As a currently successful label with a curious story of origin, Selini Action trademark was born in Greece. Since its very foundation, the company has been creating delightful collections of girls’ swimwear and accessories embellished with gorgeous handmade elements of design and marked by the impeccable quality of fabrics and masterful craftsmanship.

The brand’s collections are inspired by the childhood memories of its founder and designed with love and passion for childhood itself. Today, the Greek label is highly successful and popular with kids and their parents thanks to the diversity of original and bright swimwear for children and their remarkable characteristics.

The vast majority of the kids’ products from Selini Action include:

  • Swimsuits;
  • Girls’ bikini;
  • Swim trucks;
  • Beach dresses;
  • Straw hats and bags;
  • Shorts for boys and girls;
  • Different accessories for summertime.

All of the label’s models are distinguished by the use of premium fabrics and unique elements of decoration like stylish prints and much more. The talented designers of the brand are always trying to make every product exclusive and special. Vibrant floral patterns and exquisite tailoring techniques are only a couple of reasons why children adore the label’s swimwear and find it really pretty. The collections of Selini Action are mostly suitable for kids aged up to 16 years. This makes the goods of the brand-appropriate for any age, size, and taste in fashion.

The stylish swimwear by Selini Action can always be combined with trendy summer hats which serve as a perfect protection from sun rays. To make the outfit complete, you can also purchase light and durable footwear for summertime or going to the beach on vacation. The footwear from Selini Action is embellished with various decorative elements to make all models look bright, fashionable and lovely.

Story of the brand: Origin of handcrafted swimwear from Greece

The founder of the label, Eleni Balerba was born and grew up in Athens, not far from the sea. While still being a child, she often spent holidays on the beach near the seaside. This was where she started to decorate her own swimwear with different stones, seaweed, and shells that were scattered all around her. Soon after that, her friends started to help her in her new hobby.

After many years, Eleni Balerba met Elias Pipinos, a captain. They got married and set off on a journey around the Greek Islands on a boat called Les enfants de Piree. Many travelers also had a chance to discover and explore Greece as a fabulous country together with Elias and Eleni. Throughout this period of time, Eleni was trying to improve her creative abilities as she continued to create exclusive pieces of swimwear for the passengers on the boat.

Over some time, Elias and Eleni decided to go different ways but Eleni continued to do what she enjoyed doing in her years of youth. Looking at some of her childhood pictures at the end of the 1990s, Eleni decided to establish her own trademark naming it Selini Action.

She continued to travel searching for sources of inspiration in the surrounding landscapes like the amazing sunsets, flowers, and colors of the sea. She was amazed by how much this helped her in the creative activity.

At that time, she made a decision to continue her work in the chosen field and she also thought it would be great to help the local women by employing them and giving them some job.

The women were engaged in the creative work on embroideries and sewing so as to make the future products of Selini Action exclusive and unique. Today, after years of the label’s development, Eleni continues to be the director of Selini Action and keeps creating original and exquisite products to meet the growing needs of customers in quality swimwear.

Products of the brand and their main characteristics

All of the label’s swimsuits and respective accessories are designed and developed by Eleni Balerba herself. Every piece from her collections is handcrafted in Greece and made from the finest quality fabrics to make sure that the end products meet the tastes and needs of customers.

Some of the popular items offered by the trademark include:

  • Bikini with tropical flower patches and sparking gems in the middle – this two-piece set comes with a storage bag to keep the garment safe for the next summer season;
  • Other types of bikini that are decorated with different sparkling details like beads and sequins, while the designs of prints are also diverse but always vivid and bright;
  • Top-quality cotton dresses made in different colors and decorated with floral patterns and light cotton lining – this type of dress has different cute and sparkly embellishments depending on the specific model, while the length is also comfortable to provide freedom of movement to every girl;
  • Pretty white, pink and yellow beach dresses for spending holidays at the seaside. These types of dresses are also beautifully decorated with patches, appliques, and many other things that make them look lovely and girlie.
  • Handmade swimsuits that are added with playful prints and other fun details – they are comfortable and easy to wear, while their quality is always great;
  • White shorts with ruffles and a bow as an embellishment, as well as an elastic waistline for girls to feel comfortable and look pretty at any time;
  • Brightly colored swim shorts for boys available in all sorts of styles and designs, while their prints are also diverse, let alone that they are comfortable to wear especially due to the presence of side pockets and other useful details;
  • Straw hats with pom-poms as a lovely accessory for summertime;
  • Beige straw bags for girls with different handmade elements of design, comfortable handles, and a large compartment to let girls keep anything they need at hand.

The label’s goods can now be found online where it’s possible to look up the sizes and characteristics of girls’ swimsuits, bikini, swim trucks, and handmade accessories among other useful things for summer vacation.

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