As a globally famous supplier of quality children’s wear, Graci was born in Spain and quickly became a leader on the local market. Today, their products are sold in more than 40 nations of the world. For many parents, it remains a priority choice among the existing developers of kid’s wear and accessories. Its breathtaking designs are admired by countless customers all over Europe and in other corners of the globe.

The stylish clothes from this Spanish designer combine inherent French elegance and are marked by the distinct British quality. Customers also appreciate this trademark for the use of stunning embellishments loved by younger and older kids. Designers of the brand pay special attention to every detail in the designs of their products which are all made with love for childhood to make this precious time memorable for both parents and their little darlings.

History of Graci

The story of the label’s success started around 40 years ago. Gracia Martin as its founder decided to enrich the local market of kid’s fashion with new designs of girls’ and boy’s clothes and accessories. The trademark quickly became widely known mainly for the abundance of party dresses and other items of clothes for special occasions.

Its collections always contained something new to please the young customers and their parents. Due to the close attention to quality, thorough choice of only premium fabrics, and the use of truly gorgeous decorative elements, the brand soon turned into the leader on the local and European markets.

The label gained a reputation of a leading manufacturer and supplier of charming and lovely outfits while its target audience included infants, kids and adolescents. Spanish passion and romantic elegance of France penetrate every outfit in Graci collections.

Today, the brand offers a whole abundance of styles and designs while the stunning embellishments of its children’s wear continue to surprise customers meeting their needs and expectations.

To make the outfits look dressy and admirable, the brand uses:

  • Semi-precious stones;
  • Soft tulle trims;
  • Beautiful finishes;
  • Glittery Swarovsky crystals;
  • Handcrafted embroideries;
  • Other vivid elements of decoration.

In every new collection, customers can always find exclusive garments for holidays, parties, and other significant events.

Collections of children’s wear for casual use and special life events

Every year, Graci brand releases a total of three collections for children:

  • Spring-Summer – Light clothes for hot weather;
  • Autumn-Winter – Warm outerwear to keep children comfortable in nasty and rainy weather;
  • Ceremony-Chic – Outfits of always unique styles developed for holidays, christenings and other precious moments in one’s family life.

In every newly released fashion line for newborns, little babies, kids and adolescents, you’ll find the best-matching clothes for every age, size and occasion coupled with the adorable handmade accessories which are all created by a talented team of craftsmen and designers. The trademark has even released its own selection of perfumes to match the tastes of modern-day kids.

With every new collection for children, the brand always has much to offer to parents and their children. All kids’ garments have a variety of fascinating styles, while the casual wear from this developer feature impressive prints and illustrations apart from other exciting and fun embellishments.

There are also separate collections of handmade girls’ clothes that meet the newest fashion trends. What’s more, Graci always strives hard to make sure that every outfit presented in their collections can also become a truly exquisite gift for newborn babies and children.

Best outfits for girls from the unique collections of Graci

The Spanish brand has become even more popular after the release of a fresh line of accessories and pretty dresses for girls which had immediate success among young customers. These collections contain lots of jewelry items that match the dressy outfits for young girls who want to look their best regardless of the occasion. The selection of goods on offer also contains exquisite and feminine bags as well as various accessories for hair always available at an affordable price.

One of the goals of Graci developers of girls’ collections is to create maximum feminine samples of girls’ wear. Both loyal and new customers are often amazed with how chic and lovely the brand’s garments look on their children.

Everything a young girl needs can be discovered in Graci collections. This trademark has many adorable models of girls’ wear to select from, while the quality of fabrics will never leave you disappointed.

Some of the best-selling goods from Graci include the next samples of gorgeous apparels:

  • Incredibly stylish dresses featuring intricate branded prints, fabulous flowers, light feathers and other fantastic embellishments around the neckline. To add some volume to the girls’ party dresses, such outfits have tulle frills.
  • Skirts of impeccable quality designed in a variety of captivating styles;
  • A colorful variety of exclusive hairbands that always look feminine and girlie, and are added with flowery patches like dahlia, roses and peons. These are made in different bright and pale light colors like red, pink, ivory and purple;
  • Other top-notch quality things made from lightweight materials like chiffon and silk. They also have various amusing elements of design like beautiful trims among others.
  • A wide choice of wonderful accessories designed to brighten up all sorts of important events in the life of children and parents and let the happy memories last for longer.

The selection of girls’ dresses from Graci contains the largest amount of beautiful outfits that are all made from delicate materials like organza with satin. Meanwhile, their length is also perfect to give girls absolute comfort and freedom of movement.

Check out the collections of Graci yourself and find the prettiest outfits for your little darling.

Graci is an iconic brand in kid’s fashion industry. Its essence is quite clear. It is aimed at providing gorgeous outfits featuring legendary prints and impeccable quality of fabrics. The Graci fashion house is trying to provide more and more exquisite clothing to meet the tastes and preferences of younger customers. The brand has made it possible to choose elegant and luxury clothes among the great range of products offered by the brand. Thanks to the innovative technologies used in the process of production, young customers now have an opportunity to wear exclusively designed and innovative clothing and footwear suitable for various occasions. The ever-growing fashion market demands constant renewal of goods for both children and adults. Graci embraces this tendency and makes sure that its collections of baby wear and kids’ clothes are constantly renewed and improved. The collections of the brand bristle with a great assortment of fashionable items to please your child with a new addition to his/her wardrobe.

The story of this highly acclaimed brand dates back to over 40 years ago. The Spanish designer Gracia Martin decided to transform his designer trademark into one of the leaders in the production of kids’ wear. She created a whole abundance of stylish clothing for children that are now available in more than 40 countries across the globe. The trademark is highly appreciated as a leading company that manufactures and distributes children’s clothing and accessories. Graci clothes reflect an inherently French romantic elegance and Spanish passion. The brand’s designers pay special attention to the choice of fabrics and materials and as a result, they manage to create impressive and surprising outfits for little babies and older kids. Every year, the brand releases three collections of fantastic outfits for children and succeeds in its endeavors to create fascinating designs every new season. There are individual collections of handcrafted clothing for boys and girls to follow the latest trends in kids’ fashion. Graci works hard to ensure that every item represents a perfect and truly special gift for newborns and older kids.

The brand uses various high-quality fabrics, including lightweight chiffon, cotton and silk that all guarantee a captivating look of the outfits created by the designers of Graci. The brand’s specialists cooperate with various British and French fashion professionals to share their experience and the culture of kids’ fashion. A variety of exciting designs from the reputable and highly acclaimed Spanish brand is highly appreciated by many royal families and famous people as well as common customers. The clients of this fashion house appreciate the wide selection of astonishing goods that are available in vibrant colors and feature intricate prints and illustrations. Nowadays, the brand also offers a line of accessories and cute little dresses for girls. Various items of jewelry will complete the outfit of your child making it incredibly fashionable and filled with truly Spanish passion. The bags, dresses and various hair accessories are available for a highly reasonable price. Graci designers aim to create an inherently girlish style. Your little princess will look amazing in the clothes and accessories offered by the brand. Discover the collections of the trademark to find a great assortment of goods to choose from. A whole range of skirts and dresses will please you with the quality of fabrics and unforgettable style. Don’t hesitate to purchase a gorgeous and luxurious dress by Graci for your precious one. Your girl will look truly astonishing wearing the floral dresses created by Graci designers, while a variety of accessories will add something new to the outfit of your child. All items of clothing, footwear and accessories follow the strictest European norms and standards of quality to meet your expectations. Graci provides every parent a unique opportunity to get something special for their kids.

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