A Dee’s parent company is Picture Book Fashion Ltd that also boasts of owning a few other renowned trademarks of kid’s wear. It is located in the largest city of Scotland – Glasgow. Its founders are Andrew and Michelle Molloy whose mission was to create outstanding kids’ wear brands and fill the gap in the relevant market.

A Dee was their first development created in cooperation with Arianne de Ridder. She is a designer who used to create fascinating designs of girls’ wear for the Dutch Barber Farber brand targeting different age groups. Their fruitful collaboration lasted for a decade. The trademark is also known as Ariana Dee established in 2012.

Over time, the A Dee brand grew into a high-rated creator of girls’ clothes on the European market.

Nowadays, their collections keep growing and never stop surprising parents and their loved ones with the diversity of colors and a wide choice of clothing for any season and event. Girls aged 2-14 years are the major target group of the brand.

Stylish prints, great palette, and practical design go hand in hand in the collections of the brand. What makes their products so popular is the girlie style of each piece and the trendy designs to let your kid keep up with the latest fashion tendencies.

Making the right choice of girls’ wear: What’s on offer

What can be found on the shelves of designer’s boutiques? Chick clothes, outerwear, accessories and loads of other remarkable things for young ladies.

What leaves no doubt is that this brand has lots of spectacular girls’ clothes for a great look from top to bottom. It’s famous for developing:

  • Two piece outfits with each element blending perfectly well with the others;
  • Accessories like charming hair clips, bags, and best-matching socks of respective sizes to fit both young girls and teenagers;
  • Footwear like sandals;
  • Cute swimwear;
  • Adorable outerwear like coats and jackets;
  • Summer clothing such as ruffled skirts and dresses of different styles.

Fill your little one’s wardrobe with the best-fitting girls’ wear to let her look fresh and trendy on any occasion and in any weather. Due to the outstanding and beautiful design of each piece, clothes from A Dee’s collections can even become a great gift for any holiday.

Unmatched fabrics and quality

For those who value quality and practical designs, the A Dee brand has much to offer too. In fact, the materials used by this designer brand won’t make you regret your choice.

Great quality, soft texture and stunning embellishments are some of the few things that every customer values when buying clothes for their young daughters.

A Dee is currently known all over Europe and not without a good reason. Durability, functional design, and wise choice of fabrics are the key to their growing popularity on kids’ wear market. And that’s what will definitely make every parent satisfied with each of their purchase. Great quality means long-lasting use and high level of practicality which is especially vital for active kids who spend lots of time outdoors.

A Dee clothes are synonym to maximum comfort and no risk of wear and tear. Now you can be sure that your daughter will wear her favorite pieces with pleasure and with no restriction of movement. All this is due to the spectacular work of designers behind this brand who choose the best fabrics for their new inventions.

What type of fabrics do they use? Only the best-quality ones:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Elastane, etc.

The correct combination of different fabrics guarantees the best fit for your little lady. What’s even more important, almost all of the clothes on offer are easy to keep clean. Most of them are machine washable at 30 degrees.

Color palette and other characteristics

Attractive characteristics of each piece of girls’ wear make the collections of Ariana Dee the number one choice for parents all over Europe. The brand keeps growing at a high speed.

In fact, a year after it was founded, this European label started to create brand-new collections for toddlers that mainly contain footwear and summer clothes. If you want your little one to look and feel spectacular on summer vacation, you’ll find lots of eye-catching options in A Dee’s line of summer clothes for toddlers.

All outfits in recent and previous collections are available in all sorts of colors like:

  • Beige
  • Navy blue
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Yellow, etc.

What’s even more important, the brand’s designers are focused on creating different styles of essential girls’ wear – from shoes to winter coats and, of course, lovely accessories.

The variety of girls’ clothes presented by A Dee designer brand is undoubtedly rich containing:

  • Leggings and tights;
  • Jackets and overcoats;
  • Short and high socks;
  • Skirts and dresses for warmer seasons;
  • Sets of clothes for special events, and many others.

All of these pieces are available in different colors and the palette used by this designer brand keeps growing.

Not even a decade has passed since the establishment of this trademark, but it has quickly become one of the favorite choices for parents in Europe.

The reason for this is simple. The brand’s designers pursue one single goal – to make parents satisfied with the design, quality, fabrics, color variety and other characteristics of girls’ wear for their little ones.

The products of Ariana Dee available on our site will match any taste to make your little girl look cute, girlie, and dressy, while the prices are quite reasonable. If that’s what you need, you’ll find loads of suitable options in both new and old collections from this designer.

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