Kissy Kissy is famous for creating baby wear for boys and girls from newborns to babies aged up to 24 months. The brand is widely known for the traditional softness of the offered clothes achieved through the use of the purest Peruvian cotton. This helps to create beautiful outfits which are now adored by young parents all over the world and can be purchased both in the company’s boutiques and online.

As an already popular US trademark, the brand was launched over two decades ago. The label is known for the creation of traditional designs of baby wear with various classic details. The kids’ clothes are produced from the finest quality and softest fabrics which are natural and pleasant to the touch.

The label is proud of delivering clothes with all-favorite prints and other embellishments like embroidery among many others. The amazingly designed baby clothes for children can become the best-matching choice if you are looking for a beautiful baby outfit for various important events like christening among many others.

History of Kissy Kissy in brief

The company was founded by Roxana Castillo in the USA in 1995. Since the time of its establishment, the brand has been specializing in the production of clothes for babies from exclusive materials which have become the hallmark of the company and turned this label into a globally famous brand. Initially, the assortment of goods was really diverse. The clothes for newborns and little babies differed according to the types of materials and techniques of production.

The label’s owners paid special attention to what kind of fabrics they used. Their products were mainly made of natural Peruvian cotton. Owing to its unique qualities, the label quickly became popular in various parts of the world. Today, the products for babies designed by the brand can be purchased in different boutiques both in the USA and outside its borders.

The major peculiarities of the Peruvian cotton material

Cotton has long been valued for its exclusive characteristics. One of its main benefits is the fact that cotton clothes can be worn by kids and adults without any age restrictions. The Peruvian cotton in particular has many valuable features which make it unique of its kind. These include the next ones:

  • Increased softness of the cotton fabric;
  • Delicacy of the material and flexibility of fibers;
  • The durability of this material is two times higher than that of the usual types of cotton;
  • This type of cotton is extremely lightweight;
  • It doesn’t lose its shape or require ironing even after cleaning cotton clothes in the washing machine.

In addition, many goods produced by Kissy Kissy are handmade by only talented and skillful craftsmen. This adds up to the exclusiveness of each piece of babywear. What’s more, the goods are often embellished with patches and prints which make their designs appealing for customers.

Designs of baby wear by Kissy Kissy

The styling of kids’ clothes from Kissy Kissy is developed according to two main principles – comfort and practicality. The brand’s designers do not use the ordinary colors and popular designs which are in trend on today’s market of kids’ fashion. Instead, the developers of Kissy Kissy produce only exclusive baby wear that has lots of merits and greatly differs from what other suppliers of such goods deliver to customers. This is one of the reasons why this brand is unique and loved by a great number of clients.

No doubt, it is very important to instill a good taste in fashion starting from the early childhood. With this idea in mind, the Kissy Kissy label offers clothes that are not just comfortable but can also meet the expectations of young parents. In such a way, by choosing the label’s goods, your kid will stand out from the crowd during the outdoor activities or when taken for a walk by parents.

Moreover, Kissy Kissy designers also pay much attention to the colors chosen for their future products. They claim that the baby’s wear and kid’s clothes should develop a visual perception of the child’s world evoking interest and bringing only positive emotions. That’s why the products of the label are available in pastel and monochrome colors, as well as various bright colors which are often vividly illustrated.

Among the most popular goods by Kissy Kissy are the next ones:

  • Baby wear sets for christening and other important occasions;
  • Warm bedding for babies available in different designs and colors to suit the tastes of the brand’s customers;
  • Clothes for newborns and little babies;
  • Essential accessories for walks with your baby or the mealtime.

The brand’s clothes for little babies and older children allow them to move freely and, at the same time, protect them from sunny or windy weather. Moreover, they are also hypoallergenic and pleasant to wear. This makes them a number-one choice for those parents who want to provide maximum comfort to their children.

The assortment of the label’s goods contains everything young parents will need including:

  • Embroidered blankets for boys and girls;
  • Cotton hats and other accessories for little kids;
  • Super soft and stretchy shorties for boys;
  • Babysuits and rompers;
  • Dresses and trousers for warm weather;
  • Shirt and pants sets for girls and boys alike.

The brand’s collections have long conquered the hearts of parents due to the amazing variety of timeless designs which will hardly lose their popularity. The company’s goods are available at reasonable prices and can be purchased both in the branded boutiques of Kissy Kissy and online.

KISSY KISSY is known as a clothing brand for toddlers and infants aged 0 to 4 years. It began creating baby clothing in 1995 in a small boutique in Chatham, being a part of Tatiana & Company. Today the brand is already famous in many European countries and the United Stated as well. Modern parents chose KISSY KISSY to dress their babies, as they are satisfied with high-quality clothing that the brand offers. The designers mostly use 100% soft cotton that provides newborns and kids with comfort all year around. There is a wide diversity of unique items in the collections of KISSY KISSY. The manufacturers try also to tailor cute and lovely clothing that will create a stunning look of your baby boy and girl. Usually white, ivory, pale blue, and pink colors prevail. But thanks to cute patterns of driving cars, planes, birds, flowers, and animals the product looks stylish and trendy. Cotton baby grows, delicate dresses, shorties and other items are embroidered with smart collars, gentle bows, and ruffle edges. There is also a nice collection of accessories for your kid, where stylish bibs and burping clothes are represented. Today parents can purchase any item of KISSY KISSY online.

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