Hype Kids is a UK-born trademark which currently supplies both adults and kids with all sorts of useful and stylish things like crossbody girl’s bags, rucksacks, clutches, kids’ lunchboxes, and many other gorgeous creations distinguished by the outstanding British quality.

The wide assortment of the brand’s goods comprises a great many useful products specially designed for kids of different ages. The trademark’s products range is divided into such categories as:

  • Kids’ casual wear;
  • Superb selection of footwear for little babies and older kids;
  • Sports products;
  • Swimwear for summer vacations;
  • Dressy outfits for special events;
  • A wide variety of accessories to complete the everyday look of children.

With every new season, the company keeps widening its selection of goods and never stops surprising customers with the impressive resourcefulness and imagination of their team of craftsmen reflected in every new offering.

Judging from the brand’s name, one can easily guess what can be expected from the designs of the label’s goods. And even the company’s motto is still the same “Nothing else but hype.” The brand dares to use striking combinations of colors, bold design ideas, extraordinary prints, and unusual materials.

As a rule, the typical goods from Hype are characterized by the mixture of natural and synthetic fabrics, metallic and neon color combinations, as well as animal prints that are naturally combined with tender floral patterns.

Collaboration with other famous brands

The company tends to cooperate with various other widely known trademarks to deliver even better products as a result of the talented teamwork of different designers. One of such examples is their mutual collaboration with the Disney Company – the brand’s rucksacks and other types of bags feature such famous Disney characters as Mickey Mouse among many others. These can be found even on the teenagers’ hoodies with the coolest and most brutal prints.

Today, the brand also works with the creators of Simpsons to replenish their collections with fresh designs. In other words, that’s what the Hype label is all about.

The story of Hype

The Hype Company has a really curious history of growth and development. Everything started when the future legendary designer Liam Green began to produce self-made prints on T-shirts together with his close friend. At that time, he was only 17 years old and, naturally, he didn’t even think of starting the manufacturing process and delivering his own creations in great quantities. However, a couple of friends soon became winners of the competition organized for T-shirt print designers. This is where the story of Hype as a fashion label has started.

Founded in 2011, Hype began its activity as a self-funded designer brand supplying children and adults with amazingly designed clothes and accessories. After creating its first stock of 400 T-shirts, the brand had immediate success with all the products literally sold out in a matter of a few hours.

Promotion and growth of Hype’s collections

Later on, with the help of social networks, the UK designer brand managed to speed up the delivery of its unique range of goods and quickly turned into a popular supplier of all sorts of exquisite products.

In a matter of a few months, Hype rapidly evolved into one of the most recognizable trademarks on the local market. They soon moved their premises to a new location as their selection of goods kept growing.

In summer of 2013, the first Hype store was launched in London, while three years later the label opened its own boutique in Taiwan. Today, their goods can be purchased in a large number of branded shops all over the world.

In such a way, a brand that used to be just a supplier of T-shirts with floral prints and simplified designs rapidly turned into what the Hype Company is today. Nowadays, they produce an impressive range of men’s, women’s and kids’ clothes for all sorts of occasions which now consists of much more than only T-shirts and backpacks.

Children’s collections by Hype Kids: What do they contain?

Hype is currently a lifestyle trademark whose variety of products is gradually replenished with brand-new goods also including kids’ wear for young customers starting from the early years of life. Hype Kids collections contain loads of stylish things including:

  • Hoodies, sweatshirts, parkas, denim wear and jackets for cold seasons;
  • Various types of accessories like beanies, bucket hats and other kinds of headwear, as well as all sorts of fashionable bags like backpacks, crossbody and bum bags and even such useful things as pencil cases, water bottles, bags for laptops and smartphone cases;
  • Stylish girls’ clothes like dresses, skirts, T-shirts, jeans and shoes;
  • Boys’ polo shirts and T-shirts with the label’s signature prints.

Now young clients can find all kinds of essential things with exciting designs and great characteristics appropriate for school, special events, festivities and everyday use.

Hype Kids’ styles are playful and fun where the focus is usually made on the use of extraordinary prints like leopard, jaguar, dolphin and heart images as well as various galaxy-inspired illustrations.

Just like most other popular brands, the lines of Hype Kids are divided into autumn and winter collections, and spring and summer ones which always include a splendid choice of clothes, footwear and accessories.

Why Hype Kids is a number-one choice for children and adolescents

Hype Kids always goes hand in hand with the evolving fashion trends, so that every young customer will be pleased with the assortment of this label, while the products’ design and quality will never let anyone regret their choice. Although the price range may vary from one product to the other, all goods from this label are always moderately priced.

Check out what the Hype brand has on offer and you’ll definitely find the best-matching option for yourself or your little one.

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