A highly innovative approach to denim wear and unique characteristics of every product have turned the G-Star label into a successful and trusted supplier of jeans for boys and girls and other samples of quality denim clothes. For G-Star Raw designers, the attention to quality and simplistic style of denim wear and other types of kids’ clothes are two main priorities. Since the very foundation of the label, the brand was valued for talented craftsmanship and great quality of casual denim wear for kids and teenagers.

Based on their own philosophy “Just the Product”, the brand’s concept is to manufacture denim wear with exclusive characteristics such as:

  • The use of versatile and innovative fabrics;
  • The top quality of each item;
  • The all-favorite street style;
  • A wide choice of clothes for young people.

G-Star jeans fall into the category of fashionable street wear marked by a well-thought design not overloaded with too many redundant details.

Comfort, simplicity, beauty and elegance are the main features of G-Star jeans, denim coats and jackets among many other splendid things.

Elegant tailoring, functionality and the presence of simplistic yet always stylish details also contribute to the growing success of G-Star Raw label and its immense popularity with a large number of young clients.

Overview of the brand’s history

G-Star Raw as a full name of G-Star label was founded in Holland in 1989. Initially, it was known as a producer of men’s and women’s jeans wear, while its first collection of denim wear was presented to the public in 1996. Its distinct feature was the use of innovative jeans fabric marked by the unusual raw finish – this is where the brand’s name took its origin. The first G-Star store was launched in Paris a year after that.

The G-Star company regularly participated in the week of fashion in New-York along with the most renowned designers of the world. Liv Tyler was first to present the G-Star Raw denim wear in 2010. Over some time, the brand became known in many other parts of the world while its fan base was also growing. Many celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Osbourne as well as the Linkin Park band became part of the brand’s clientele.

G-Star Raw has always been known for a wide choice of coats and jackets made from quality denim, while such products as jeans, jumpers, polo T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and other types of boys’ clothes became widely popular among the global audience of children and teenagers.

As was once claimed by “American Fabrics” magazine, “Denim remains one of the oldest types of fabrics in the world, which is nevertheless always in high demand”. In more than half a century, it became hard to argue this expression, and G-Star Raw label as a pioneer producer of denim clothes fully agrees with such an opinion.

The word “Raw” can be explained by the use of special denim material whose main peculiarity was the innovative approach to the manufacturing process which eventually drew a distinct line between the G-Star Raw Company and its competitors helping the label to surpass other similar trademarks. The label’s motto also takes its roots from the same idea emphasizing the use of only high-quality materials.

Street style as a signature trait of the label loved by young kids

By concentrating their efforts on the use of raw denim fabric, the brand quickly became popular with the young fans of street style, while the street fashion itself quickly accepted the signature traits of the brand’s goods due to their functionality and comfortable fit.

The G-Star Raw label uses special technologies in the process of manufacturing kids’ denim clothes. This has even encouraged the label to launch a special “The Art of Raw” project in conjunction with the Glasswork design studio – a short video giving the detailed description of the jeans creation process which reflects the main principles of the brand where an ideal pair of jeans is produced from the small pieces of fabrics which are then combined with one another.

What made the brand popular with young and adult clients?

The brand’s popularity can be explained not only by the impressive quality of each item and attentive approach to jeans’ design but also by the unique approach to every future creation where every new item is treated as a work of art. The jeans construction is also complicated where designers pay much attention to the shape of every pair to make jeans maximum comfortable and functional.

A curious fact about this designer brand is that its developers take inspiration from military uniform – they conduct a thorough research to produce only quality goods with a well-thought design suitable for daily use.

It was the innovative approach to denim wear production that made G-Star Raw popular on the global market. As a result, the label’s goods became widely known for a perfect combination of the traditional design of boys’ and girls’ denim wear with the surprising luxury and always recognizable style.

Apart from that, the special style of pockets positioned lower than usual is yet another reason for the quick success of the label. A well-thought design of each jeans model guarantees maximum comfort and is marked by the branded A-letter embroidery just like many other products from this developer.

Most importantly, the growing popularity of the label is also explained by the never-fading popularity of denim wear. This is due to the next reasons:

  • A wide variety of denim products not restricted to jeans only but also consisting of dresses, jackets, shirts, and one-piece denim jumpers;
  • The unisex style of each item making denim clothes suitable for boys and girls alike.

Today, G-Star Raw collections can easily be found online and at physical branded stores.

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