Helen Moore as a family-run business has been part of the fashion industry since the early 1980s. The brand has always been devoted to creating only quality clothes with exceptional design features. All goods from this company are made from the finest-quality synthetic fur that looks natural and sophisticated. The label is trying to meet the evolving fashion trends in order to deliver only world-class products to their loyal clientele. The brand is headquartered on the founders’ own plant situated in the rural area of the United Kingdom.

The brand has also reached the height of notoriety due to its exclusive range of kids’ accessories that are characterized by excellent quality and produced from the delicate and soft synthetic materials. Helen Moore offers a really delightful selection of such goods that can be combined with different types of clothes offered by this brand. With true commitment to the inherently British manufacturing techniques, every garment from Helen Moore represents a real masterpiece.

At the same time, despite the keen attention to every element of design and individual style of every garment, the products of this label are still available at a very affordable price. This also contributed to almost immediate success of the label’s goods for kids.

Why parents and kids love this brand?

There are a myriad of reasons which explain why this brand is famous and loved by parents and kids alike. Apart from the unique characteristics, kids’ apparels developed by this trademark are appreciated by customers for the next attractive features:

  • What makes this brand especially appealing is the use of only quality faux fur that represents a perfect substitute of natural one. This is especially vital for everyone who cares for environmental protection.
  • Yet another reason that persuades the brand’s clientele to buy the label’s products is the absence of any dangerous chemical compounds that may cause harm to children and adults alike;
  • One more peculiarity of the fabrics chosen by the label is the fact that the materials it uses have gone through all sorts of quality tests and, therefore, meet all the existing norms which apply to kids’ products.

These are only a few reasons why parents choose this brand’s clothes and accessories for their kids. The ethics maintained by the label underlies that the kids’ wear must be free from animal fibers or anything that is related to the cruel attitude to natural surroundings.

As claimed by Helen Moore’s designers themselves, they consider it unjust and simply evil to keep the living beings in captivity or somehow abuse the animals, let alone kill them. In this way, the company stays loyal to decreasing environmental waste and, at the same time, provides parents with only organic kids’ wear to take care of the children’s health.

As part of their company ethics, the brand’s designers value quality above quantity. In addition, the label tries to produce only durable clothes to be worn for many years to come.

Why the products of Helen Moore never lose their appeal and popularity

Helen Moore became a globally acknowledged designer mainly because she was first to use the faux fur in her designs of kids’ wear on the British fashion market. This helped the label to earn the reputation of a high-profile producer of customized designs of not only children’s wear but also household things like cushions and beddings. Initially, the label’s designers manufactured their goods for wide-scale hotels in the USA. At those times, the brand’s products were appreciated for the exceptional manual work of talented artisans and it still remains an appealing feature of this label.

Modern-day collections of the British brand comprise numerous products, including stunning mini-mi collections of boys’ and girls’ wear. Some of the most popular ones include the following:

  • Bomber jackets for autumn and spring;
  • Girls’ clutches as a lovely accessory for all kinds of events like weddings and lots of others;
  • Soft fur scarves to keep children warm in nasty weather;
  • Comfy stoves to keep the little hands cozy and warm;
  • Elegant and super soft hooded capes made exclusively for young ladies;
  • Hand muffs with the soft plush lining;
  • Other gorgeous goods for all sorts of occasions or just for casual use and everyday wear.

Why this label is unique

All kids’ clothes from the collections of Helen Moore are marked by amazing style and truly remarkable quality which not all labels in today’s fashion world can be proud of.

Moreover, when parents need to choose some clothes for their kids, they make high quality their main priority. As a result, they are trying to choose the goods of only credible producers who never fail to deliver clothes of top-notch quality and design.

The main goal of Helen Moore is to make children happy and to satisfy the needs and expectations of loving and caring parents. The assortment of the label is really wide while the quality of their kids’ goods will satisfy the needs of even highly demanding customers. This is proved by only positive reviews from parents and kids alike.

In this way, the label’s collections represent a perfect choice for every parent who takes care of their children’s health and wants them to wear not just fashionable but also comfortable and warm clothes. Yet another reason why parents across the globe trust the Helen Moore label is surely the affordable and always reasonable prices. As a result, the branded goods from this designer will definitely become a useful addition to every kid’s wardrobe.

Check out the gorgeous collections of Helen Moore for young boys and girls and choose the most suitable items for your precious ones.

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