Histoire d’Ours is a famous French company producing a delightful collection of soft toys for children. Their plush toys can easily become a perfect gift for any child and turn into their favorite companions.

What makes this label especially appealing is that Histoire d’Ours products are not just unique and charming, but also produced in line with the trusted French technologies of the past.

Attractive features and characteristics of Histoire d’Ours toys

The company has become widely known due to the delivery of exceptional toys of impeccable quality. There are loads of reasons why this brand has quickly turned into a successful and credible trademark cherished by parents and kids across the world. Some of the most important ones refer to the unique characteristics of each toy offered by the label:

  • The materials selected by Histoire d’Ours are always natural and contain absolutely no dangerous components so that every parent can be sure that every product they buy will never provoke any allergic reactions or cause damage to children’s health. What’s more, the brand’s developers use only French fabrics – this also serves as proof of their exquisite quality.
  • The toys from Histoire d’Ours are all handmade by skillful and talented artisans working at the company;
  • The colors chosen for every type of toy are also pleasant and never excessively bright to be annoying or irritating. Plush teddy bears as signature products of this label which are usually available in pale color hues although the clothing they wear are often bright and vivid;
  • The company also uses a unique gift package for each of their products. These usually represent not just ordinary boxes but real works of art which are valued by the brand’s clientele. All wrappings have a label on them, while their color palette usually corresponds to that of the toys hidden inside them. Many of such packages are made in the form of beautifully designed miniature boxes or may even resemble the tiny luggage.
  • The design of each and every plush toy from Histoire d’Ours never resembles anything you would come across on today’s market. Due to the extraordinary features and uniqueness of the brand’s toys, they will hardly ever leave both parents and kids indifferent;
  • The products of Histoire d’Ours can now be purchased in many corners of the world – every parent can easily find them not only in the best kids’ boutiques of France, but also outside its borders. To make things easier, customers can purchase the necessary type of toy online.

Furthermore, by choosing this company, customers will find out what the unique French elegance really means. Their toys may also become a remarkable gift for adults.

About Histoire d’Ours and their collections of toys in greater detail

The French brand was established in 1985 by Alan Joly who was a great fan of plush toys herself. The story of the trademark itself is really impressive as it gives everyone a chance to feel the atmosphere of the world of childhood through the collections of all kinds of delightful toys.

As a result, every parent can easily find something truly unique from the label’s range of goods, especially because every toy of Histoire d’Ours is absolutely different to suit different tastes and preferences of children. One of them will definitely become your kid’s best friend.

The toys can be made in different color mixtures like white and brown or black and milk chocolate among many other delicate color combinations. The toys’ designs are made according to the best traditions of France so that the end products become unusually appealing. The sizes are also different depending on what your kid really wants to get – they usually vary from 30 to 60 cm. All toys are produced from long-lasting materials that will let your kid do whatever they want with their new friend.

The target customers of Histoire d’Ours are kids aged from 2 years and more. The soft toys from the label incorporate kindness, tenderness, and softness – the features that all adults and kids will appreciate. Such lovely toys can become a surprising gift for anyone you love as a way to express your feelings. Children can go for a walk with them so as not to break apart with their favorite pals. Such exquisite toys can even be passed down from generation to generation to keep the best memories of childhood for years to come.

The assortment of colors usually consists of a total of six color hues, while the materials used by the company usually include textile fabric and natural filling that doesn’t provoke allergy.

Ethics maintained by the Histoire d’Ours label

Histoire d’Ours is devoted to using high-end technologies in the production process. The brand’s designers have good knowledge of how to create the types of products that young and adult customers will want to buy. No doubt, the main factor here is to always be devoted to excellence and try to achieve perfection in everything you do – this is exactly what the ethics of the label is all about. What’s more, the company’s goods are produced with much attention to every detail in their design and other characteristics to deliver kids’ products of the world-class quality.

From unicorns and bunnies to all-favorite teddy bears, the high-profile French label has a lot to offer to both loyal and new customers to brighten up the precious time of early childhood.

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