As one of the most credible British producers of soft toys, the brand has been creating authentic handmade toys for as long as 22 years. The label’s products are manufactured according to the latest innovations while their original design is absolutely adored by young kids in Europe and other corners of the world. What’s more, the brand became especially popular because all of its toys are produced from only safe materials that meet the European standards of quality. In such a way, the label takes care of not only the health of kids but also the environmental protection.

Up to these days, the Jellycat label continues to use a perfect blend of excellent-quality and soft fabrics which are sometimes added with an interesting print. Some of the models are distinguished by the lovely pastel colored fabrics but they always have some small details making them unique and incomparable.

The full collection of Jellycat toys contains various cute products which kids will definitely enjoy hugging and cuddling with. Since the time of its foundation, the brand has managed to create multiple soft toy designs while its collections are launched in winter and summer. Each of them usually contains something really exquisite with various incredibly beautiful tiny details of design. The toys may also become a great souvenir for younger and older children.

The collections of Jellycat also have a great choice of toys for little babies like:

  • Comforters any kid would want to hug and sleep with;
  • Cute rattlers of great quality;
  • Other useful and joyful baby toys.

A few words about the Jellycat’s history

Plush toys from Jellycat are always sophisticated and extraordinary in all respects, and they may also become the most adorable gift not only for children but for close friends and relatives as well. Such gifts will definitely please your loved ones especially because they are appropriate for any special event. Meanwhile, the prices for Jellycat products are always reasonable and affordable.

The brand itself was founded in London back in 1999. The company’s name sounds rather curious. In fact, it was made up by a little kid who loved playing with cats and eating sweet jelly. Starting from the small collection of original and quality toys, the company quickly conquered the hearts of buyers and, therefore, it faced the need to widen the assortment and find new clients not only in the UK but also worldwide. As a result, the company grew into a really successful producer of kids’ toys while its products can now be purchased all over the world.

The secrets of Jellycat’s success

The main criterion for any wide-scale toy producer is, of course, the quality of goods. When it comes to discussing the UK manufacturers, this principle plays a really great role. Safe materials that aren’t likely to cause allergy as well as the use of quality equipment during the process of production are the very things that help the Jellycat brand to maintain its reputation on the European market.

One more aspect that managed to make this label easily recognizable is surely the aesthetics of products. Jellycat toys are marked by the inherent English luxury and chic, while the fun and joyful design of every toy makes them really cute and amusing. Some of them may even look quirky and silly, but even this feature is able to evoke sympathy in customers. Such toys are pleasant to touch and fun to play with. At the same time, the age and gender of their owner plays a relatively insignificant role.

All this has helped the company to reach success among younger and older customers residing in various parts of the world.

Features and benefits of cute soft toys by Jellycat

Lovely toys from this developer are characterized by the next features and benefits:

  • They are available in various colors and combinations of several color hues;
  • The shape of each toy may also vary depending on what kind of toy it is;
  • The purpose of their use may also be different;
  • The toy may become a great friend for babies and little kids who can either play with them or use them as a comforter during the sleeping time;
  • Jellycat toys may turn into a perfect element of design in the room of adult person;
  • Some models are wrapped in a bag which may have fastenings and other useful details.

As a curious fact about this label, the toys of Jellycat will become a really ideal gift for both little babies and grownups as the designs of such toys are always versatile and fun.

As an additional feature of design, the fluffy friends from Jellycat are also protected from dust due to the special materials they are made from – this makes it possible to play with such toys even outdoors. What’s more, it helps users to spend minimum time and effort to keep them clean and look like new for longer.

Variety of Jellycat toys: What types of toys are sold by the brand?

The assortment of the label’s toys is also wide to meet the tastes and budgets of all customers. The toys are usually divided according to the next groups:

  • Thematic (New Year, St. Valentine’s day and others);
  • Animals existing on the planet – in this case, the company’s designers usually use amusing clothes to let toys look more appealing and fun;
  • Fantastic creatures;
  • Fruits and vegetables.

Some of such toys are sold in the attractive gift wrappings, while others are characterized by greater functionality. They may:

  • Be used as a decoration;
  • Play the role of pillows;
  • Be used to develop the child’s imagination;
  • Help kids explore the surrounding world.

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find an original and quality soft toy as most luxurious brands usually offer too boring products. That’s why the Jellycat brand will never leave you dissatisfied as their collections contain loads of both amusing and functional toys.

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