As a long-famous family-owned business, Kiku has become a luxury Spanish designer brand that is known to create beautifully crafted shoes for both boys and girls. Founded in the mid-1970s, the label gradually gained the popularity with customers on the local market. Today, however, it’s known all over the world as a leader on the kids’ footwear market.

Its collections represent a fascinating selection of textile shoes available in all sorts of colors and styles. To make the color choice diverse, the brand’s designers find inspiration in the colors of the Mediterranean rural areas. All types of the brand’s footwear are produced from only sturdy materials. As a result, such footwear lasts for a long time and is extremely comfortable to wear. This is also explained by the durable construction of soles.

The label mainly uses cotton and flax to produce comfortable models of footwear developed from risk-free eco-friendly materials which don’t provoke any harm to the children’ health. Parents globally also value this trademark’s goods for their exclusive design features and functionality – such footwear can be used as shoes for school or different outdoor activities. In such shoes, the kid will not feel any discomfort as they give maximum freedom of movement and allow children to play outdoors as much as they wish, let alone that their designs are likely to satisfy the tastes and preferences of modern kids.

Story of the label’s origin and future growth

Kiku has been an inseparable part of the kid’s fashion industry for over fifty years. The brand was established by Manuela de Juan and her son who had a great experience in the field of economics and footwear design. The brand takes pride in creating footwear of superior quality and exceptional style. All of the label’s products are handcrafted from only environmentally friendly materials containing no toxic substances which could be risky for the well-being and health of little kids.

Throughout the brand’s history, it has remained devoted to producing only luxurious goods for children of any age. The eco-friendly textile shoes of all sorts of colors and designs earned a good reputation among the local and global clients.

The mission of Kiku is to redefine the design of footwear developed specially for children. With these ideas in mind, the founder of the brand started to produce the line of footwear inspired by the inherent Spanish traditions and the classical Parisian styling. However, despite the use of traditional technologies, the brand’s designers still use lots of innovative techniques in order to satisfy the needs of modern-day clients, while the process of manufacturing takes place on the brand’s own factory located in the heart of kids’ shoe industry of Spain.

Thanks to the unique features and characteristics coupled with the functional design and durability of each pair, the brand has become the favorite trademark of those customers who value comfort and quality above all.

Why this label is loved by kids and their parents

No doubt, Spanish designer brands have long been known for the uniqueness and exceptional quality of their products. In this respect, Kiku is not an exception. Among many other things, this label is also valued for the variety of exquisite and original designs combined with comfortable fit and functionality of every pair.

The company has over a hundred employees and is also known as the only brand in the world that has acquired a special license for the production of eco-friendly shoes in Spain. Today, the company has a reputation of a globally successful footwear label that sets the standards for other trademarks existing on the global scene.

Every new collection of Kiku produces real sensation among customers residing in different corners of the world. The label’s products belong to the category of high-end goods for young children. Every model from Manuela de Juan is produced with quality and originality in mind to guarantee that young fashionistas feel great and look elegant in any situation.

Due to all these characteristics, the brand acquired a separate place on the competitive market of kids’ footwear labels. Talented craftsmanship and the use of only top-quality fabrics are only a few reasons why the label is popular all over the globe. Most importantly, the brand’s designers always meet the needs and expectations of their growing clientele by providing exquisite goods for boys and girls.

Main features of girls’ and boys’ footwear by Kiku

  • The choice of colors is really diverse and includes 25 different colors, which still remains the essence of the brand. Every client has a chance to select the model of their favorite color. The available colors include blue, green, pink, red, yellow and metallic among many other options;
  • All pairs of shoes designed by Kiku have removable inner soles for greater comfort, while the outer soles are usually produced from rubber and have the non-slip properties. Comfortable fastenings make it easier for kids to put on their favorite models of shoes to ensure better fixation;
  • The shoes for kids are produced from eco-friendly fabrics that do not contain any hazardous substances which may cause damage to children’s health or the environment;
  • The products are developed according to the state-of-art technologies that help the label’s designers to deliver exclusive and always high-quality goods suitable for different events and casual wear;
  • All models of footwear are created with the health and well-being of young kids in mind. Therefore, the brand’s designers are doing everything possible to develop only top-notch products which are likely to please young customers and satisfy the demands of their parents.

Due to the excellent reputation of the brand, its products often become a number-one choice for celebrities and even the royalty. Nowadays, the boutiques of the brand are scattered all over the world and can be found in European countries, the United States, Australia and other states of the globe. The prices for their goods are quite moderate making this brand’s footwear affordable for all customers.

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