Skagen – a small village in Denmark. It is this village by the sea with its cleanliness and beauty of the true embodiment of the Danish nature became a source of inspiration for the production of Skagen Design.

Despite the fact that the history of the Danish brand Skagen has only a couple of decades, the clock of this company are perceived as luxury designer high-end watches. Even the royal Danish family nourishes a special affection for this brand watches.

The success of the clock Skagen lies also in the company’s concept – “affordable luxury.” That is expired wristwatch should have a refined design, but do not be very expensive

For the manufacture of cases and bracelets are used steel and titanium, mineral glass high strength, and within established Swiss movements. One of the elements of the brand Skagen brand – elegant, but very strong bracelets, “woven” from the finest metallic threads.

All watches must pass a series of tests that guarantee their quality and reliability.

Today, Skagen watches are available in five basic collections: Skagen Titanium, Skagen Steel, Skagen Sport, Skagen Leather and Skagen Swiss. The comfortable and lightweight watch is made from special hypoallergenic materials. All sports Skagen Sport collection watches are equipped with enhanced features waterproof up to 10 atmospheres. The highlight of the women’s lines, which include the line Skagen Leather, a trim body and a clock face with sparkling Swarovski crystals. As for the male part of a series of Skagen Leather, here the main decorative element is a transparent case back that allows watching the clock mechanism. Collection Skagen Titanium – is a watch of light and durable titanium. The most famous line – Skagen Swiss, 100% dedicated to minimalism and fully reflects the spirit of Skagen. This watch is perfect in its simplicity and austerity.


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