Maan is a Belgian label launched by Evelyne De Brock and Vicky Vinck in 2001 and offering exciting separate collections for girls and boys. However, it is even more fun to pass different items between brothers and sisters, as many garments are unisex and suitable for layering in winter, and they can be also handed to younger siblings. This is not just a boring staple repeated by those who want to save money on buying new clothes, but an adequate description of quality that lasts for years, as compared to clothes that have to be thrown out in a few weeks (we have all come across those, at one point or another). A description of quality clothing that is so comfortable you simply don’t want to part with it, a description that suits Maan perfectly. If you buy Maan kids clothes, you will enjoy vintage and geometric patterns, contrasting but coordinating colors, fun prints, details and accessories, especially the scarves, and all these turn out to be easy to mix and match. There’s no total look, just elements that you combine according to your own taste and create your own outfits that will reflect your child’s personality in the best way.

There are many bright colors in Maan kids collections. In the same time you can buy children’s wear in pastel or so popular washed colors. It is very easy to combine clothing from one Maan collection. You can buy girls dresses, skirts, tops, jumpers, cardigans etc. also there are scarves and hats by Maan.

Speaking about the price, we can not say that Maan children clothing is cheap, but high quality can not be cheap at all. When you buy Maan girl’s or boy’s apparel you know for sure that these clothing will be like new after the many washing. If you want to save money and buy good designer clothes in the same time you can check for Maan sales items. In our online boutique, we have regular seasonal sales and also very often mid-season sales too. So, almost every moment you want to buy something new you can find “on sale” clothes and accessories for your kid. Online shopping is very easy! Just a few clicks and you will buy great Belgian children clothing at a very reasonable price.

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