This is one of the best suppliers of baby wear and kids’ clothes produced from top-quality pima cotton with the use of various handcrafted elements of design. The label has long become a synonym of comfort, luxury and style. The trademark achieved quick success on the market of children’s wear and became popular all over the globe.

Brief story of Magnolia Baby

Magnolia trademark was founded in America in 2006 as a leading producer of luxurious baby wear and clothes for children. The main benefit of the brand’s products is the top quality of fabric used in all collections of the company’s designers. At the same time, Magnolia Baby also pays much attention to such aspects as comfort and the ease of use, as well as the style and design of every product.

Since the foundation of the label, the popularity of its kids’ wear has greatly increased. A great variety of sizes and a wide selection of different clothes are not the only reasons for the label’s success. Among others, all customers value their goods for the amazing quality which is explained by the fact that the brand’s designers pay much attention to each stage of the production process. The whole manufacturing procedure takes place in Peru and Southern America.

The products supplied by Magnolia Baby are suitable for little babies and children aged not more than 10 years.

Collections of the label: What is on offer and why is it a trusted manufacturer?

The label’s collections are divided into two categories:

  • Spring and summer lines consist of clothes with various design features like handmade embroidery, bright prints, and other classic and modern design elements;
  • Autumn and winter lines comprise warm and cozy items of clothing which are not just comfortable but also have stylish designs.

The brand’s selection of clothes also includes kids’ wear for home use like pajamas, sleepwear, and many other useful things. Such products are usually developed for children aged from one year and more. Moreover, Magnolia Baby also provides many magnificent outfits for special occasions. They often become the favorite options among parents and kids alike due to their elegance and sophistication. These are only a few types of goods presented in the kids’ fashion lines of the brand as there are also many other essentials for baby boys and girls including:

  • Hypoallergenic bodysuits;
  • Bodygrows;
  • Soft longsleeves;
  • Vivid sets of clothes for walks;
  • Accessories suitable for different purposes;
  • Products appropriate for different seasons and weather.

All goods of the brand are produced from durable fabrics which can endure multiple laundries and can therefore be used for a long time. Meanwhile, the brand’s clothes do not stretch or lose their colors. As for the types of embellishments, these include various illustrations, patterns and handcrafted embroideries which may depict bears, apples, roses, and a lot of others.

What makes Magnolia Baby successful and popular?

Magnolia Baby is dedicated to its primary vision – to deliver finely designed and beautifully embellished goods for children and the very little ones. However, despite the fact that the brand’s designers always maintain the American traditions of kids’ wear production, they are also trying to develop and use their own inventions in order to make exclusively designed garments with functional designs and various other unique features.

No matter whether it’s softness of fabrics, quality of the end product or colors used for the future developments, the label always pays attention to all aspects of the process of kids’ wear development. With these ideas in mind, the brand produces goods which will definitely satisfy modern parents and their children.  Without compromising on various design features, the brand delivers comfortable and easy to wear clothes ensuring that their goods meet the preferences of users.

Today, the label provides its collections in almost 450 boutiques which can be found in various corners of the globe including not only the UK, but also the Middle East and Asia.

A few samples from Magnolia Baby collections

The branded clothes for children are in high demand all over the world. Parents globally often spend much time searching for the best products for their children. Due to the amazing assortment of different types of kids’ wear, as well as the premium quality of every offering, Magnolia Baby often becomes a number-one choice for parents. Some of their most popular options include:

  • White bodysuits produced from pima cotton

These are suitable for baby girls and boys from newborns to 3 months of age. They are made from a combination of natural fabric and elastic materials to make them stretchy and comfortable to wear.

  • Cotton bib for little girls made in red and pink colors

This essential product is trimmed with frills and has a popper fastening for greater comfort. It also has a pretty red heart pattern depicted on the front side of the bib and a truly admirable handmade embroidery.

  • Pink baby hat made of the finest quality cotton

This is a cute accessory added with two layers of striped cotton fabric. It is also added with adorable red frills and has a heart application as an extra embellishment.

  • Beautifully designed white shortie for girls

This piece is produced from the softest elastic cotton. It also has a range of additional decorative elements like ruffles, patches and embroideries. The piece is fastened on the back and between the legs to make the dressing time more convenient.

The brand offers truly dreamlike collections of kids’ and baby wear in order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction and make sure that children wear comfortable and fabulously designed clothes of top quality.

Magnolia Baby is a relatively young trademark that was established in 2006 with a mission of creating beautifully detailed sophisticated styles and designs of kids’ wear that is wearable and practical at the same time. The products of the brand are oriented on little babies and older children. The materials chosen for the production of baby wear and children’s clothes are characterized by exceptional quality and range from cotton to satin and silk. Almost every piece of clothing features beautiful hand embroidery that brings something new to the outfits of little boys and girls. Magnolia Baby is synonymous to comfort, luxury and style. The trademark is aimed at creating functional and comfortable designs without sacrificing the quality and distinct appeal. Whether it is baby wear or clothing for older children, the extreme softness and delicacy of every piece of kids’ wear is a guarantee. Much focus is laid on the creation and detailing of design to produce wearable and quality clothing. The brand continues to develop and change its range of products by offering new collections with every new season. Children enjoy wearing the brand’s clothes due to the extreme comfort they provide to little customers.

Since the very foundation of the brand, it has been ensuring that its collections of kids’ wear feature beautiful design and exclusive style. The brand’s clothes are distributed in more than 450 fashion boutiques that can be found in Great Britain, Middle East and Asia. The trademark is still striving for conquering new horizons by creating novel collections of kids’ wear for every day and special occasions. It also provides highly comfortable sleepwear for children to feel great even during the nighttime. Style and elegance penetrate every item of clothing provided by Magnolia Baby. The brand has long conquered the hearts of thousands of parents across the world and still continues to grow and expand to new markets. It is likely that the brand will soon turn into a legendary producer of kids’ wear for children with diverse tastes in fashion. If you are looking for something sophisticated yet comfortable for your precious one, check out the collections of Magnolia Baby to find some special outfits for your kid.

Magnolia Baby has long gained popularity with customers across the globe and continues to be admired by a great many of customers in various parts of the world. The brand produces stylish goods characterized with seducing appeal and exceptional quality. The designers of the brand pay much attention to every detail to ensure that the design of every piece of clothing is highly wearable and comfortable. The fabrics are thoroughly selected by the brand’s experts to ensure maximum comfort of children wearing the clothes by Magnolia Baby. Welcome to the world of sophistication and extreme elegance provided by this renowned fashion brand.

The products of the trademark can now be found in online stores where they are available for a reduced price. Don’t hesitate to explore the world of sophisticated fashion for children to find something truly exclusive for your precious one. Magnolia Baby continues to be an appealing trademark due to the diverse positive characteristics of its products. It provides a great assortment of goods including dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts and baby wear to be worn day after day. This brand is for every child who has a good taste in fashion and wants to reveal his/her personality and individual style by dressing in fashionable and trendy clothes. Magnolia Baby offers a great opportunity to choose the most suitable style that will be to the liking of your child. The trademark’s aim is not only to provide beautifully designed outfits, but also to ensure that every child feels maximum comfort during daily activities

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