Sensitive skin of children requires much care and needs regular cleansing. Exactly for this reason, Little Butterfly London has developed an excellent selection of the best organic products for mothers and babies. All of them contain all-natural components in order to ensure that the skin of children receives the necessary care and is not irritated by any hazardous ingredients. As a top-notch UK label, the company offers a really wide range of different oils and lotions in order to keep the child’s skin nourished and protect it from potential harm.

However, the label’s goods are not restricted to kid’s products only, as many of them can also bring much benefit to young mothers. All goods of the British trademark are certified according to the European standards applicable to the organic cosmetics for mothers and their babies. Due to the great quality of all care products, the brand has received numerous awards which prove the excellence of the label’s assortment of goods.

To make the skin care products maximum useful for children and mothers, their formulae contain such nourishing ingredients as:

  • Antioxidants;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals, etc.

All of them are meant to protect the skin of babies from UV-rays and other harmful substances which maintain the health level and improve the state of adults’ and kids’ skin.

Why modern parents choose organic products

The modern-day people realize how important it is to use organic products and most of them choose natural self-care products and various other goods that are safe for health. Nowadays, such goods are especially vital for not only grown-up customers but also little kids due to numerous environmental problems and other threats to the health of people.

As a result, the selection of goods from Little Butterfly London has become especially popular with parents worldwide. The eco-friendly goods from Little Butterfly London belong to the category of premium products on the British and global markets.

All baby skin care goods by the UK label have the next merits:

  • All of them are certified and contain only organic components;
  • They are hypoallergenic and do not provoke any skin problems;
  • They are also very effective for excessively dry skin of mothers and babies;
  • They are recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women;
  • The products are approved by qualified experts in the field of healthcare;
  • All of them are exclusively produced in the UK.

All these benefits are the best proof of the top quality of every skin care product with each of them reflecting the best principles of the label.

Philosophy of Little Butterfly London

The mission of the label is to take care of the sensitive skin of young parents and their kids. All components contained in their selection of goods are completely harmless for health being tested by the best specialists in this sphere.

The story of the brand in brief

The founder of the brand is mother herself. That’s why she has always wanted to find the best goods for babies’ skin in order to take good care of her own child and make the precious time of childhood as fabulous as possible. Simply because she didn’t find anything similar on the British market, she decided to establish her own trademark and deliver perfect-quality goods herself.

As a young parent, she has a wide experience in what the sensitive skin of children really needs. She takes inspiration in her own values and hopes that this is reflected in the skin care goods she produces. The founder’s values include:

  • Devotion to excellence;
  • Pleasure experienced by customers after the use of the label’s goods;
  • Care about beauty and much more.

The UK label quickly became successful on the local and global markets. Over the period of several years, the trademark received over 30 international awards including Made for Mums and Baby Awards as well as Natural Beauty Award among others.

Such worldwide recognition was earned by the label due to the absence of any harmful substances like mineral oils, silicones, or any other artificial components. However, the purity of products is not everything the label cares for.

In fact, the precious time of childhood lasts only for a short period of time and passes by very quickly. That’s why the care for baby’s skin consists not only in cleansing itself but also the exceptional combination of natural ingredients along with the effectiveness of such goods and maximum protection of the delicate skin of children. That’s because this daily duty should be not only beneficial but also pleasurable.

As a result, the goals of the label remain the same – to deliver products which are:

  • Organic;
  • Gorgeous;
  • Delicate;
  • Effective;
  • Completely safe.

Best products of the UK brand

  • Soft as a Moonlight nappy changing cream – this option consists of a total of 18 organic ingredients including calendula, oat kernel extract and various other nourishing oils and components to soothe the skin of children and produce the necessary healing effect;
  • Wrapped in Love calming face cream for little babies – this is one of the recently developed products, the components of which include nourishing oils, calendula and different other elements which do not only relieve the itchiness and dryness but also produce various other effects;
  • The bath milk for cleansing skin before sleep – this product is also of premium quality and contains many natural extracts which cause no allergic reactions and have been tested by dermatologists and licensed by Ecocert.
  • Top to toe wash – this is a perfect skin care product which can be used during the bath time. It is soothing for baby skin and consists of cucumber fruit and oat extracts.

The company has many other excellent goods to offer to little children and their parents. Due to the wide variety of goods on offer, customers always have a chance to choose the most suitable option for their own needs.

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