In 2001, the British designers Cindy Greene and Johnson Hartig founded the brand Libertine.

Meet the founders of the fashion brand happened the year before at a party.

Perhaps it is the festive mood of their acquaintance served as the Foundation for the brand Libertine. Cindy gave Johnson’s fun t-shirt with a picture of a raccoon on the collar and the gorilla on the back.

It is where it all began – an unusual thing at once attracted universal attention, and brought Johnson and Cindy on the idea of creating a clothing brand.

The result is a special style that was embodied in the brand Libertine.

It symbolizes the absolute freedom from any conditionality and framework, it erases all borders and laughs at the tradition. Brand Libertine proclaimed new images lady and gentleman in contrast to the traditional.

In Los Angeles Hartig gives a new look to old things, in New York green creates original drawings.

Libertine is a daring challenge to the traditional, let it not elegant and not fancy, but it has something more – a playful sense of freedom. Things of this brand are really unique and are finding supporters among the very wealthy and famous people. The Libertine fans are such vivid personalities as Mick Jagger, sting and brad pitt.

Corporate style are a flamboyant Libertine image on the original fabrics, dark colours and unique accessories.

Once in the hands of the designers Libertine, the strict attire to turn into a work of modernist art, with few strokes.

Johnson and Cindy manages to create a truly living and spiritual things, which provoke give in to their desires and experience true freedom.

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