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Helly Hansen is a well known Norwegian brand that is mainly focused on producing sportive clothing for autumn and winter time. It was created by a sea captain Helly Juel and his wife Maren Margarethe. The couple began their business, when fabricating a range of oilskin jackets, sou’westers and tarpaulins. The main feature of the line is the combination of fiber fleece, LIFA and innovational tailoring technologies. Originally, Helly Hansen was making clothes for professionals, who were going in sports, but as the brand has gained its recognition in many other European countries and the United States, it started developing a children line too. Ski trousers, velocity jackets, hooded zip-up tops and waterproof coats are made from best fabrics in order to provide kids with comfort and care while skiing or skating during cold seasons. I is also worth saying that the creative designers pay big attention to the look of their products. They attract the view by using bright colors, such as pink, blue, green, orange etc. The brand offers a wide variety of accessories in order to match the whole look; among them are practical mittens, winter hats and scarves. It is very easy to buy clothing & accessories by Helly Hansen online.

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