As a leading Spanish designer brand, Foque has a rich history and wide experience in the production of beautifully crafted kids’ wear for girls, boys and little babies. With keen attention to the smallest details and quality in mind, the brand offers the finest collections on an annual basis. All products are handcrafted in the heart of fashion – Spain. This is where many luxury fashion houses were founded and grew into successful world-known companies.

Various handcrafting techniques and the emphasis on the production of traditional clothes for the very little ones were two major factors that led this company to the height of popularity among young customers and their parents.

The Spanish label offers a truly amazing range of kids’ products comprising of sophisticated and elegant clothes of the best quality coupled with lovely accessories to make the kid’s outfit complete.

With years of experience in the field of design, Foque keeps creating gorgeous clothes that can reveal the child’s personality and instill a good taste in fashion, while the quality of garments will be to the liking of every parent. The brand is dedicated to the creation of unique styles that make this brand not like any other. Foque designers took inspiration in the traditional styles even though they just as well use the recent tendencies in fashion to create trendy garments for customers with different tastes.

Foque conducts thorough monitoring of the production process and uses the latest innovations to live up to the status of a reputable supplier of only quality goods for children.

Overview of design features and technologies used by Foque

Foque is a Spanish brand originated around 50 years ago. Today, it’s known as a producer of fashionable clothes of the highest quality appropriate for girls and boys from 0 to 12 years of age. Foque’s collections are distinguished by:

  • Impeccable design and tailoring;
  • Exclusive materials used in the manufacturing process;
  • Amazing range of colors;
  • Beautiful vintage-inspired embellishments;
  • Traditional and modern styles.

Nonetheless, all garments by Foque are always dressy and bright which helps to reveal the individuality of every kid. In all of its collections, Foque follows the latest tendencies in fashion with close attention to details and quality. Their garments are made according to the European norms to make parents satisfied with what they get.

With as much as 50 years of experience on the kids’ wear market, the company manufactures different types of clothes depending on the on-going season including:

  • Clothes for winter and autumn

Among various types of kids’ wear suitable for different occasions, the brand manufactures quality knitwear clothes for cold weather. This category of goods also includes outerwear for girls and boys aged up to 12 years. Every garment here is designed in a way to keep children warm and cozy regardless of weather changes.

  • Light garments for spring and summer

The kids’ clothes for spring and summer seasons by Foque consist of light summer dresses for girls and two-piece outfits for boys among many other fashionable and useful additions to every kid’s wardrobe which can easily become their favorites.

With the use of special details, both summer and winter clothes by Foque always differ from anything most customers can find on the market which makes this brand stand out among its competitors.

In other words, the products of this Spanish trademark represent a harmonious combination of knitwear and woven garments coupled with numerous other types of always stylish clothes for children made from only the finest-quality fabrics.

Up to these days, Foque is trying to keep up with the changes on the market of kids’ fashion, so that all clothes in their collections are made according to the latest fashion trends but still have something of their own. That’s one of the multiple reasons why this label keeps attracting customers from all over the world.

Categories of products offered by Foque

Every new collection of kids’ clothes by Foque offers many types of girls’ and boys’ clothes that are divided into the next categories:

  • Traditionally designed outfits for newborns;
  • Pretty summer dresses for girls available in a variety of different colors;
  • Shirts, trousers and outfit sets for little boys;
  • Kid’s outerwear designed for cold seasons;
  • A fascinating range of lovely accessories;
  • Different types of footwear for newborns and older kids.

Different categories of clothes included in the collections of the brand are designed for kids of different ages with a special focus on newborns and little babies. All samples of clothes can be ideally combined with one another to emphasize the individual style of every child.

Foque products on offer: Essential additions to your kid’s wardrobe

As a supplier of innovatively designed goods for kids, Foque knows everything about how to develop trendy clothes for children. Their garments are manufactured in Spain and distributed all over the world. Owing to the designers’ attention to innovative technologies to be applied in the production process, the company is proud of producing only high-quality clothes for fashion-conscious children. The brand is also trying to satisfy the requirements and expectations of caring and loving parents.

Throughout its history, Foque focuses on the quality of fabrics and the smallest details in the design of every garment. The label’s developers claim that quality and style are two major characteristics valued by customers globally.

Most importantly, the brand’s designers concentrate their efforts on the creation of vintage-inspired yet always fashionable clothes that will hardly go out of fashion for many years to come. That’s because Spanish craftsmanship in the field of kids’ fashion is still highly valued by customers in all parts of the world due to the unique handcrafted techniques and careful attention to quality, design, and individual design features of each garment.

The products of the label include various appealing types of clothes including soft cotton, linen and satin dresses made in different colors, outfit sets for both girls and boys, as well as exclusively designed smart shorts sets for boys among many other attractive things.

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