As a luxury brand from New Zealand, Sienna Likes to Party offers a wide diversity of handcrafted accessories made with the use of the finest-quality gems, pearls, crystals, satin and laces among others. The label’s products are specially designed for girls aged from 3 years and more.

They are perfect for wearing on various special occasions like birthday parties, holidays, festive events and other important occasions in the life of every family. Nowadays, Sienna Likes to Party is the leading trademark on the market of kids’ fashion. Among its most fascinating and popular accessories are:

  • Girls’ headbands of all sorts of styles;
  • Flower and gold star crown garlands among other similar goods;
  • Adorable necklaces and lovely bracelets;
  • Crystal tiara headbands and other glittery special event accessories;
  • Stylish organza bow hair clips for girls;
  • Kids’ jewelry items;
  • French combs, and much more.

Every item is handcrafted with much attention to every detail to deliver the best-quality products for young ladies.

Sienna Likes to Party and its story of origin

Today, the brand is a leading supplier of special occasion accessories for kids. The collections of the label include all sorts of products of different styles and designs to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

The company was founded in New Zealand by a pair of creative designers, Meegan Rupe and Jayna Lala back in 2011. This is a relatively young label created with love for childhood and children themselves. The label has always strived to design exceptional goods for young princesses to let them look great at any special event.

The brand’s developers are inspired by the bygone era of the Turn of the Century fashion. However, they also brought an innovative twist into the vintage-inspired designs. The designs created by the label reflect the lifestyle and true spirit of New Zealand, where the brand itself was founded.

The developers soon presented their collections of kids’ wear in other regions of the world such as Australia. As a result, the label gained much attention of the public globally and acquired good reputation in the respective market. Over some time, the company started to expand its collections even more and found new clientele in Great Britain, Europe, the USA, Asia and the Middle East. This is where the company managed to achieve immense success on the market having become a high-profile label with an excellent reputation among customers. Their products are now sold in fashion stores and at online retailer platforms.

Nowadays, the brand’s collections are gradually replenished with new splendidly designed goods for children and adults alike. Most of their collections consist of exquisite and beautifully embellished accessories like jewelry and headbands, as well as hair clips and other splendid goods. The decorative elements used by the label include only premium-quality ones like:

  • Natural fresh water pearls;
  • Top-quality glass crystals;
  • Shining diamantes;
  • Beautiful laces;
  • Delicate tulles;
  • Finest-quality Swarovski crystals;
  • Other beautiful embellishments.

The label has a great experience in designing goods for children and grown-ups. Everything they produce is made from the best-quality materials so that each accessory offered by the brand does not only have a unique design, but is also impeccable in every detail.

Major benefits of the label’s products

The company’s designs are loved by kids of all ages and often become the all-favorites for many young customers. Such exclusive accessories are specially developed for different important occasions in the lives of children and have many other benefits valued by customers like:

  • High-quality materials are used for the manufacturing of all goods presented by the label;
  • The uniqueness of each product consists in a perfect combination of innovative technologies and ancient traditions on which most of the label’s designs are based;
  • Every accessory is handcrafted by talented artisans so that every item becomes a real masterpiece;
  • The variety of accessories and items of jewelry is also superb which gives customers an opportunity to choose whatever product they like most;
  • Every design and style of accessories for children is absolutely unique due to the use of different techniques and materials.

Sienna Likes to Party also cooperates with lots of other companies to develop exquisite collections and make sure that they are loved by both new and loyal customers alike. The fresh collections of the label are developed with dedication to quality and craftsmanship to guarantee that their goods leave good memories and bring only pleasant emotions to kids of any age.

Steps of the production process and key achievements of the label

The label’s developers use different types of embellishments. Some of them are natural like pearls and gems, whereas others are produced from the finest materials that are processed to match the palette of colors used for every new season.

The company employs only skillful team of manufacturers and talented craftsmen. This guarantees that all products are designed and produced using the latest technologies and innovations and with much attention to every detail. Every step of the process is closely monitored by the best specialists of the company to guarantee that each stage is carried out successfully, from placement of embellishments to adding various intricate details.

The most enjoyable part of the manufacturing process is to see how the created designs transform into real products. Meanwhile, seeing the delight of customers and the results of their work is also a great reward.

Due to the dedication to quality and excellence in every step of production, Sienna Likes to Party has achieved great results in the respective field of activity and gained huge popularity with customers all over the world. Moreover, their pricing policy is also highly attractive and reasonable. Check out the latest collections of the label and you’ll definitely find something truly superb for your little princess.

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