MINI MELISSA is a well-known brand that is focused on fabricating plastic jelly footwear for children of different age. The designers of MINI MELISSA assure that the plastic, which the shoes are made from, is safe for your kid, and it doesn’t smell bad at all and even more, MINI MELISSA shoes are specially sweet scented. So, every time you will take the pair of these shoes from the wardrobe you will smell a very nice scent and it will smell for years. The brand guarantees to modern parents that their children will be provided with daily comfort during warm and cool seasons. Nowadays many celebrities have already chosen MINI MELISSA for their kids; among them are Jessica Alba, David Beckham, Beyonce and others. The creative designers also work on making a unique style of their footwear. They make the product that will suit both to boys and girl. Shoes with flowers, cute bows, rabbits’ and cats’ heads, orange slices will be for sure adored by young kids. It is worth noticing that the shoes have a Velcro fastening, which makes the putting on the taking off easy. Jelly sandals of bright colors will perfectly suit to a casual outfit in warm days. Wellies will protect the child from getting wet when it is raining outside. MINI MELISSA is getting very popular in many countries of Europe and in the USA. Today the shoes of MINI MELISSA are available for purchasing online as well.

Mini Melissa shoes for Boys

Many parents think that Mini Melissa produces footwear only for the girls, but this is not true. Today you can buy many jelly sandals or trainers that will be good for any boys wardrobe. For example, yellow or black PVC jelly sandals with a Mickey Mouse logo on one shoe and a thumbs up on the other. They are available in sizes from EU 19 to EU 35, so you can easily buy them both for girls and boys of different ages. Or if you are looking for some jelly trainers that will protect boy’s feet from the rains please take a look on black or white trainers with a Disney Mickey Mouse charm. To add more comfort Mini Melissa provides padded inner sole for most of their footwear models.

Mini Melissa shoes for Girls

Mini Melissa designers know everything about little girl preferences. As a result they created so many bright, eye-catching, attractive footwear models and bags for the girls of different ages. Now you can buy Mini Melissa shoes and accessories for girls from 3 years old to 16 years (or from EU 19 size to EU 35 or from 1 UK size to 12.5 UK size). Today you can buy Mini Melissa trainers, sandals and shoes from Hello Kitty collection with lovely Hello Kitty character face. Or you can buy shoes, sandals and trainers from famous Disney collection by Mini Melissa. This kind of jelly shoes are decorated with Mickey Mouse, Snow White, ‘101 Dalmatians’ puppies and other famous Disney characters. Please, also take a look on girls bags from the same Disney collections, they have a practical size and long adjustable strap. So you can purchase this Mini Melissa for your little girl but she can use it till her teen age if needed.

Do you know that Mini Melissa has kids shoe collections that were created together with such a famous fashion designer as Vivienne Westwood. They have many years of successful collaboration and there are many new and old shoes collections can be found online. For example, for now, you can buy Mini Melissa & Vivienne Westwood PVC jelly sandals with Unicorns, with bows and two gold orbs (that are so well known to all Vivienne Westwood fans), pumps with branded Vivienne Westwood orbs made in white or black colors.

Mini Melissa also likes to use floral, butterfly, strawberry, rainbow, cat face, lollipop and many other lovely decors for its girl shoes, sandals, pumps, trainers. For those parents and kids who like simple design Mini Melissa offers very simple but still gorgeous sandals with two straps, in black & white or pink & white colors, without any decorations. These simple sandals from Kids Cosmic Sandal collections are very practical and comfortable: molded inner sole, non-slip PVC outer sole, buckle fastenings.

For beach or pool Mini Melissa created sliders in white or pink PVC with cat face prints. Ideal for hot summer days.

Talking about Mini Melissa girls accessories we should also remember about jelly backpacks. For example ice lolly backpack in yellow color looks so stylish and unusual, that it will become the favorite backpack in every girl wardrobe.

Do not forget that our online boutique offers regular stock updates and regular v sales, so visit us frequently not to miss a chance to buy something new for your kids.

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