Milledeux is a family-owned brand of Danish origin. It offers a really stunning collection of girls’ hair accessories including hair clips, feminine bows and hairbands for little girls produced from a myriad of colors and materials. The brand’s products are suitable for girls aged from 2 to 16 years.

The brand’s choice of products consists of only stylish and high-quality accessories for girls. Since the foundation of the brand, the Milledeux Company has been engaged in the development of luxurious designs and styles of kids’ hair accessories. It currently works on the widening of the available assortment of goods for children. At the moment, it has a total of 12 different collections, two of which are produced from the fabrics of yet another remarkable trademark known as the Liberty of London – its materials are classic and at the same time, extremely stylish.

The original name of the brand appeared thanks to a pair of furry pets living with the family of the label’s founders. That’s why at first, the trademark was called the Emilie et Les Deux Chiens. The dog was the best friend of the baby daughter of the founders and all three of them constantly had different amusing adventures. However, later on, the name seemed to be too long and complicated, so the brand’s owners decided to shorten it into Milledeux – “Mille” stands for the informal name of Emilie, while “deux” was the abbreviation of the names of two family pets.

Nowadays, the brand offers really wonderful hair accessories to help little princesses create incomparable and unique outfits day after day.

Technologies behind the Milledeux’ products

Milledeux creates marvelous handcrafted hair accessories from the best-quality materials including nickel-free metal and ribbon that was tested for quality and certified according to the latest standards. The brand’s accessories are durable and sturdy enough to stay fixed for a long time even on a short haircut.

The customers like the lovely designs and the top quality of materials from which the hair accessories by Milledeux. Their hair accessories may even become a truly surprising and amusing gift for birthdays and holidays like Christmas and other festive occasions.

History of the Danish label

The idea to launch one’s own brand was found when the daughter of the founders, Emilie was born in spring 2014. Within the same year, the birth of their own child inspired the young parents to start creating their own hair accessories according to their personal demands to quality and style of each product. Parents of little Emilie fairly considered that their young daughter deserves only the best of the best. Due to this reason, after searching for quality hair accessories in vain, they started developing such products themselves.

The main drawback of similar goods sold at the local stores was the availability of only metal hair clips containing too much nickel as well as the excessively sharp particles which could cause damage to the delicate hair of children. Apart from that, the choice of styles and colors of such accessories was also quite limited. For all these reasons, the brand developed exactly the opposite – absolutely safe hair accessories for girls which were also very durable and could be easily fixed even on thin and short-style hair.

As a result, the main features most valued by the company’s customers are:

  • Safety of every product;
  • Exemplary quality fully tested and certified;
  • A variety of exclusive styles;
  • A great range of luxurious designs to choose from.

Evidently, despite the relatively young history of the label, it has earned a trusted reputation of a credible supplier of hair accessories marked by feminine styles and elegant designs. Modern children find the brand’s collections really beautiful and lovely especially because most of them can perfectly complete the girl’s outfit of any style.

Assortment of hair accessories for little angels

All children love to dress fashionably and look amazing in any season and situation, which especially refers to little girls. That’s why young girls often find the collections of Milledeux highly appealing. The brand also becomes the all-favorite trademark for numerous girls globally. The most attractive feature is the fact that the label’s goods provoke absolutely no harm to the girls’ hair, while the variety of colors, designs, and styles allows choosing exactly what you want.

The collections of Milledeux contain such products as:

  • Ribbon hair clips made of velvet fabric, pony hair clips and lots of other hair clip varieties;
  • Glittery hair accessories like diamante and pearl hair clips to complete the elegant outfit of girls;
  • Different types of handmade hair accessories for little girls created by talented craftsmen including hairbands of various designs for young customers to choose from;
  • Alligator clips with no teeth but still very strong;
  • Fun-looking hair accessories made in joyful styles for various festive events like Halloween among others;
  • A great variety of other pretty accessories for girls of any age.

In this way, young girls have a lot to choose from, whereas the variety of styles allows girls to select the best-matching accessory for any kind of outfit. The goods supplied by the label are also available in a great choice of all-favorite colors like monochrome black and white ones, as well as different brighter hues like navy blue, red, light pink, and many others. Some of Milledeux’s hair accessories can also be purchased in a pack of two – to save costs or just to have a pair of identical hair clips of different colors.

Just because all products of Milledeux are created from only premium materials, customers can be sure that the chosen accessory will serve for a long period of time. The durability of every item ensures the continuous use of each accessory in the collections presented by Milledeux, while the prices for their products will never let customers regret their choice.

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