IKKS is a fashionable French clothing brand that was created by Gérard Le Goff in 1987. Originally Gerard was focused on fabricating wonderful clothes for toddlers from 2 years, but after twenty years with the gained success and love among its buyer, the creative designer began making items for young children and teens as well. The name of the brand reflects the sound of the letter “X” – it was the idea of Gerard. Today the IKKS is very popular in France and other European countries. The brand is focused on manufacturing high quality clothes, underwear, accessories and footwear. Zip-up tops, denim jeans, T-shirts and sweaters, dresses with bright prints and warn jackets are represented in the last collection for children. The designers try to satisfy the tastes of both girls and boys. In fabricating they use natural materials, such as 100% cotton, wool, silk, denim, leather and others. To match the whole stylish look IKSS also created a nice collection of fancy accessories for young children. Every look can be accompanied by a lovely scarf, leather belt or a cute bag. The IKSS line is already popular in many countries of Europe and its product is available for purchasing online.

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