As a British designer brand, Emile et Rose appeared on the market almost two decades ago. Since that time, the company has grown and expanded considerably although it still stays loyal to its principles reflecting the vision of the label’s founder. Nowadays, the label is mostly known for the production of exceptional collections of baby wear made from soft fabrics and decorated with stunning embellishments.

The trademark has even earned a reputation of a trusted supplier of stylish and always comfortable clothes for newborns distinguished by outstanding quality. Their products are marked by classic British style lacking unwanted flamboyancy, unnecessary details of design and too vibrant color combinations. Such an approach makes the label’s products especially popular with customers. What’s more, their babywear is always in high demand and represents a great gift for young parents.

Brief history of Emile et Rose

The brand entered the world of kids’ fashion back in 2002. It was originated in the historic town of Britain where the story of the label’s development had started. Emile et Rose quickly became popular and soon turned into a credible supplier of a superb collection of baby wear and accessories for newborns and children of up to 2 years of age.

Emile et Rose was founded by two cousins, Mike and Eve, who still remain the owners of the trademark helping it to flourish and achieve new heights in the segment of kids’ fashion.

As a mother herself, Eve began her creative activity with the production of gorgeous outfits for her own baby daughter. The local store of kids’ wear got interested in her designs of baby wear which was the key reason why she decided to supply the shop with the creations of her own. This is where her career as a baby wear designer had started. After her designs had success with customers in her hometown when she was only 20 years of age, she made a strong decision to continue working in the respective field.

Soon after Emile et Rose was founded, the whole production process took place at the fashion studios owned by the label’s founders. Even now, the growing range of all-favorite and always quality kids’ products is being manufactured in the rural area of the UK. Despite the relatively small team of designers and other employees, the label boasts of having rich experience in this segment staying true to their mission and never losing interest to what they are doing.

The headquarters of the brand are located in one of the most beautiful towns of the UK which was even rated as the best town to live in the South West of England.

What is this brand valued for?

Emile et Rose collections of babywear are highly valued by customers for the use of traditional pastel colors like blue and pink added with amazing prints. The brand is trying to keep up with the changing tendencies in fashion, while the materials used by the babywear developers are always of the great quality as the main priority of the trademark. The brand’s designers use only natural cotton blends with the aim to take care of the kids’ well-being and reduce the risk of harming their health to a minimum. What’s more, organic fabrics are also soft and pleasant to wear bringing maximum comfort to newborns and little babies.

Thorough choice of fabrics and attention to details are the two major reasons persuading parents all over Europe to consider this label a trustworthy supplier of only quality baby clothing. Their products are also marked by exemplary style loved by parents and kids alike. On the whole, the collections are intended for new arrivals and kids aged up to 2 years.

Main characteristics, features and benefits of Emile et Rose products

As the key priority of the brand’s designers, quality has always been the most important point for Emile et Rose. To achieve this goal, they use premium fabrics containing no harmful substances. The materials are also practical which makes the end products easy to clean and keep tidy.

The main benefits of the brand’s goods include:

  • The versatile style of each piece of kids’ wear makes the label’s ready-made products suitable for all situations;
  • The production of clothes from only delicate materials makes them comfortable to wear which is one of the key reasons why this label is chosen by parents;
  • The label’s selection of products is specially designed for both girls and boys and many of them can become an excellent gift for one’s friends and relatives;
  • The brand’s collections are always diverse and usually include a whole variety of babysuits, dresses, jackets and various sets of baby clothes available in different color combinations, styles and sizes;
  • Luxurious prints, embroideries, bows, and other pretty embellishments help to create ideal outfits for special events and casual use;
  • The designs of each piece of clothing represent a perfect combination of classic and beautiful styles adored by parents and their kids alike;
  • A wide choice of accessories like hats and other items often makes this brand a priority choice among local and European customers.

The brand keeps replenishing its range of products with new amazingly designed clothes and useful accessories to please parents and their kids alike. Among others, the British brand offers not just admirable outfits but also fascinating gift sets.

The color palette used by the brand is yet another attractive feature of the brand’s designs. The color choice includes the delicate hue of gray, light blue, pale green, pink, beige and other delightful colors which add up to the appeal of this label. Finally, Emile et Rose clothes are always durable, easy to wear and comfortable.

On the whole, the babywear of this flourishing brand is currently sold in more than two hundred boutiques which customers can find all over Great Britain and Ireland.

Emile et Rose is a famous designer brand that was founded in 2002. Since the time of its inception, the brand has been providing top-quality clothes and accessories for babies and children of different ages. The main characteristic feature of the trademark is the creation of an exquisite line of high quality baby clothes for babies aged up to 2 years. The brand provides special occasion garments including dresses and miniature ties and shirts for little babies and toddlers. You will surely find a perfect gift for your baby in the collections of Emile et Rose. The collections of the brand are comprised of not only dressy outfits, but also casual kid’s wear created with the use of traditional colors for new babies, including pink, white and blue added with caramel lacing. All garments offered by the brand feature beautiful finishing due to the fact that the brand’s designers pay close attention to the detailing of every piece of clothing produced. A variety of accessories is comprised of astonishing products that will meet the taste of any child. Emile et Rose goods are produced from the softest 100% cotton material that is easy to clean and take care of.

Almost all garments presented in the brand’s collections are handcrafted and feature handmade embroidery. Significant attention is paid to the exquisite design of clothes, accessories and baby toys. The Emile et Rose brand is known for its beautifully detailed and embroidered kids’ clothing for any occasion. Emile et Rose designers use only top-quality softest and most delicate fabrics paying much attention to the finishing of every design. The collections of the brand consist of fashionable cardigans, jackets, rompers, bodysuits, coats and matching hats to meet the preferences and tastes of your little fashionista. The brand offers goods for babies aged 0-3 years. Emile et Rose occupies a leading position in the current competitive fashion industry. The most striking characteristics of the brand’s creations include exceptional design and durability of every piece of clothing. The designers are greatly concerned about the quality of products. For this reason, they use only eco-friendly materials that do not cause harm to the health of children. Bright colors of the products manufactured by Emile et Rose are likely to meet the preferences and expectations of your child. The clothes are easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

Emile et Rose designers focus on traditional manufacturing techniques. Embroideries are used to ensure that the design of every product is unique of its kind, which is the key to the company’s success. The designers lay much emphasis on the smallest details to make clothes, accessories and toys incomparably beautiful and exquisite. Nowadays, more and more parents realize that children are in need of premium goods that would be made from natural materials and feature perfect design. Emile et Rose takes into account the considerations of parents and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. The brand helps numerous parents to solve the problem of selecting clothes and accessories for their kids. Besides, the brand offers a wide range of colorful toys to make each day of your child filled with happiness and joy. One of the latest collections of clothing by Emile et Rose is comprised of stylish cotton dresses, lovely cardigans and fun teddy bears for children of different ages. It also consists of rompers for newborns made from the softest natural materials as well as a number of other clothes and accessories aimed at making your child happier with every new addition to his/her wardrobe. Choose Emile et Rose and you will never regret your choice as the brand is truly unique of its kind providing only exclusive products of newborns and older kids.

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