Jacques Nataf founded the foundation of the brand Sinéquanone in 1973. But in those days, the company has remained virtually anonymous clothing supplier for multi-branded stores. It was only in 1996, teaming up with two other companies, Sinéquanone began to position itself as an independent brand category of “middle-class”. Today the brand has 227 stores worldwide, and designers develop up to 600 different models each year.

In the minds and hearts of young women 16 and older, Sinéquanone clothing long established itself as a “classic with a twist”. Most of the models – the basic practical things, elegant but without excessive rigor. Here you can pick up a suit if you need to look in a businesslike way without difficulty. Lightheadedness certain models give details such as belts, bows, frills. The color gamut of the new collection is gray, beige, brown, chocolate, blue, purple.

First of all, the brand is designed for young girls and young women. Although if the figure allows, and the style matches, then in later years, it is quite possible to buy something. In general, the things that are sold in Sinequanone – is the absolute incarnation of the French way of dressing, with its inherent ease, grace, and charm. Each collection is appearing, despite the abundance and variety of things, always has a distinct uniform style.

There must exist acutely fashionable trends, and it is with the French, “trend,”eternal values” basic models required to create a full wardrobe. Things poor quality “slip”, as in all the chain stores with the average prices. But if you have eyes, you can avoid wrong purchases. Sometimes it happens that the collection as a whole disappointing, well, it’s not your all! This does not mean that it will be next time. Even if you have not come across what you need now, or vending thing does not “sit on the figure” – not a reason to ignore Sinequanone forever.


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Friday: 09:00 – 23:00h

Saturday: 09:00 – 16:00h

Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00h

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