France is not the only country that is famous for the exquisite fashion houses. Today, numerous labels develop really great collections of clothes for adults and kids alike, and Holland is not an exception. As a world-famous Dutch designer brand, Le Chic always has something unique to provide to both adults and children in order to meet their tastes.

Even though the fashion house started its activity from the creation of classic jewelry, nowadays its range of products is really diverse and plentiful. Apart from the collections for adult customers, the French fashion house also offers a really outstanding selection of girl’s wear and accessories.

Collections of girls’ clothes: What do they contain?

Specially designed for girls, the clothes by Le Chic are available in a great variety of styles and colors. Most often, the girls’ wear from this brand comes in pale shades of pink and other colors. The label’s goods are also beautifully embellished to make them suitable for different tastes of modern-day girls.

Most of their clothes are appropriate for various special occasions like holidays, family parties or other festive events. To make the girls’ clothes look more elegant and sophisticated, the brand’s designers are trying to make the kids’ wear more feminine and girlie. This is achieved through the use of many kinds of fabrics as well as the exclusive elements of design coupled with sparkly embellishments.

Apart from the elegant look of every garment, the girls’ clothes by Le Chic are also distinguished by the variety of truly playful designs. The range of special event garments from this label mainly includes:

  • Dresses of different types;
  • Skirts;
  • Puffer coats;
  • Denim jackets;
  • Leggings;
  • Classic T-shirts, etc.

Due to the amazing embellishments and great designs of the offered pieces of clothing, the products of Le Chic have become the all-favorites for young customers worldwide. The label’s goods are available in a variety of different sizes. The garments by Le Chic are oriented on girls aged up to 11-12 years.

Origin of Le Chic and its further success

This label is one of the most famous Dutch suppliers of kids’ wear established in 2008. The company produces several branded lines divided into different categories including:

  • Salty Dog – casual wear collections for babies;
  • Salty Dog Vintage – basic line of clothes for boys and girls;
  • S&D Le Chic – the most fashionable goods for different seasons and the special event clothes for various important occasions in the family life.

To make sure the collections have success among the young customers, the trademark’s designers pay much attention to every stage of the kids’ wear production.

As a unique peculiarity contributing to the worldwide popularity of the company, it produces not only two basic seasonal collections of kids’ wear, but also a luxury line of elegant dresses and other kinds of gorgeous girls’ clothes. They are not only dressy, sophisticated and truly elegant, but also suitable for any memorable event in your kid’s life like school or college performances among others.

Due to the growing variety of original products delivered to customers globally, the brand has earned a reputation of a trusted supplier of top-quality clothes of great styles.

Why the label is so popular?

The brand’s popularity is explained by the original and extraordinary designs of girls’ clothes. The brand continues to please customers with brand-new styles of lovely girls’ wear and the ability to experiment with designs. As a result, even the casual wear of the company looks really gorgeous. The label’s designers believe that childhood itself is a holiday which deserves the best clothes even for every day.

What’s more, one of the label’s principles is to constantly develop in the kids’ fashion segment. This helps the brand’s designers to deliver the best clothes for the best time in the life of every child.

Today, Le Chic has a firm position on the market and is widely known as a trusted supplier of bright, stylish, and always trendy garments for little girls. Le Chic also meets the expectations of parents to full extent. This label is for those who want to make the precious time of childhood a real party. No matter whether it’s the child’s birthday or some more important occasion, the brand always has something exclusive to offer to its little clients.

Products’ features and peculiarities

The brand produces many amazing items of clothing for girls, including such products as:

  • Chiffon dress for special events

This pretty dress from Le Chic is not only stylish but also made of the original light chiffon fabric and features a detachable belt for greater comfort. The dress is sleeveless and has an elastic lining around the waistband to add more charm and make it more elegant. It is also fastened with a zip lock on the back.

  • Puffer coat with a belt

This hooded coat is designed exclusively for girls and has an elastic belt embellished with glittery studs. It also has a secure clip fastening and side pockets for added comfort. The price for this type of coat is also very moderate.

  • Skirt with a floral pattern

Le Chic also offers a skirt with floral patterned tulle and a stretchy lining. In addition, the skirt has an elastic waistline with a logotype and ribbon to let it look dressier and fit different sizes. The length is just above the knees, which adds more comfort to little girls.

The quality of these and other pieces of clothes from Le Chic is always great. Besides, it is easy to combine different items of clothing with one another using the products from both new and old collections of the label.

Le Chic was previously known as SD le Chic, but although the name changed, its spirit remained untouched. Le Chic is a luxury fashion brand whose origin traces to Netherlands. The brand produces exclusive clothing and accessories specifically for girls. The clothes offered by the trademark are stylish and edgy, while the palette of colors is monochrome including grey, pink and navy blue. The designs of clothes are chic and elegant added with a slightly vintage style. Le Chic is widely known across Europe for its traditional style and durability of clothing produced. The kids’ wear of the brand is characterized by extreme luxury to make every little girl look elegant and sophisticated. The brand was founded in Netherlands and uses traditional techniques of its country of origin. The overall image produced by the brand’s collections is characterized as a bit old-fashioned as the brand’s designers adhere to the local traditions and craftsmanship during the production of kids’ wear. The classic elements of style are mixed with innovativeness although the latter is not so obvious. Basically, the brand uses traditional aspects of craftsmanship to produce elegant and chic clothing for young girls of different age groups.

If you want your girl to look like a modern-day princess, check out the collections of Le Chic and you are sure to find a number of suitable outfits for your precious one. We advise you to pay attention to the collection of dresses offered by the trademark. These items of girls’ wear can be matched with a cardigan and a skirt of the same style to ensure a perfect look of your little girl. The sizes of kids’ wear available in the collections of Le Chic are truly diverse ranging from toddler sizes to those intended for children aged up to eight years. It is also possible to match various items of clothing with an assortment of accessories offered by Le Chic to make your girl look even prettier and more elegant. You will never find anything similar to the creations of the brand as they are truly feminine and sophisticated. The dresses and other kinds of clothing are decorated with diamonds and studs which are a signature feature of the brand’s creations. A variety of designer dresses that can be found in the brand’s collections is produced from fun and trendy fabrics that are soft to the touch and extremely delicate.

Le Chic ensures an original look of every little girl. Its clothing is 100% authentic due to the careful selection of fabrics and close attention to every detail. The finishing of every piece of clothing is characterized by edginess and unforgettable style. Your girl will absolutely adore wearing the creations of Le Chic due to the elegance they provide to the wearer. Check out the fabulous collection of the brand’s clothes and accessories to find some truly sophisticated items of kids’ wear for your precious one. The clothes of the brand represent a perfect gift for little princesses who always want to look their best disregarding the event. Le Chic clothing is suitable for wearing at special events in the life of your child and on everyday basis likewise. For this reason, the collections of the brand represent a universal variety of clothes that your child will most definitely fall in love with. Nowadays, the collections of Le Chic can be purchased not only in luxury fashion boutiques of its country of origin, but in many other corners of the world as well as in online stores where you can buy anything you wish for a highly reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to look through the superb variety of girls’ wear by Le Chic!

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