Falcotto by Naturino is an affiliate brand of a leading Italian fashion house. It specializes on the creation of comfortable footwear to help the growing feet develop naturally. Their collections of kids’ shoes do not only have a wide variety of admirable styles but are also valued for their exceptional quality and amazing characteristics based on the innovative technologies.

Falcotto by Naturino has earned the reputation of a unique trademark in the world of kids’ fashion. Their splendid range of products is suitable for babies and kids from 9 to 18 months of age. For many years, the brand has been cooperating with the international association of kids’ orthopedists and pediatric health care providers whose recommendations helped them to create the most suitable footwear for children.

The label’s designers take into account the peculiarities of children’s feet and use the latest technologies to create only quality shoes. For example, “the sand effect” is the brand’s own technology that helps to reproduce the way of how children walk on the beach. Experts say that this position of feet is 100% natural for children. Falcotto by Naturino designers also use one more innovation – the system of soft yet solid fixation of feet.

Such devotion to the development and implementation of various innovations is one of the numerous reasons why this brand has reached the height of notoriety in the segment of kids’ footwear.

Story of Falcotto by Naturino

As a highly reputable Italian supplier of exquisite and comfortable kids’ footwear, the brand started to create quality shoes around 30 years ago. Unique technologies, incomparable style and absolute comfort of children’s feet are three major characteristics for which this label is valued by parents globally.

The quality of their products was approved by one of the most authoritative international organizations in this field – the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Such recognition proves that the label’s footwear guarantees the right development and growth of tiny feet. However, the owners of Falcotto by Naturino never stop on what they have achieved and continue to collaborate with the leading pediatricians and parents themselves to improve their products.

As a result, the brand has attained two major goals:

  • To develop and apply innovative technologies;
  • To earn the approval of not only health care providers but also parents.

The brand’s philosophy in greater detail

Nothing is more vital than to be good parents to keep children happy and take care of their wellbeing and health. That’s the key concept behind the philosophy of Falcotto by Naturino and the main direction followed by the label.

Owing to the effort of the company’s team of professionals, the brand produces absolutely safe and comfortable footwear for children. However, the label does not only concentrate on the technical issues of their products but also on the design of each pair of shoes. The reason for this is simple – although parents are more concerned about the comfort and practicality of their kids’ shoes, children in their turn are more interested in how fashionably they are dressed.

With both of these ideas in mind, the world of Falcotto by Naturino gives customers a chance to get only trendy and high-quality products manufactured from the finest fabrics and tested for quality by the label’s experts themselves.

The label’s fashion lines

A wide diversity of fashion lines by Falcotto by Naturino allows getting the most suitable pair of shoes according to the needs and wishes of parents and children. Regardless of children’s age or occasion, all kids love movement. One of the goals of this brand is to make kids’ activities as fun and pleasant as possible. For this reason, the company has developed a great variety of kids’ footwear collections to satisfy the need of children in quality and comfortable shoes.

The main lines of the brand are the following:

  • First steps

This collection is especially designed for toddlers who only start to explore the world around. The footwear in this line softly supports the kids’ feet, while the light inner sole is sufficiently solid and stiff to guarantee the right growth of footsteps.

  • Wildlife

This line is designed for every kid passionate about nature. It will suit those who are ready to for their first thrilling adventures in the surrounding world. The line consists of casual models of footwear made from leather, suede leather and fur.

  • Sports

This collection is for those kids who love having fun outdoors more than anything else. It will also suit the tastes of fashion-conscious children who want to look stylish and trendy. Here the brand uses breathable materials and light soles allowing kids to move around with no discomfort.

  • Rainstep

This line is for everyone who enjoys having fun in rainy weather but with no risk of getting the feet wet. In other words, the collection is for those who love playing outdoors regardless of weather changes.

  • Casual

The line is ideal for wearing every day with the guarantee of 100% comfort of children.

  • Elegant

The footwear from this collection is perfect for special occasions like parties, holidays or other festivities.

Why choose Falcotto by Naturino

The label lives up to what customers globally have always valued Italian products – top quality and excellent design. To maintain the reputation of a leading Italian supplier of top-notch kids’ footwear, the brand does not only apply innovative technologies but also cares for how stylish their products are.

A variety of elegant and unique styles is exactly what contributed to the label’s success on the global market and one of the key reasons why the brand continues to be a number-one choice for many parents.

The brand’s principle also remains the same: all types of kids’ footwear should be of good quality and have an appealing style to satisfy the customer requirements.

Falcotto by Naturino is a line of kids’ footwear created by a renowned brand Naturino. The company was founded in 1988 and currently manufactures and distributes kids’ footwear all over the world. The exquisite soft “sand effect” is the main characteristic feature of Falcotto by Naturino footwear for children. It provides perfect support to ensure correct development of little feet. The Falcotto line is oriented on children who have just started to walk and make their first steps. The footwear of the brand provides maximum protection of children’s feet without restricting their movement and ensuring proper development. Due to the innovative design, Falcotto by Naturino footwear has turned into a number-one option for many parents across the world. The footwear by the brand is characterized by exceptional quality and extraordinary design due to the use of innovative technology and collaboration with leading pediatricians in the sphere of children’s feet development. Naturino shoes are available not only in exclusive fashion boutiques across the world, but also in specialized stores as well as in online shops. Discover the collections of the brand to find something extraordinary for your little kid and you will be delighted to see him/her taking the first steps ever.

Falcotto by Naturino is a fabulous shoe line designed especially for children. An important stage in children’s development is the age of 9 to 18 months, when children especially need comfortable footwear as they are just learning to walk and start their life journey by exploring the world around and moving independently from others. Falcotto by Naturino footwear combines exquisite style, high quality and absolute safety for the health of children. The shoes of the brand are made of only environmentally friendly materials with much attention to every detail in their design. Why parents choose Falcotto footwear? It is mainly because the shoes offered by the brand are soft and comfortable providing maximum freedom of movement to the child’s feet. The footwear features specially designed soles that make it extra soft and protects child’s feet from squeezing. The back section of the footwear is specially reinforced to ensure proper support of the child’s growing feet. Furthermore, the design of every pair of shoes is innovative. This is because the designers of the brand have spent 40 years to develop their own technology of shoe production in order to ensure the wellbeing of children wearing their shoes. The designers of the brand believe that proper technology is important for the production of children’s footwear. That is why the brand’s professionals continue to collaborate with leading pediatricians to improve the quality of provided footwear.

What is more all footwear of the brand is extremely fashionable. The colorful design, exceptional choice of color combinations, attention to details and truly Italian style of every pair of shoes all make the footwear of Falcotto By Naturino exclusive and unique of its kind. Check out the collections of the brand and you will find a whole range of exquisite designs and beautiful finishing. Today, the products of the brand are available for a highly reasonable price in online stores. You will definitely manage to find something special for your child to wear day after day in the collections of the brand. The brand’s line of shoes for children bristles with colorful designs and bright patterns that will diversify the looks of your child and make him/her happier with every new step. By choosing Falcotto by Naturino, you choose high quality, exclusive style and incomparable design. All this can be found in the fabulous range of footwear provided by this renowned trademark that has long become a number one choice for numerous parents across the globe. Enjoy your shopping experience with Falcotto by Naturino!

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