As a premium-class fashion label from Denmark, Sometime Soon has long become one of the best suppliers of street wear for boys. The label’s designers combine simplistic designs with traditional silhouettes and various additional details. The developers of the brand have produced a great assortment of different types of casual clothes for boys including:

  • T-shirts with all sorts of prints and made in different styles;
  • Comfortable and warm sweatshirts for colder seasons;
  • Jackets and other types of boys’ street clothes;
  • Pants and trousers for boys of any age;
  • Accessories that can be matched with all kinds of clothes from the same collections.

The kids’ wear from Sometime Soon is distinguished by a splendid variety of comfortable styles and trendy designs apart from many other exemplary features and characteristics which are loved by countless customers all across the globe. The Sometime Soon label offers kids’ clothes and accessories created according to the latest fashion tendencies to make sure the products meet the needs and preferences of young customers and their parents.

This young but already prominent Danish brand guarantees not just comfort but also a wide variety of exclusive designs and unique styles that change from one collection to the other. The boy’s collections are replenished with new goods on an annual basis. On the whole, the label’s line of products is suitable for kids aged from 2 to 14 years.

Casual clothes for boys and girls from Sometime Soon

The major part of the brand’s collections can be characterized as a perfect blend of simplicity and exclusiveness in style and design. As a great benefit of the kids’ clothes from Sometime Soon is the fact that they are mostly made from organic fabrics that are soft and extremely pleasant to wear. The label is regarded as a top-class fashion label developing trendy and stylish goods for boys and girls alike.

The kids’ collections consist of different types of trendy casual clothes consisting of T-shirts with prints, bright shorts for boys, and other fashionable garments with specially designed prints on sleeves among other elements of design. The label also offers outer clothes including warm winter coats and other stylish items of outdoor kids’ wear of always amazing quality. Many of the pieces from the label’s selection of goods are suitable not just for boys, but also for stylish girls who keep track of the latest fashion trends and want to look great wherever they go.

Moreover, just like the rest of fashion trademarks, the brand’s goods are marked by the outstanding design characteristics and always remarkable quality in each detail like fastenings, fabrics and additional materials used for greater comfort.

The story of the label in brief

Back in 2015, the idea to establish Sometime Soon was born. With over 10 years of experience in the respective field of activity, the Danish couple Cathrine and Jacob Hoilund set out on a journey together and decided to launch their own brand of street wear for boys. The couple got married and gave birth to children so that the need for fashionable, cool and comfortable clothes became especially acute. This mainly concerned the boy’s wear as the couple couldn’t find anything as perfect as they wanted themselves – this became the main source of inspiration for both of them and encouraged them to develop their own designs of boys’ clothes for every day.

Attention to details and close choice of materials helped the brand to outshine many of its competitors and become a trusted supplier of exclusive kids’ clothes that you will hardly find anywhere else. The quality of all goods for boys and girls is also impeccable which is proved by international certificates and tests for eco-friendliness and safety for health.

Coming up with the label’s name was also not difficult as claimed by one of the founders herself. “Sometime Soon” is based on the idea that children living in all parts of the world are our hope for a brighter future – this idea gives many promises, hopes and opportunities all at once. As a result, it is a perfect name for the kids’ wear designer brand of premium level.

Besides, one of the signature slogans of the label remains the same – “I will change the future” – a phrase that has a deep meaning for young boys and girls who have many ambitions and plans to realize throughout their life.

How the design process is carried out?

The collections to be presented to the public are usually created step by step. The designers of the label find inspiration in almost everything like music recordings, high fashion shows and even the surrounding nature. The process of design usually starts from choosing the color palette most suitable for the future products. As claimed by Cathrine Hoiland herself, imagination also counts – sometimes she just comes up with the statement slogans or prints, which are then transformed into the elements of designs used for the future products of the label.

About the street wear and casual clothes for kids in brief

There are many cool, trendy and comfortable items of clothes from Sometime Soon such as:

  • Warm outdoor clothes with all the necessary features and characteristics allowing kids to feel comfortable and look great in any weather;
  • Different types of swimwear for boys and girls alike like shorts and swim suits among others;
  • Black fleecy joggers made of the soft elastic material and added with a drawstring in the waist area, as well as zipped front pockets and back pockets for greater comfort;
  • Sport-style black joggers for teenagers which teens can wear anywhere they wish;
  • Other items of sports clothes made of an elastic cotton blend and embellished with stylish logo patches to make them look trendy and cool;
  • Other samples of street wear designed for boys and girls alike.

The prices on these and other types of the label’s goods are also very attractive which makes them suitable for all customers. Sometime Soon collections can now be found online so that you can always order anything you like very easily.

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