GUCCI is one of the most popular and luxurious Italian fashion houses that was established in 1921 in Florence by a famous designer Guccio Gucci. Guccio started his career as a manufacturer of leather suitcases. Soon he opened a shop for selling clothes for jockeys and accessories for horse riders, which were made from leather of the best quality. As the GUCCI line has gained its success and respect, the company began fabricating exclusive bags and clothing items for men and women. The children collection was represented much later. But in all its items the logo of GUCCI surly prevails. The designers work on the uniqueness of each product and try to provide children aged 0 to 16 with clothing of the highest quality and chic look. Floral dresses with ruffle collars, stripped T-shirts, hooded sweaters, jeans and lightweight jackets are made of natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton, denim, leather, silk, chiffon, wool and others. The GUCCI line offers to young children a big variety of accessories to complete the perfect appearance; among them are colorful silk and cotton scarves, cool braces and elasticated belts. Baby bibs sets will be a good gift for newborns. The products of GUCCI can be purchased online.

GUCCI for Babies

Being new parents who like stylish clothing and accessories you will definitely love baby Gucci collections. From the first day of baby life he/she should be surrounded by beautiful and safe clothes and accessories. Gucci is one of the most luxurious and well-known brand name, with an impeccable reputation. So, there is no need to worry about fabrics quality, about safe coloring etc. You will be surprised to know, that Gucci offers a wide range of baby accessories:

  • wool baby blankets (in pink, blue or neutral grey colors)
  • baby bibs (100% cotton or with polyurethane coating)
  • cotton baby nests (white, grey, with pale blue or pink GG prints)
  • changing bags (with branded GG logo canvas or red and blue wolf print)

Baby Gucci clothing collections really impress, it does not matter do you want to buy new season collection or some sales items, every time it looks gorgeous.

  • 100% cotton baby grows (with Gucci Choir tiger print, with brand’s iconic green and red web trim, with signature Gucci web collar, with strawberry print for baby girl, with red and turquoise blue logo stripes on the sleeves, with Gucci logo and vintage green and red web print, pet print design by Yuko Higuchi etc)
  • babysuits (colorful tiger print and a pink background for girls, signature gold bee embroidery for boys). Gucci also offer babysuit gift sets (come with hat and bib in a branded gift box – luxury gift for baby birthday or baby shower)
  • shorties (blue, white, pink, grey, navy blue knitted cotton GG logo). Gucci shortie sets also available and come in gift box.
  • baby hats (beanie soft jersey with GG pink or blue logo, knitted wool boys hat with colourful bees, slouch style hat with branded Gucci green and red stripes, pink or navy blue hats with minimum prints)
  • socks, mittens, scarves – all these you can buy if needed

If you prefer when your baby wears “adult” like clothing, or you have some special occasion, you can always find something special and luxury in Gucci baby collections.

  • dresse (red & white stripes; Mini-me blue or white dress; navy blue with green, red and blue ribbon trim; red with ruffles; colorful blue and purple pleated pinafore; red, pink and gold silk bows; yellow or white sailor style; tulle emerald green with orange ‘GG’ embroidery; floral prints; silk dress with animals, butterflies and floral print and many more)
  • jacket, blazer, coat, poncho for boys and girls (cotton, denim, padded, windbreaker, jersey, wool, knitted, windcheater, satin)
  • classic suits for baby boys for special occasions and parties
  • trousers, shorts, jeans, joggers, dungaree, overalls

Sure, small baby or toddler do not understand what fashion or style is, but you will be pleased every time when you wear your child in Gucci apparel.

GUCCI for Boys and Girls

When kids grow up they start to be interested in fashion, now they have a personal opinion about clothing, about personal style… and there is no need to buy something your child does not like, just show him or her beautiful things and give him/her a choice. We are sure that if you will introduce Gucci branded clothes to your child it will be Love at First Sign. It is hard to find a person who does not like all these luxury Gucci apparel.

For elder kids you can find various Gucci accessories

  • bags (GG logo octopus bag; vinyl tot bag; supreme canvas or polyurethane rainbow tot bag;  rainbow stars print; faux leather butterfly bag with long strap; belt bag; GG logo canvas, faux leather backpacks; so classic satchel bag etc)
  • belts (leather and canvas, for boys and girls; belt with ‘GG’ buckle; strawberry buckle girl belt)
  • tie & bow tie (for small gentlemen Gucci offers elegant wool, silk ties)
  • braces ( ‘Gucci Monster’ leather logo; red & green Web – so elegant and so chic)
  • hats & caps (GG cap; fedora GG hat; cotton panther cap; GG sun visor; GG cotton knitted hat; G patch cap; G logo cap; faux fur pom pom hat; wool knitted hat – hats designed for boys and girls)
  • scarves (cotton, silk, wool; with floral prints; with branded GG prints; in bright and neutral colors)
  • hair accessories (hairband with GG logo canvas and butterfly; glamorous lurex and flowers headband; sports look signature red and green stripes headbands)
  • socks & tights (when Gucci designers create new collection even socks & tights look luxury)

Gucci offers boys and girls clothing for everyday life and for special occasions & parties. Wearing high-quality clothing and shoes from the first days of their life your kids will have no problem with good taste and fashion style in the future adult life.

  • dresses (wearing Gucci dress your girl will look chic and id fors not matter she is a new born baby or beautiful teen age girl)
  • coats & jackets (Gucci does not limit you in some specific style, you can find sporty bomber jackets; or glamurous jackets; or classy vintage look coats; light jackets for cool summer evenings; or padded coats for cold winter etc. Fabrics and materisla are dufferent too, you can buy coat or jacket made with denim, leather, wool, cotton, sequin shiny bombers, knitted or boucle coats)
  • trousers & shorts for boys and girls by Gucci are amazing too. Different colors and styles, sports and classic look; we have about 50 different types of pants & shorts, check them all.
  • tops (various T-shirts for boys, girls or unisex; zip-up hooded tops; polo shirts with long or short sleeve; knitted cardigans; warm sweaters & sweatshirts; blouses for girls; classic cotton shirts for boys – Gucci diversity can amaze you)
  • classic suits for boys – your little boy will look like a gentleman
  • swim wear & beach wear (if your child prefer to look stylish, he/she also want to look chic on the beach or in the swimming pool, Gucci knows this and propose you swim shorts, swim suits, bikini for boys and girls)

We want to point out that Gucci has Mini Me line in its collections, it means that you can buy the same clothing models in adult collections for men and women. If you like family look style Gucci Mini Me exactly what you need. Check our online boutique regularly, Gucci kids clothes and accessories are so popular among our customers that some times you can miss the new model or size.

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