Le Mu is the UK label, the collections of which comprise beautiful dresses and skirts for young girls. Certain models of the label’s clothes are decorated with the layers of tulle, while the others are embellished with handmade embroidery to let them look pretty and lovely on little ladies. Other types of embellishments may include:

  • Bright trims;
  • Detachable collars;
  • Dressy bows;
  • Beautifully decorated belts;
  • Shiny pearls;
  • Glittery golden buttons, etc.

To complete the outfit of girls, the brand also offers chic jackets. All goods from Le Chic are available in different sizes and their products are mostly oriented on girls aged from 2 to 12 years. As claimed by the brand’s customers themselves, the offered selection of goods is really delightful and has lots of playful designs to choose from.

Creative work and dedication to excellence are the two main priorities of Le Mu specialists which are reflected in the choice of only premium-quality fabrics and the use of handcrafting techniques as well as various finishing details to ensure that no aspect of design is missed out.

The label uses numerous elements of design to diversify the collections of girls’ clothes and make them look more chic and exclusive. All garments in the girls’ wear collections can also become a great souvenir as they are wrapped up in the beautifully designed gift bags. The packages will also come in useful in case you want to store your kids’ outfits safely for later use.

The major values of Le Mu

The brand’s specialists are always trying to remain creative and keep up with the latest innovations in the fashion segment. This helps the label to deliver remarkable designs to make young girls feel great at any occasion.

Choice of fabrics and attention to details of design

The label’s professionals are also striving to be attentive to every detail which also refers to the quality of fabrics. The thorough choice of materials and monitoring of the manufacturing process help the label’s experts to maintain the reputation of a luxury UK trademark. The brand is also aimed at meeting the existing requirements regarding comfort, practicality, and durability of the end products.

Excellent customer service

Yet another key value of the label is to offer outstanding customer service to make all customers satisfied with the things they purchase. The experts of Le Mu are always happy to receive the client reviews in order to improve the level of customer care. Besides, the customers are given an opportunity to return the purchased goods free of charge in case they are not dissatisfied with something.

Finally, the label always strives for being the leader in the chosen field of activity. To make this a reality, the brand always tries to improve the available variety of products and the quality of the offered goods. At the same time, the brand’s developers are always in search of new sources of inspiration in order to find more ideas for their future designs.

Why Le Mu remains a unique trademark?

To maintain a reputation of an exclusive UK brand, the label remains loyal to its mission statement – to make their goods both elegant and creatively designed. This helps the label to keep up with the British traditions of craftsmanship and, at the same time, use the latest innovations to develop the top-notch collections.

In order to diversify the range of girls’ wear and to replenish their collections with all-new outfits, Le Mu also pays a lot of attention to the production of unique accessories like:

  • Girls’ headbands embellished with shining jewels;
  • Sparkly tiaras coupled with various other hair accessories;
  • Clutch bags decorated with glittery pearls and laces and other girls’ essentials.

Such goods are not only useful but also add a new touch to the girls’ outfits.

Outfits and apparels offered by the Le Mu trademark

The girls’ garments provided by Le Mu are really plentiful to let customers choose exactly what they want. Among the most popular goods of Le Mu are:

  • Pink dress with tulle of pastel colors

This dress is oriented on girls who want to look pretty and elegant on various special occasions. This is an exclusive item decorated with different admirable embellishments like embroidery and glittery details. The skirt of the dress is trimmed with ruffles and also added with the tulle layers which are available in a variety of different color shades depending on the model. The detachable belt makes the dress more elegant and adds a feminine look to the whole outfit. The item is fastened with a zip lock, while some of the dress models may also come with pretty pastel colored knickers.

  • Girls’ dress embellished with satin and tulle elements of design

This sample of dress is also perfect for wearing on some special event. It looks lovely and feminine due to the use of additional decorative details like colorful handmade embroidery and floral patches. The item is also fully lined and comes in a beautiful gift package so that it can also be used as a wonderful souvenir for young girls. Apart from the perfect design of this dress, its length is also very comfortable as it is just above the knees.

  • Red dress with beautiful trimming and excellent design details

This piece of clothing is available in red color and added with various beautiful design details like chic trimmings, ruffles on the sleeves, and various floral embellishments with jeweled elements. The bottom of the dress is embellished with tulle and has velvet pattern. It comfortably fastens with a zip lock and has an adorable finishing.

There are many other types of dresses in the brand’s collections so that every young lady can choose the style and design they like most. The prices on every dress are also quite reasonable to make the company’s goods affordable for everyone.

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