with different preferences in fashion. The selection of goods is really diverse and never stops surprising parents and young girls with new delightful clothes and accessories.

The brand’s collections stand for elegance and unusual design of every product they develop and offer to girls. Their collections consist of magnificent dresses and skirts that will surely become a long-expected and desirable addition to the wardrobe of little girls. Every customer of the brand has a chance to find sophisticated branded goods with T-shirts featuring romantic slogan prints that are specially designed for wearing on a daily basis.

Brief story of the origin and growth of Elie Saab

The brand was founded back in 1964 by the Lebanese couturier Elie Saab. The idea to establish his own trademark came to his mind during the early years of life. At that time, he got interested in developing exclusive designs of kids’ clothes. And once he reached the age of 6 years, he started drawing the samples of his future creations. At the same time, he worked on the designs of dressy garments for his sisters that he developed all by himself. They were made from simple materials like table cloths and other similar fabrics.

The first customers who bought his creations became his neighbors. In 1981, Elie Saab researched everything related to design in Paris to get proper knowledge on how to produce clothes to meet the tastes of the public. When Elie Saab came back to his motherland, he managed to establish his own label at the age of 18 years. His first collection of clothes was presented to the public in Beirut. Later on, in the 1990s, the brand started to produce clothes not only for French customers but also for the residents of Switzerland.

By the end of the 1990s, his brand had become part of a famous community known as the National Italian Fashion House. His collections at that time were demonstrated to critics and general public in Rome. He then started to develop pret-a-porte and couture clothes.

In 2002, he earned the global recognition and even some of the world-famous celebrities appreciated his designs of clothes.

Ever since the brand earned worldwide fame, he started to launch new collections of delightful clothes and accessories on the annual basis. Today, Elie Saab is recognized as a supplier of must-have items of clothes as part of the adults’ and kids’ fashion.

Modern-day achievements of Elie Saab in the kids’ fashion segment

Nowadays, this brand is known as a popular supplier of clothes with the main headquarters located in Beirut. His workshops can also be found in Paris and Milan. The designer currently owns 60 boutiques scattered all over the globe, while the main offices of the company are located in Great Britain, the USA, Russia and China.

As for his latest achievements in the sphere of design, Elie Saab creates an all-favorite collection of kids’ wear and accessories which helped him to reach a new level in the segment of kid’s fashion. This fashion line for children became known as Elie Saab Junior. His collections of ready-to-wear pieces of clothing are penetrated with elegance and the use of exclusive decorative elements like tulle, glittery sequins and other amazing embellishments. Among his products for girls are:

  • Casual wear for daily use;
  • Elegant dresses and other trendy items for special events;
  • A variety of matching accessories.

Characteristic features of branded clothes by Elie Saab

Throughout the period of 30 years, the brand has been offering really masterful pieces of kids’ and adult’s clothes reflecting the Eastern design peculiarities. They are distinguished by complicated tailoring, as well as luxurious classical and avant-garde styles. Every detail in the children’s footwear and clothes by Elie Saab is aimed at reflecting the individuality of every little kid. The branded clothes from this designer are rich in delightful silhouettes and have various exemplary features of design that all hide the body imperfections and are rather focused on creating an ideal look.

The kids’ wear collection appeared after the brand had released gorgeous clothes for weddings and parties which soon had an immense success. Today, the company remains a credible producer of exquisite clothes for young girls.

The main characteristic feature of the brand’s kids’ wear is a harmonious combination of the European elegance, vibrant features of Eastern designs and the Hollywood chic style.

As a result, the designer managed to combine the benefits of both Eastern and Western fashion tendencies in his creations for young girls. The brand’s team of creative designers mainly focuses on the next features:

  • The use of only high-quality fabrics chosen with much care and attention;
  • Emphasis on elegance in every product aimed at revealing the individuality of every young girl;
  • Glamour and chic designs penetrating the girls’ wear collections;
  • The ability to create clothes that would make every young lady look elegant and feminine and feel great during special events and on a daily basis.

Target audience and most popular products of Elie Saab

The kids’ collections are specially designed not only for little girls but also for teenagers. The label’s team of designers is trying to find the sources of inspiration everywhere. Elie Saab is known for being proud of his homeland owing to its rich culture and talented citizens.

The most favorite products adored by all girls remain light T-shirts, dresses, skirts and a wide choice of magnificent accessories made from only quality materials and decorated with bright embellishments to make young customers look great in any situation. All this explains the growing popularity and immense success of the label in today’s kids’ fashion segment.

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