Great Britain is home to numerous exclusive fashion houses and suppliers of all sorts of children’s wear, which especially refers to nightwear for kids of any age. Every brand existing on the local market puts great emphasis on the production of quality kids’ sleeping wear of all styles and designs. No doubt, both adults and kids enjoy sleeping in clean and fresh pyjamas to feel comfortable while having a night’s rest.

Among the most prominent suppliers of creatively designed and always comfortable nightwear is the UK label – Mini Lunn. Even though some models of this brand may be a costly purchase, they are still a desirable gift for boys and girls alike. The vintage-inspired samples of nightwear from Mini Lunn are not just made of the purest and softest cotton, but also feature really outstanding handmade embroidery coupled with luxurious design details.

About the existing collections of Mini Lunn and what they contain

As one of the leading brands on the kids’ fashion markets, Mini Lunn has a really broad assortment of clothes for sleeping and wearing at home as well as numerous beautiful accessories for little boys and girls. The brand mainly specializes on the production of children’s wear made of cotton and embellished with fun and joyful embroideries produced by truly masterful craftsmen of the UK.

The lines of Mini Lunn are always divided into two categories:

  • For girls;
  • For boys.

However, apart from this, the label offers many goods for babies like cozy pajamas and various amusing essentials including tooth fairy cushions, different matching accessories and much more. All goods of Mini Lunn are of the greatest quality. To ensure that all customers wear top quality clothes, the label’s designers use only original materials made of the purest cotton which doesn’t irritate skin or cause other unwanted reactions. Such fabrics are absolutely safe for the health of younger and older kids, let alone they also ensure 100% comfort during the night’s sleep.

As for the two main collections for girls and boys from Mini Lunn, they have lots of appealing items of kids’ wear for customers to choose from.

Why Mini Lunn is popular with parents and kids?

The brand became especially popular with parents due to the different attractive characteristics of each item of clothing on offer:

  • High quality of all clothes and accessories;
  • Close attention to details and finishes;
  • Exclusive handmade embroideries and different other embellishments;
  • Elegant and lovely trimmings like laces and many additional details of design;

Moreover, all products are absolutely unique so that you’ll hardly find anything similar in the local boutiques. Girls’ nightdresses with lovely designs for girls as well as cozy pajamas for boys are not the only types of clothing available in the brand’s collections. These and other goods can all be purchased not only in the branded boutiques of Mini Lunn, but also online to simplify the process of ordering and delivery.

Everyone who chooses to buy exclusive sleepwear of the label will not only get a truly high-quality thing, but also replenish the wardrobe of their children with new pieces of stylish clothing for the nighttime.

Every garment from the collections of Mini Lunn has a personalized design customized according to the needs of parents and wishes of their children. The goods from the label are often created not only from cotton, but also from top-quality satin and the range of additional details of design is also diverse.

Beautiful vintage styles with laced trimmings and handcrafted embroideries often become a number-one choice for those who want to buy a great souvenir for their little ones. The adult sizes are also available so that parents themselves can get a lovely garment from the label’s collections.

History of the label in brief

Mini Lunn is an affiliate brand of the Lunn Antiques Company headquartered in Chelsea, the UK. The company was founded by Juliet and Stephen Lunn in the mid-1970s. They started their activity by selling vintage-style clothes for both women and men, while the affiliate brand was established a bit later as a producer of goods for children in particular. Mini Lunn brand itself was founded by Lizzie Lunn.

Ever since the time of foundation, the brand has been proud of developing the top-quality nightwear for adults and kids available at highly reasonable prices. The inspiration for their future designs was drawn from the vintage style nightwear like gowns with delicate lace and ruffle details and beautiful old-style embroidery among others.

Classic blue and white pyjamas were soon added to the range of goods offered by Mini Lunn. They were also made of pure cotton and had a very comfortable fit – this turned them into a number-one choice for sleeping time.

Some of the vintage-inspired garments produced by the label included gorgeous satin kimonos which featured fashionable prints and delicate handcrafted details of design. They were even compared with the nightwear of the 1920s.

Why Mini Lunn is a preferable choice for boys and girls

The children’s wear collections of the label were launched in early 2000s. Following the trends from the adults’ wear, the designers drew inspiration from old-style themes and designs. As a result, the kids’ items of sleepwear at that time had a variety of different elements of design, like cowboys and pirates for boys, as well as butterflies and ballerinas for girls.

With every new collection of girls’ and boys’ sleepwear, the label expanded its range of goods and became increasingly popular with customers. The vast majority of clients value the label’s outfits not only for the highest quality and organic fabrics, but also for their comfort and amazing designs, let alone that each garment is absolutely unique.

The label also offers many beautifully embroidered linen and cushions for bedtime as part of their range of accessories. And even today, the brand continues to deliver the best products in this category available at a highly attractive price to please the needs of loyal clientele.

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