Scientists have created sports Underwear Shock Absorber in 1995 in the English University of Edinburgh. Shock Absorber – a product of long-term scientific research. In 2011, the brand Shock Absorber was awarded as the best producer of sports bras according to UK Lingerie Awards, as well as Women’s Fitness Awards.

This underwear is designed for active women, who throughout the day in motion. Feature linen Shock Absorber, in contrast to the usual sports underwear, is that it is suitable for any size and shape of the breast.

Besides Shock Absorber bras are designed in such a way that during the occupation in some kind of sport, the woman feels complete comfort, with the movement does not restrict anything. Also, this underwear brand prevents deformation of the chest, retaining its natural form.

The creators of Shock Absorber linen turned their attention not only on the convenience of its products, and carefully examined what kind of underwear are best suited to each individual sport. Products Shock Absorber has high wear-resistant properties so that underwear is a very long time looks like just bought.

Shock Absorber – this is a new generation of women’s underwear, to create which uses the latest design and high-quality materials, combined with modern fashion design, which, in turn, remains neutral and unobtrusive.

Total brand Shock Absorber presented two lines of lingerie Ultimate range and Active range. Bras Ultimate range exclusively made specifically for running, they carry great support, while fitting chest, like a second skin. In turn, to create an Active range of linen developers have feature sizes, as well as the completeness of the female breast.

With high-tech fabrics, Shock Absorber underwear has absorbent, breathable, and temperature-control properties. Despite the fact that the manufacturer of the bodice is made in sports style, it creates a sexy and seductive silhouette.


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