Emu Australia is a brand named after the country’s national bird and offering quality footwear for the whole family. Shoes, boots and slippers made of leather, sheepskin and Merino wool using the best modern technologies are the most comfortable and natural ones you can choose, and they are also well-known worldwide as being very effective in protecting your feet from cold, rain, snow, mud or slush. Proven by many satisfied and loyal customers who recommend others to buy Emu Australia footwear and never opt for cheap synthetic look-alikes and alternatives available almost everywhere.

Ideally, fashion and functionality should go together. Yet the kind of product that combines comfort, stylish look, practicality and durability usually doesn’t come at a low price and is most likely to be made of natural materials. Australian Merino wool is considered the best wool in the world, of the highest and softest quality. Sheepskin provides outstanding warmth, comfort and softness, while naturally absorbing and taking away moisture to keep your feet dry. Sold in 100 countries, offering the most comfortable shoes and UGG kids boots worldwide, Emu Australia boasts over 15 years of experience, a variety of colors and stylish designs inspired by nature, and excellent durability.

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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

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