British brand with Italian roots, whose history has crossed the half-century milestone. At various times, the company specialized in variety of products ranging from the production of scooters and finishing men’s clothing and accessories.

Lambretta is a label with world name, a few countries can’t come to a definite opinion, which one of them is home base and to which he refers. In recent years the fight has entered Switzerland, where he moved production of the brand.

The founder of a unique brand Lambretta is an Italian by nationality, Fernando Innocenti who was born in a small town to a blacksmith.In the late 90-ies under the brand name Lambretta comes the first collection of watches, which became famous throughout the world.

As for quality, in the production of Lambretta, it is always on top. In the watch industry using the finest quality materials. So, for the manufacture of the hull use stainless steel, which has high strength and reliability, as well as heavy-duty mineral glass. Strap pick natural calfskin excellent workmanship. Some watches are equipped with metallic straps that further enhance the overall style of the brand. Inside hours fill high precision Japanese quartz movements.

Original symbol was the circle, which is placed in several contrasting circles, resembling a target. This logo adorns almost every product.

Today the trademark Lambretta in the list of the best English brands. It is the largest manufacturer of fashionable youth clothes, shoes, watches and accessories. Recently the brand was bought by Swiss company Capella indastres and now all production is concentrated in the city of Lugano. But the English still consider him exclusively as its own, native brand. In appreciation of the people, and designers regularly release products with British symbols as a flag, using the colors of the Royal Air Force the UK and other things. The main consumer audience is young people who prefer the style Lambretta, associating it with speed, independence, freedom.


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