As a supplier of children’s clothes marked by elegance and beautiful design elements, Elsy always develops marvelous items of girls’ clothing produced in Italy. This country is rightfully known as a place where the first fashion houses emerged and this is exactly where the best-quality Italian clothes are manufactured – the same refers to Elsy.

The brand’s history began more than half a century ago. As an Italy-born trademark, Elsy is currently famous for not only adults’ clothes collections but also as a reputable brand specializing on the manufacturing of always elegant clothes for young children.

Nowadays, Elsy is a famous European brand that creates fascinating collections of comfortable and fashionable clothes addressing the needs of children and teenagers. The label has a rich variety of clothes and accessories loved for their amazing quality and always reasonable prices.

The label has long become popular outside its country of origin. As a result, their kids’ wear can now be purchased in various parts of the globe, while the manufacturing process takes place not only in Italy, but also in China and Turkey.

The brand was created to let parents find luxurious clothes for their little angels and make them look gorgeous regardless of the circumstances. Stylish clothes by Elsy represent an ideal combination of elegance and avant-garde style.

Their fashion lines represent a perfect blend of glamour and simplicity which is mainly explained by the work of talented craftsmen employed by the company. Their skillful craftsmanship and good knowledge of today’s fashion trends help them to create perfect kid’s wear designs.

The story of Elsy’s origin and growth

The brand has been offering sophisticated kids’ wear since 1958. The label’s founder, Elsy Rattazzi was inspired by her childhood dreams which helped her to make a firm decision to establish her own brand of kids’ clothes. In order to make this idea come to life, the future world-known fashion designer started to produce high-quality clothes for her little daughters.

What helped the brand to become popular on the local and European markets are the next considerations:

  • Careful choice of only quality fabrics;
  • Attentiveness to the smallest details in future creations;
  • Emphasis on the production of only trendy garments specially designed for kids with different preferences in fashion;
  • Creation of innovative designs based on the latest fashion tendencies and marked by the elegant style and impeccable tailoring.

All these features are exactly what parents and children value in the clothes and accessories of the label.

Throughout the later years of the brand’s history, Elsy found a devoted team of professional designers most of whom were women. Up to these days, this remains part of the brand’s vision which has hardly changed since the early years of the brand’s activity.

Moreover, Elsy’s team of designers is also devoted to the brand’s initial goal – to guarantee the creation of only innovative designs of kids’ wear. The brand’s target audience mainly includes young girls who aren’t indifferent to what they wear on a daily basis. Elsy is now recognized as a leading supplier of only quality clothes whose designs will hardly ever become outdated.

Key facts about the newest collections of Elsy

Elsy usually produces two collections every year – for little babies and teenagers. The label’s collections are divided into two categories according to the age groups of young customers:

  • Babies, toddlers and children aged from 1 to 7 years;
  • Children and teenagers aged from 8 to 16 years.

The team of Elsy’s designers is looking for inspiration in the world around which includes colors, sounds, scents and flavors. The brand’s clothes are always produced from the premium-quality materials with bring comfort to children and are practical in use.

Every new collection of Elsy usually has many samples of casual wear and dressy clothes and accessories for special events. This explains why the developments of the label attract more and more clients and easily become children’s favorites. Meanwhile, parents value this brand’s collections for the extreme elegance of every product combined with comfortable fit and a great variety of sizes to choose from.

The key reason behind the growing success of the label’s collections is the provision of only original clothes that are practical and look stunning on every child.

Features and characteristics of Elsy’s collections

The collections of girls’ clothes by Elsy are distinguished by chic and romantic elements of design owing to which every young girl instantly turns into a glamorous and beautiful lady.

The summer series of girl’s clothes include chic dresses intended for both special events and casual use. Evening dresses always look stunning being manufactured from the best-matching fabrics like chiffon and silk. The collections for young children and teenagers consist of practical trousers as a must-have piece of clothing in kids’ wardrobe. The practicality of each pair makes them comfortable to wear and easy to take care of.

Young ladies will hardly remain indifferent to the color palette and exemplary style of various items of clothing offered by Elsy. Among the most popular samples of girls’ wear are skirts with beautiful elements of design as well as dressy T-shirts and comfortable tops.

Winter collections comprise a huge assortment of stylish jackets and elegant coats – these items are usually embellished with natural fur to make them look even more appealing. The filling of the coats allows kids to feel warm and cozy even in nasty weather conditions. Autumn and spring collections by Elsy are filled with stylish and warm coats that are specially designed to offer 100% protection from rain and wind.

In general, the items of children’s clothes by Elsy are marked by the next attractive features:

  • Beautiful design;
  • High-quality fabrics;
  • Always quality and durable fastenings;
  • Practicality of each clothing;
  • Charming embellishments;
  • Great styles meeting the tastes and needs of children.

The uniqueness of Elsy is explained by the creation of sophisticated designs, the use of branded embellishments, and the abundance of easily recognizable styles peculiar to the label’s collections.

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