As a French high-profile fashion house, Lanvin has a really long history and wide experience in the production of clothes for adults and children of different ages. This is one of the oldest fashion brands that have been part of the French industry since the end of the 1880s.

Founded by a talented designer Jeanne Lanvin, the world-famous couture label continues to produce sophisticated special occasion clothes for customers with different preferences in fashion. The vast majority of customers love this brand for a wide variety of contemporary designs and chic styles.

Lanvin designers find inspiration in the feminine retro styles combined with minimalistic designs peculiar to the ancient traditions in the Parisian fashion. At the same time, the brand is also a popular choice among those who like wearing different types of jewelry. Lanvin developers value elegance and quality as two major features that all contemporary customers find attractive.

If to compare the existing collections of the label, it becomes clear that Lanvin values not just traditions but also modern-day trends in fashion. As a result, some of the brand’s collections embody the spirit of aristocratism, while the other part of the label’s goods is based on experiments with designs to create a modern-day look in line with the contemporary trends in fashion.

The fashion house belongs to the category of luxurious designer brands so that its goods are available at a pretty high price. Apart from the collections for grown-ups, the label also offers an exclusive selection of kids’ goods suitable for special events, casual wear, and outdoor activities.

Collections for kids from Lanvin fashion house

As a famous supplier of all sorts of goods, from perfumes to accessories, Lanvin is also known for the production of children’s clothes of great quality and exceptional style. The kids’ wear from Lanvin is available in a variety of lovely styles without any excessive details of design. Every year, Lanvin offers brand-new products for younger and older kids, replenishing its collections with new styles and designs to meet the expectations of parents and little fashionistas.

Lanvin is best-known for the use of various embellishments like masterfully created embroidery, delicate trimmings and other types of decorative elements like beads and sequins. In the latest years, the fashion house has also made greater focus on the romantic style which is reflected in the designs of adorable mini-dresses for girls and other types of kids’ clothes.

With such a long history and good knowledge of the customers’ needs, the label’s goods have become especially popular for such features as:

  • The top quality of fabrics;
  • Excellent finishing techniques;
  • A great variety of all-favorite designs of footwear and clothes for little children;
  • User-friendly pricing policy oriented on customers with different budgets – some of the kids’ goods are sold at a discounted price.

As a result, this fashion house has become known as one of the most prestigious producers of adults’ and kids’ collections of clothes, footwear and accessories. The brand is mostly appreciated for a great variety of delightful and dreamlike goods characterized by original designs and exclusive embellishments. This contributes to the brand’s success on the modern-day fashion market.

Products for kids in greater detail: What Lanvin offers to little fashionistas

The girls’ and boys’ collections from Lanvin comprise various exceptional products including the next popular options:

  • Girls’ cotton jersey dress

Lovely pink girls’ dress by Lanvin is made from the top-quality cotton jersey material which is stretchy and comfortable at the same time. This option is lightweight and comes with the shining belt bag attached to the waistband of the dress. The belt bag is added with the zip fastening for greater convenience. The dress itself has a button fastening fixated on the back, while its length is just above the knee. Just like many other options delivered by Lanvin, the dress can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

  • White polo shirt with a logotype for boys

The polo shirt for boys from Lanvin is produced from cotton material mixed with an elastic fabric which makes it stretchy and comfortable. The shirt is fastened with buttons on the front. As for its design, it has a navy blue collar and the embroidered logotype of the same color. This piece of clothing is mostly valued for the extreme comfort provided to young wearers. The shirts of this style are available in different sizes to suit boys of any age.

  • White T-shirt with a Little Nemo print and logo

The mini-me collection of clothes also contains an exclusive T-shirt for boys featuring the brand’s logo. This option is produced from 100% natural cotton which is soft, organic and stretchy. The shirt is embellished with the Little Nemo print on the front side of the clothing. The print can be either blue or red depending on the chosen model.

  • The blue denim jacket for girls

This is a marvelous mini-me version of the denim jacket designed especially for young girls. The jacket is made of denim fabric and has a special vintage-inspired style with a lovely heart collar and other exclusive details. This model of girls’ jacket from Lanvin also has a signature label attached to the waistband on the back of the clothing. This item is also machine-washable.

The Lanvin trademark has over a hundred years of history and manufactures a great number of children’s products which are famous for their sophisticated and unique designs. The brand’s collections of kids’ goods are constantly replenished with new adorable items of clothes marked by great quality and design. Lanvin’s goods often become a number-one choice for parents and young fashionistas as they are not likely to leave anyone indifferent.

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