As a leading company in the sphere of kids’ fashion, Everything Must Change (EMC) is an Italian designer brand that supplies luxurious clothes manufactured with love and care for the most precious time in the life of every little child.

There are many explanations of why this Italian trademark is named like this. Some people say that this is because the tendencies in the kid’s fashion design are supposed to change as time goes by. Still others claim that something in the world of fashion always remain the same.

The company itself says that the things that will probably never change in the fashion segment are as follows:

  • Exceptional quality;
  • Attention to tailoring and details;
  • Guarantee of comfort and mastership;
  • Durability that makes all clothes last longer.

Basically, these and other features and characteristics are exactly what every brand is trying to reflect in the designs of both adults’ and children’s clothes.

As a leader in this segment, Italy is known for having only top-rated fashion houses, and Everything Must Change label is surely not an exception. This is what makes this trademark stand out among its competitors.

Features of the label’s garments

All boys and girls like to dress fashionably. Moreover, new additions to their wardrobes make them really happy. Meanwhile, practicality and durability of each item is still a priority for all parents simply because it will ease the process of cleaning and taking care of their child’s outfits. With the help of quality materials and attention to every detail in style and design, the EMC designers fulfill the dreams of both parents and children.

As a result, they create unique and incomparable clothes which are specially designed for girls and boys aged from one month to 14 years. A wide range of sizes appropriate for different age groups allows parents to choose exactly what fits their children most. The right choice of size also guarantees that children will feel comfortable in the label’s clothes.

Collections of EMC

The fashion lines of the company change from one year to the other. The main collections of this brand are divided into two categories:

  • The first one contains only casual wear embellished with prints that depict various cute Disney characters and other fun illustrations;
  • The second collection is devoted to the manufacturing of clothes for special events. This one contains gorgeously designed clothes for girls and boys. The samples of kids’ wear here have exemplary designs making children look elegant and feel great in every garment and on any occasion.

Overview of the brand’s history

The parent company of the EMC brand is Ellepi – it was founded back in the 1960s. Starting from the early years of the brand’s growth and development, the label was devoted to manufacturing only quality kids’ goods while their collections targeted various age groups – from newborns to teenagers.

EMC can be deciphered as Simple, Essential and Aware. This basically means that the brand’s outfits have a simplistic design. Meanwhile, the kids’ wear by EMC is also characterized by the finest quality and awareness of what every child needs. By choosing this brand, every customer will get stylish, practical, and comfortable clothes which will surely boost children’s confidence and develop a good taste in fashion.

Since the very inception of the brand on the kids’ wear market, the label’s mission has remained the same – to create ingenious yet simple designs which are always in high demand among customers. The brand’s garments are manufactured in Europe which explains the growing success of the trademark. Over time, the brand has become popular in numerous countries of the world so that their collections can now be found both in retailer stores and at the brand’s own boutiques.

What is the brand’s mission?

EMC was developed to fulfill the dream of every parent by allowing their kids to get the things they want and instill an excellent taste in fashion from the early days in life. The label always tried to learn more about the modern-day trends in the field of children’s fashion so as to use the latest fashion trends and produce only those things that every child will want to wear on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, the label pays attention to many other things as well. For instance, they are making sure that each garment is manufactured from only top-quality and 100% natural fabrics. The brand also lays emphasis on the craftsmanship of outfits they produce. Due to the fact that this is an Italian trademark, the company designers are trying to live up to what is expected from Italian craftsmen:

  • Quality for which Italian fashion houses have always been valued for;
  • Production of only handmade garments with focus on details and quality of materials;
  • Choice of fabrics that will not provoke any allergic reactions and will therefore be absolutely harmless for their health and wellbeing;
  • Thorough selection of only pure materials allows the brand to also cater for the needs of the very little ones – to offer comfort and guarantee that baby wear will never provoke any dangerous health reactions.

Up to these days, the company’s motto has never changed and still reflects the main ideas of the label. Everything in this world is meant to change, but some things will still remain as usual. With these ideas in mind, the brand has turned into a famous label that has attained the next goals.

  • To use only organic yet traditional materials whose quality is indisputable;
  • To create both casual and elegant clothes which all have a splendid design;
  • To develop the kids’ wear designs that combine comfortable fit and traditional style.

In this way, the brand always strives for meeting the preferences of parents by giving them a chance to buy exactly what they really want to get for their children. This is just what anyone expects from a luxury brand originated in the country where the fashion world started to develop and reached the greatest success among other countries.

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