As a supplier of classically designed baby gifts, English Trousseau was founded almost three decades ago. The company produces excellent goods made in the traditional British style. It offers stunning gift sets consisting of everything a baby needs so they can become not only stylish but also useful souvenirs for future mothers and fathers.

The traditional and innovative designs of the brand are inspired by the long-gone era. The brand employs only talented craftsmen for whom making quality goods is a top priority. They manufacture products from the finest-quality materials that every parent will like. This has helped the company to earn a trusted reputation in this field and win the loyalty of customers both in the UK and globally.

The brand also offers adorable accessories that are all made in the quintessentially British style which is yet another reason for the label’s growing success. If you want to choose a nice souvenir for someone you love, look through the collections of English Trousseau where you can find many exclusive and useful things.

History of English Trousseau as the best supplier of baby gifts

The UK provider of incomparable baby goods was founded in 1988. With over 20 years of history, this brand has long become an inseparable part in the field of design. Starting from the very foundation of the brand, its products were always valued for their traditional yet exquisite inherently British style.

Years of experience and devotion to the use of only natural materials helped this brand to attain quick success. Along with the label’s growth, they expanded their collections with new luxury baby nursery goods and charming accessories made in classic yet innovative design. Over the years, they replenished their assortment with products for toddlers and children aged up to 2 years.

This label’s major goal is to fulfill the dream of parents who always want the best for their children. This is exactly why this brand is valued by parents globally. Lots of customers who tried out the brand’s products admit that it makes real wonders. In this way, English Trousseau is always trying to meet the expectations of parents when it comes to purchasing exquisite and quality products for their little darlings.

What can be found in the brand’s collections?

Are you looking for something special for your little baby? Or maybe you want to give some unforgettable present to someone you love? Be it christening, birthday or any other special occasion, English Trousseau has everything you need. Due to amazing characteristics of every product, the brand will instantly become your favorite. Here you can find handcrafted gifts made with care for children’s health. Besides, the prices for baby essentials and other products are also attractive.

In the collections of English Trousseau, you may find the next gorgeous items that will never leave you indifferent:

  • Silver cutlery and spoons;
  • Egg cups;
  • Soft toys;
  • Heart-shaped pillows;
  • Delicate hooded towels;
  • Bibs and rattlers for little babies;
  • Envelopes for newborns;
  • Sets of hair accessories like brushes and combs;
  • Money boxes made of glittery silver;
  • Silver plated photo albums also making an ideal gift;
  • Other types of accessories of outstanding quality and design.

The diversity of products offered by English Trousseau is not the only reason to choose this label. The next factors also make the brand the best supplier of baby goods both in Britain and across the globe.

Features every parent will admire

  • English Trousseau products are all marked by elegant, charming and adorable design;
  • The materials used by the label’s team of craftsmen cause no harm to babies and environment. They mostly include pure cotton, linen and silk that are known for their softness and remarkable quality;
  • English Trousseau gift sets and accessories are always authentic so you’ll never find anything like them on today’s market;
  • Label’s goods are suitable for different purposes and occasions.

With English Trousseau, a growing number of parents now have an opportunity to make their little ones happier, let alone that each of their offerings deserves admiration.

Why choose English Trousseau

Surely, every parent knows that it’s not easy to find anything truly unique and original when they are faced with the need to choose some souvenir for their loved ones to celebrate the birth of their baby. To solve this problem, English Trousseau has developed many exemplary baby essentials along with other vital and simply admirable products. That’s why you can easily find all you need in one place.

Besides, all products from the brand’s collections are designed to bring pleasure to children and make them happy. All this has brought fame to this label in its country of origin and on the global scene.

What makes English Trousseau stand out?

The label supplies parents with goods that are handmade with love and care for kids, while the special techniques used in the production process explain why every single product is marked by splendid quality.

Nowadays, their goods are available both online and at the company’s stores that you can find not only in the UK, but also France, Germany, the USA and Italy. English Trousseau as a leading UK brand always guarantees complete customer satisfaction. Due to the exemplary assortment of goods that is constantly replenished with new stunning items, for many parents this brand remains a number-one choice.

As a leading British trademark, English Trousseau helps future parents to prepare for a special moment in their life – the birth of a child. The UK brand gives customers a unique possibility to buy everything they need to make this event truly memorable.

If you are looking for a gift for the newborn, you’ve come to the right place. English Trousseau provides a fantastic range of clothing and accessories for new arrivals to make every day of your kid’s life memorable and unforgettable. Are you looking for something special for your child’s birthday? No matter what special event you are getting ready for, the British brand English Trousseau has something for everyone. For more than 30 years, English Trousseau has been providing various accessories for newborns, including silver spoons and egg cups, cutlery, bibs and comb sets. You can also find money boxes, first curl and first tooth boxes, photo albums, warm shawls made in blue and pink and many other items in the collections of the brand. This English brand surpasses the expectations of parents in terms of quality and design. The products of the brand represent a perfect baby gift for the new arrivals. They are penetrated with elegance and charm due to the use of natural cotton and silk materials combined with the attention to every detail and talent of local craftsmen. English Trousseau baby accessories are penetrated with truly British flare and represent an original and exclusive gift for any event.

The accessories by English Trousseau make every child happier. The brand offers exquisite collections of various useful and simply adorable items that will definitely meet your preferences and tastes. The brand was founded in England at the end of 1980s. Nowadays, many parents prefer buying English Trousseau gifts for their children including some special items that can be passed on from generation to generation. The designers of the brand adhere to truly British traditions in the creation of fabulous designs of cutlery, bibs and various other accessories to make children happier. Almost every item of clothing deserves utmost admiration on behalf of parents and their children. English Trousseau gifts are oriented on newborn babies aged 0-2 years. The designers of the brand focus on hand craftsmanship in the process of production as each gift requires maximum attention to details.

The recent collection of the brand includes various handy accessories that are not only useful, but also look cute and lovely. Nowadays, the products of the brand are available not only in luxury stores of Britain, but also in online shops for a highly reasonable price. High quality is a guarantee, and your child will absolutely adore wearing luxury clothing by English Trousseau. The company has a very good reputation in today’s competitive market. The products of the brand are distributed worldwide, as well as on the local market. The designers of the brand use only natural materials to create various toys and other valuables for infants and older children. English Trousseau guarantees utmost customer satisfaction.

Parents prefer buying handmade clothes and accessories for special events, like birthday parties and Christening. These events play a vital role in the life of every child. One of the most popular baby gifts provided by the brand is a silver photo album that is specially designed to keep memorable moments in the life of children. All of the accessories are handmade and represent a perfect option if you are looking for a gift for your child. This will be an impressive and truly astonishing present for some special occasion. All products are manufactured in Great Britain, but you can now buy them across the world, including such countries as the USA, France, Germany and Italy. Check out the collections of the brand and you are sure to find something truly special for your precious one. Your child will be delighted to have such accessories and will definitely enjoy wearing the fantastic clothes offered by English Trousseau.

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