Fun & Fun is a world-famous Italian brand of kids’ clothes whose products have a special style peculiar only to this label. With over 40 years of experience on the kids’ wear market, Fun & Fun Company has much knowledge about what modern children really need and which products will also satisfy their parents. The brand’s philosophy is reflected in its name – the kids’ clothes should never be dull and should rather bring maximum pleasure and evoke the spirit of holiday in young customers.

Fun & Fun has long become a favorite trademark of kids and a number-one choice of parents. The reason for this is simple – the brand’s goods help kids to express their individuality and emphasize their taste in fashion. As a result, Fun & Fun label is for those who are not afraid of being not like anyone else.

Styles you will find in Fun & Fun collections

The collections of the brand change from season to season and always include something new to guarantee customer satisfaction. With every new collection, Fun & Fun designers offer over a thousand samples of clothes made in different styles:

  • Eye-catchy street style;
  • Sweet romantic one;
  • Trendy clothes for everyday wear;
  • Elegant couture clothes for special occasions.

Thanks to the diversity of kids’ wear styles, every young customer will instantly fall in love with the designs and styles of clothes offered by this designer.

Even though this Italian brand has already reached the top of popularity on both local and global markets, it will hardly stop on their previous achievements. The annually replenished collections and regularly added samples of always unique kids’ wear continue to impress young fashionistas all over the world.

What explains the quick success of the label?

New designs of bright and original clothes for children contribute to this brand’s growing success in the segment of kids’ fashion. What’s more, there are lots of benefits of Fun & Fun styles that help this brand outshine its competitors. These include:

  • Close attention to details;
  • The use of lovely accessories;
  • Thorough choice of the best-matching colors;
  • Dedication to quality;
  • Constantly renewed and refined variety of boys’ and girls’ garments.

Fun & Fun developers never stop striving to achieve perfection in everything they do. Such devotion to the chosen field of activity has helped this brand to create brilliant samples of kids’ wear loved by kids of different ages. As a result, Fun & Fun has rightfully earned the title of a respectable trademark in the world of kids’ fashion.

Their goods can now be purchased all over Europe and in other parts of the globe, both online and at the company’s fashion boutiques.

A few words about Fun & Fun history

With the unique Italian fashion style as a source of inspiration, Giovanni Catapano founded the Fun & Fun label many decades ago. Exquisite elements of design, always quality fabrics used in the production process and constantly refined assortment of kids’ wear have helped the brand to gradually earn the customers’ loyalty.

The founder of the future world-famous brand decided to establish his own fashion house to continue the family business. As a result, he launched the kids’ wear label targeting young customers of different ages – from infants to children and teenagers.

As a founder of the already successful parent company, Giovanni launched a new label of children’s wear to replenish the existing collections with always versatile and exclusive clothes and accessories meeting all sorts of tastes and preferences.

The brand soon became known as a provider of playful and dressy clothes made in different styles and designs. The on-going collections of the label provide countless exclusive things suitable for various festive events and daily use.

What products are offered by Fun & Fun and why you may want to buy them?

Nowadays, Fun & Fun kids’ wear is characterized by surprising elegance peculiar to the majority of adult’s collections. The label’s designers help kids to define their individual style in fashion starting from childhood. This can be done by purchasing really fashionable types of kids’ wear produced according to contemporary fashion tendencies. The vast majority of today’s youth are interested in dressing fashionably as this is the key to boosting their self-confidence and helping them to feel great in any situation.

As a famous European brand of fashionable clothes, Fun & Fun label caters for the needs of young audience allowing them to choose the kind of clothes they really want to wear. Exactly for this reason, the brand has become a world-favorite trademark among children and teens. Up to these days, it remains a credible supplier of various kids’ wear collections consisting of only quality goods made with children’s needs and preferences in mind.

The label’s designers create truly special kids’ products – their clothes are not only comfortable and practical but are also characterized by gorgeous styles reflecting the trends in adults’ fashion. Most of their goods are designed for young girls to satisfy the wishes of young ladies. Such collections include:

  • Amusing T-shirts and other sports style tops marked by original design and unusual embellishments;
  • Dresses and sweatshirt dresses mostly made in sports style and available in a variety of attractive color blends with the use of elegant decorative elements;
  • Different types of denim clothes which are produced from quality fabrics and always remain in high demand among customers. This category of goods includes stylish and comfortable jeans, coats and vests among many other items.

Such a wide assortment of kids’ wear consisting of authentic and always appealing items will definitely meet the tastes of even the most demanding fashionistas.

FUN & FUN is an Italian brand of trendy clothing for toddlers, young children and teens that is focused on fabricating attractive and funky products. During all its existing in the fashion market, the FUN & FUN Company has gained success and respect among young parents and their children. The main feature of the brand is making a unique style that will provide a real remarkable look both of girls and boys. Combining daily comfort and exclusive silhouette the FUN & FUN line offers practical and playful models that express the personality of young generation. The creative manufacturers emphasize mostly on mixing bright colors. Brisk yellow dresses, lace bomber and leopard print jackets, skirts with ribbon ties, tartan and check blazers are made of the best Italian materials, such as 100% cotton, denim, chiffon, tulle, satin, silk etc. The FUN & FUN line represents also a stylish collection of accessories: diamond hair bands, handbags with silver and gold chains, plaited belts and others. The brand is famous in many other European countries. A lot of parents prefer FUN & FUN clothing for their kids. Nowadays each item of the FUN & FUN brand can be purchased by its fans online.

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