As a relatively young trademark in the world of fashion, Irpa has already managed to succeed both in its country of origin and in many other parts of the globe. Irpa is a Spanish brand that currently offers a stunning collection of elegant dresses and matching accessories for young ladies. However, the label is also known as a supplier of special occasion dresses and other types of clothes for those women who want to look their best at parties or some memorable events in their lives.

Today, the label promotes its fascinating selection of goods through social networking like Instagram and Facebook among other famous platforms. Elegance in every detail of design has always been the priority of this company.

History of the company’s origin and growth

The story of the label started back in 2016. Together with her friend and partner, the founder of the designer brand decided to create a line of women’s clothes of large sizes that would meet the needs and preferences of those women who are more and more frequently seen in today’s society.

According to the medieval manuscripts, Irpa was the name of a female Viking warrior who was not quite interested in whether or not her daily tasks corresponded to her gender role. That’s simply because such women were more concerned about being strong and powerful to be able to fight. Viking warriors knew how to use the ax and shield so well that she was always ready to fight side by side with other warriors.

Such skills acquire more and more value in the modern-day world where women compete for their rights and even achieve great success in male professions and similar fields of activity where strength and power are two major priorities.

With these thoughts and ideas in mind, the brand’s founders have created their own label for those women who are no longer ashamed of their weight and show off their curves without treating them as something negative. Some of such women even find their physical strength very useful.

That’s exactly what inspired the founders of Irpa to create a unique selection of garments for unique women. Throughout its short but already successful history, Irpa stays loyal to its primary mission and strives to give more opportunities to women through their exquisite collections of plus size clothes.

The brand believes that sensitivity, elegance, and beauty always matter more than size. Today, the company also delivers luxurious outfits for girls appropriate for special occasions. Their selection of elegant dresses and sophisticated accessories will complete the look of every little lady.

Collections of girls’ wear: Outstanding design features and excellence in every detail

The brand’s designers launch fresh collections on an annual basis creating loads of new designs according to the ever-changing fashion tendencies. Just like many other trademarks, the label’s team of designers is always trying to listen to what their clientele expects to get. Their primary goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

All this also refers to girls’ wear fashion lines of the brand. In fact, Irpa collections of special event dresses and other types of elegant garments are developed not only for women but also for little ladies who want to dress fashionably and always look great. Irpa offers a great choice of ladies’ garments with the next characteristics:

  • All garments for special occasions like family parties, holidays, birthdays and other festive events are produced with a keen eye for every detail;
  • Moreover, each clothing is manufactured from the fabrics of great quality, while the materials themselves look amazing when combined with luxury embellishments;
  • Such lines of girls’ wear are marked by the exquisite style which largely refers to dresses, beautifully decorated full skirts, signature tops of the label and many other excellent outfits cherished by parents and their little princesses;
  • The garments are available in various sizes. This makes it possible to choose the most suitable one with no difficulty. From two-year-old girls to teenagers, every girl will definitely find the right type of clothing of the right size.

Girls’ outfits for special events: What does this label offers to little ladies?

Although there are many excellent party outfits developed by Irpa, the next types of products are probably the most popular ones:

#1 Green dress trimmed with laces

This piece of clothing is available in a delicate green color with a lace trimming and an ivory base layer made from satin. Such a perfect blend of materials and carefully chosen colors will make any girl look amazing and feel great all at once.

Besides, the dress also has ivory and pink ribbons as yet another embellishment, while the shining crystals are placed in the center so as to make the dress even more feminine and sophisticated.

The garment has a button fastening that is fixed on the front so as to make it easier to get dressed. Finally, the dress has vaporous tulle to add a bit more volume to the party outfit, while the length is just around the knees to make girls feel comfortable and to give them freedom of movement.

#2 Gold and pink hairband featuring decorative flowers

This type of accessory can be used to make girls look even prettier due to the floral trimming made from silk as well as vintage-inspired laces that add a traditional look to the outfit of little ladies. The accessories are also handmade in Spain which is why they are especially valued by customers. The hairband looks lovely and adorable on every little girl. The accessory is available in different sizes to make it suitable for girls aged from 2 to 16 years.

In such a way, all available dresses and accessories are rather different. Their main difference lies in the types of embellishments and color mixtures used by the trademark. Floral trims, differently colored tulle and base layers are only a few distinctive features of each party outfit.

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