Mebi as a Spanish designer brand produces luxurious baby wear made in classic yet innovative designs. Their clothes are famous for great quality and admirable additional details which are loved by young fans of branded goods and their parents.

The collections by Mebi comprise numerous items of kids’ clothing with adorable styles and lovely prints. All their goods are specially designed for little babies. From pretty dresses for girls to delightful outfits for boys, the collections of the label are appreciated by many for the top-quality fabrics which are soft and pleasant to wear.

The label offers not only light summer clothes, but also knitted goods for colder seasons which can keep the baby cozy and warm even in the nasty weather.

The story of Mebi and its designs

The brand’s goal is to customize the wardrobe of every child in order to guarantee that every garment worn by little kids reflects the girl’s or boy’s identity to the fullest. The mission of the Spanish label has always remained unchanged – to stay committed to the individual requirements, expectations, and wishes of parents and their precious ones.

Even though the label penetrated the global market not so long ago, it has already become the favorite trademark for many parents and their little ones. Today, the kids’ wear collections of Mebi are available not only in the brand’s own boutiques, but also online which simplifies the process of purchasing the necessary option.

Customers can now buy adorable clothes for girls and boys, as well as many other gorgeous garments from the wide assortment of the label’s offerings.

Parents value this label due to the perfect characteristics of different baby clothes including:

  • Mebi’s clothes are all eco-friendly and completely hypoallergenic;
  • They are produced from organic fabrics of the best quality;
  • Special attention is paid to the use of merino wool which is soft to the touch and absolutely harmless for kids’ health;
  • The label’s knitwear clothes allow babies to feel comfortable, warm and cozy all at once;
  • The use of merino wool allows designers to produce clothes with antibacterial properties due to the fact that this type of wool contains lanoline and affects the blood circulation in a positive way;
  • Yet another important property of kids’ wear by Mebi is the ability to absorb liquid – this allows babies not to get sweaty or cold in any season;
  • The durability and elasticity of fabrics allows babies to wear the label’s goods for a long time;
  • Excellent quality of materials also lets kids’ clothes look like new even after multiple laundries and continuous use;
  • During the production process, Mebi developers use many natural fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo fibers among others;
  • Many details and elements of design are masterfully handmade according to the latest fashion tendencies.

The brand offers a wide choice of different types of clothes suitable for any tastes and preferences, while the variety of colors is also impressive.

Today’s creative work of Mebi

Although Mebi is quite a young label, it is already a highly prominent and famous designer brand which continues to acquire new customers and produce iconic designs of baby wear with every new collection. The latest collections of the brand are often more outstanding than the ones launched previously.

Mebi’s clothes are distinguished by traditional designs, high quality of materials, and comfortable fit of every garment. The quality of each piece of wear is tested by not only the brand’s own experts, but also by other qualified specialists to make sure that the label’s clothes meet all standards and norms.

The company keeps growing and continues to supply parents and their children with a remarkable variety of new outfits to meet the changing tastes of modern-day customers. Mebi is known to deliver outfits designed for different purposes including not only casual clothes for every day but also elegant items of clothing for various important occasions in the family life.

Products offered by Mebi

The designer brand offers many tempting options loved by parents and babies alike. Out of a great variety of clothes on offer, one can choose exactly what meets their tastes most. Some of the best offerings include the next things:

  • White shirt with pink shorts for boys

This is a two-piece set for boys comprising shorts and shirt. The top is very light and is of white color. It is fastened with pearl buttons for greater comfort and safety. The bottom of the set is made in beige and pink and has elastic trimmings. The shorts come with a detachable belt. Note that this brand’s clothes may fit small so it’s always advisable to check the size attentively and make sure you take into account the quick growth of your baby.

  • Pink dress for girls

This is an elegant pink-colored dress for girls made in blocade with an exquisite texture. The dress is stylish and has a rather simplistic design with such features as the absence of sleeves, a pleated skirt, and a feminine bow tie with a shining gold thread on the waistline. The bottom is made from light cotton, and the dress itself is conveniently fastened with buttons on the backside. The length of this dress is also comfortable and doesn’t exceed the knees. Just like all clothes from this label, this piece is exclusively produced in Europe.

  • The blue knitted nest for newborn babies

This knitted baby nest from Mebi is made from soft and stretchy fabric. It is securely fastened with a concealed zip lock on the front side along with ties on the top. The piece has a smooth lining with a lovely print and white spots. This product is appropriate for girls and boys alike. It can be easily cleaned in the washing machine at 30*C so the washing time will no longer provoke any inconveniences.

Check out the collections of Mebi yourself to find something unique for your baby.

Mebi is a celebrated Spanish brand that represents a family owned company wholly dedicated to the creation of fabulous designs and manufacturing of delicate and sophisticated baby wear. Every garment in the collections of Mebi is handcrafted with love for children and childhood. The knitted kids’ wear is characterized by elasticity and softness of fabrics to ensure maximum comfort of children without restricting their freedom of movement. The superb quality of materials used in the production process is explained by the fact that the brand’s designers pay much attention to the fabrics they choose for their creations. Handmade clothes by Mebi are synonymous to delicacy, warmth, excellent quality and lovely design. The brand produces a whole assortment of luxury clothes for babies made in a classic style. Mebi is a relatively young brand, and it is known little about its history. However, the brand proved to be a highly successful and promising trademark that continues to please its young customers with warm and cozy outfits for everyday. The brand is still growing but has already penetrated the international market of kid’s fashion. It has been producing fashionable and highly durable clothes for babies since its very inception.

Mebi stands for high quality, functionality and classic design. Currently, its designers are working on a new collection of baby wear that is likely to be as impressive and outstanding as the previous one. Mebi continues to remain one of the most promising trademarks among the young producers of kids’ wear. Its collection of baby wear is characterized with traditional style, top quality of fabrics and extreme comfort of every piece of clothing. The quality of every garment is strictly monitored by the brand’s experts to ensure that it follows all norms and standards of quality. Although this Spanish trademark is still young, it has already proved to be a highly acclaimed producer of baby wear whose products are distributed not only in Spain, but throughout Europe. The brand is likely to penetrate new markets in the nearest future. Currently, it enjoys its relative success with customers who are delighted with the quality and durability of garments offered by Mebi. The brand continues to grow in an attempt to conquer new markets and develop even further in the sphere of baby wear production.

The Spanish trademark remains loyal to its young customers and continues to provide fashionable and comfy outfits for various occasions. The collection of baby wear offered by Mebi bristles with traditionally designed clothes, beautiful accessories and various kinds of footwear for little babies. The brand’s products are available in a variety of colors ranging from pink and white to blue and beige. The clothes are highly durable and represent a practical addition to your child’s wardrobe. They are made from the finest fabrics including soft and delicate cotton. The brand’s goods can now be found not only in fashion boutiques of Spain, but all across Europe and even in online stores where you can buy them for a reduced price. Check out the collection of baby wear offered by Mebi and you will definitely manage to find a number of fantastically designed outfits for your baby. The clothes and accessories of the brand are intended not only for casual wear, but also for special events such as birthday parties and Christening. Furthermore, they represent a perfect gift for newborn babies, which makes the brand’s products a must have item for every parent. Explore the world of elegance and classic design together with a luxury Spanish brand Mebi, and you will surely make a great number of fantastic discoveries owing the dedication and loyalty of the brand’s designers to the production of only top-quality garments for little babies.

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