Owing to the effort of talented designers working at the Jamiks Company, such kids’ essentials as hats and scarves instantly turned into an incredibly stylish accessory. However, apart from beauty and elegance, the kids’ hats must also be comfortable and they shouldn’t cause any irritation to the tender children’s skin, let alone slip from their head. They should also be warm especially if it is winter, while for summer – this accessory should be light and made from natural materials. Such brand as Jamiks takes into consideration all these requirements so as to guarantee that their products meet the standards and norms of quality.

Jamiks as the best European supplier of kids’ hats

The brand was born in Poland. Its designers and manufacturers pay much attention to the production of kids’ clothes and accessories and also focus on the design features and other characteristics. That’s the main reason why this trademark is loved and cherished by parents in Europe.

Jamiks creates its collections with the aim to meet the requirements of the most demanding and naughty children. The fabrics, embellishments and tailoring of kids’ hats coupled with the quality of each accessory all meet the European norms applicable to the kids’ wear designs.

Every new collection of kids’ hats by Jamiks is suitable for infants, kids, adolescents and teenagers of up to 16 years of age. Every year, the company offers new trendy collections that often become a real sensation among the fans of this brand.

From multi-colored and monochrome hats to originally designed hats and scarves embellished with handmade embroideries and splendid patches and Swarovsky crystals, the choice of head accessories is really wide and allows choosing whatever your kid needs depending on the season. These include:

  • Warm and cozy winter hats;
  • Elegant hats for little ladies and gentlemen, and much more;
  • Light summer hats for your kid to feel comfortable regardless of the weather conditions;
  • Various types of spring and autumn hats.

All this is done with the view to making little clients feel maximum comfort and look stylish and fashionable all at once.

History of Jamiks brand in greater detail

The brand was founded back in 1990 as a way to make the childhood dream come into reality – to develop the designs of kids’ wear and manufacture the best-fitting and best-quality models of clothes for children of different ages. At the beginning of its activity, the company used to produce only winter sweaters. However, nowadays the already famous Polish brand lays greater focus on the production of hats and scarves from the carefully chosen materials which allow kids aged 0-16 years to feel comfortable even in nasty and windy weather.

The interest to kids’ fashion, the use of skills and talents, as well as the attentiveness to details helped the brand’s founders to create only top-quality products that are characterized by the incomparable design and maximum comfort. Jamiks’ collections are developed two times per year. They contain a great diversity of models produced from various materials, while the accessories designed by Jamiks are marked by rich color palette chosen according to the latest trends in the world of children’s fashion.

The major goal of Jamiks is to let little ladies and gentlemen always look amazing and feel great.

New Jamiks logotype: How the production process evolved

In 2013, the logotype of the company changed. Along with this, the new exclusive collection were introduced to young customers and their parents – this one contained more samples of elegant and sophisticated outfits which at the same time were really unique.

The new designs introduced to the public in various countries of the world were highly appreciated by both loyal and new clients. Despite these changes, the production process still takes place in Poland, from beginning to the end. The brand’s developers use only the finest-quality materials, most of which are of Italian origin and chosen with much attention.

The specially chosen fabrics and quality approved by the European tests all meet the wishes and demands of the company’s clients. All goods are produced according to the modern-day innovations and latest technologies. This helps the brand to remain a unique label of kids’ accessories. High quality of garments has always been the major benefit of Jamiks brand.

Modern-day collections of Jamiks: How a mere hobby grew into the profitable business

Created at the times of economic collapse, the company managed to enter the kids’ fashion market and even gained almost immediate popularity with customers in Poland, Germany and various other states. The appreciation and love expressed by the company’s clientele were explained not only by the high quality of products but also by creative designer’s decisions.

Today, the company offers different collections to young ladies and gentlemen. The models of head accessories go hand in hand with the latest fashion trends so that they are always a number-one choice for numerous parents across Europe.

The hats and scarves can now be ordered at the official site of Jamiks or from various retailers. A wide variety of sizes allows the brand’s developers to create interesting and comfortable types of products.

In fact, if a little kid may eagerly want to wear a hat, the older kids might refuse to do it especially after reaching the teen age. In this case, it’s very important for the hat to have a nice design so that a teenager would want to wear it for a long time. This is exactly what the Jamiks brand is trying to realize – to let young people look fashionably year after year. With Jamiks, your kid is likely to find the best-matching accessory that will bring pleasure and comfort at the same time, while the quality of the hat will never make both parents and kids regret their choice.

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