As a widely known Bulgarian trademark, Junona specializes in the production of women’s and girls’ wear with the view to creating an image of a modern-day woman who can easily overcome everyday hardships and, at the same time, always manages to keep up with the fashion trends.

Very often, mothers and their children want to look similarly – an issue that Junona designers are aware of. Modern-day mothers often choose clothes and footwear of the same style for both themselves and their little ones. To keep up with this trend, Junona has a special collection for mothers and their little darlings where all types of clothing have the same prints regardless of whether these are clothes for adults or kids. This collection has become a real sensation among the fans of this trend.

This greatly contributed to the popularity of the trademark itself. Most of other collections are also marked by unique characteristics. They consist of elegant and truly magnificent dresses for special occasions which all have brilliant designs to let young ladies feel unique and look great at any event. Such collections are specially designed for girls aged from 6 months to 14 years.

The growing variety of sizes and designs offered by Junona makes it a lot easier to choose both the size and the style. Junona produces exclusive collections of girls’ wear and manages to create real masterpieces including gorgeous evening dresses, beautifully decorated jackets, and matching essentials like bags and hair accessories. All pieces of girls’ clothes here are produced from different types of fabrics of the finest quality to make them look luxurious and sophisticated for children of different age groups. The embellishments used by the label include:

  • Vaporous tulle giving all clothes an elegant and feminine look;
  • Base layers of lace;
  • Lovely finishes to make girls look dressy;
  • Various feminine details like floral and butterfly patches;
  • Other elements which help the girls stand out from the crowd and not look like anyone else no matter what type of special event it is.

Junona fashion house: The story of foundation and success

The fashion house was founded in Bulgaria at the very start of the millennium – back in 2000. The company’s goal is to create exceptional designs and produce elegant clothes for women and their daughters. Junona provides both evening dresses and casual wear for ladies of any age. The label’s collections are always exclusive and comprise different types of clothes keeping up with the dynamic changes in the everyday life and laying emphasis on the personality of the contemporary woman.

Junona Company has many manufacturing facilities both in its country of origin and in Europe. This helps the brand to speed up the production process and to quickly complete the awaiting projects. Owing to the long history of the label and a wide experience of Junona designers in the segment of fashion, the company has managed to improve the relationships with the leading global companies operating in the same field of activity. For more than two decades, the company has remained loyal to its major goals and mission – to create luxurious designs of girls’ and women’s outfits for all kinds of events.

The brand’s team of designers consists of only talented craftsmen who have always been devoted to excellence in any project they are to complete. As a result, Junona has managed to develop its own unique style of girls’ wear. The trademark was even ranked as the leading manufacturer of Europe highly appreciated by the local customers. The designers of Junona find inspiration in the modern-day looks of the female part of the population.

The label sets many requirements to how its models of clothes should look like in order to satisfy the demands of contemporary people. This usually refers to the quality of fabrics and other important characteristics of clothes. To ensure that all customers are satisfied, the brand uses only top-quality materials and organic fabrics paying much attention to how the end product will look like. Besides, the use of amazing decorative elements is also very common for all kinds of Junona clothes and accessories.

The ethics of Junona Company

The label is also very concerned about environmental protection which corresponds to their ethics of manufacturing. As a result, the label lays much emphasis on how beneficial the goods are for both children and the surrounding nature.

In order to guarantee that this goal is realized to the fullest, the label uses only eco-friendly materials that cause no harm to the environment and the health of children. In line with the brand’s ethics, the company also offers good working conditions and always protects the rights of its employees.

About the label’s girls’ wear in greater detail: Samples and features

The girls’ collections of the brand consist of many gorgeous dresses and various accessories like beautifully decorated bags suitable for special events. All types of girls’ wear here are marked by exclusive designs and various appealing characteristics:

  • They are all available in different colors and color mixtures;
  • The girls’ dresses and other girls’ clothes by Junona are suitable for special occasions;
  • To make them look more elegant and feminine, the dresses are added with embroidery, dots, and frills among others;
  • The dresses usually have a very comfortable lining and length;
  • The types of clothes from Junona collections are suitable for girls of any age as the sizes offered by this label are also variable;
  • All clothes are lightweight and produced from only quality organic materials to make them eco-friendly and, at the same time, completely harmless to the health of girls;
  • All dresses and accessories from girl’s wear collections are manufactured in Europe as the best sign of their top quality.

Although the prices for this brand’s goods are quite high, they are still affordable for the vast majority of European clients.

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