This is a famous kids’ wear brand born in Scotland. Its target audience includes children and teenagers aged 16 years at a maximum. This trademark was founded by two fashion designers, Richard Davies and Duncan Sweeny. With tastes of young children in mind, the brand started to develop originally designed clothing for both girls and boys.

Nowadays, streetwear and clothes for every day are only part of their product list. T-shirts, trousers, hats and socks with colorful prints are some of the most popular choices among young customers of Abandon Ship who have a good taste in fashion.

Abandon Ship kids’ wear: Features and characteristics

This fashion brand is gradually getting more and more popular with younger and older kids, which is explained by the unique styles of their streetwear.

The reasons behind their popularity are countless such as:

  • Good-quality fabrics
  • Amusing decorative images
  • Growing range of products
  • Cool designs and amazing streetwear styles.

Abandon Ship designs keep attracting young customers due to the unique features of their products. The most significant feature to be mentioned here is the use of great illustrations that many children consider cool and extraordinary.

Their clothes are not just fancy and always in trend but also affordably priced so they suit customers with any budget. What makes this brand stand out is the use of a big-sized logotype of the trademark. It represents an anchor that is positioned on the front side of all their products.

One more unique feature about this brand is the use of cool colors that every teenager will definitely want to buy. T-shirts, sweaters and other types of casual wear are often made in black and white colors, while trousers usually come in bright color mixtures.

Stylish textures and patterns as well as trendy images never stop being attractive for boys and girls alike. As for the girls’ collections from Abandon Ship, most items here are characterized by the next peculiarities:

  • Lovely and adorable decorative elements include exquisite beads and gems to make every girl look feminine.
  • Every item is produced from premium-quality materials by the best manufacturers.
  • Abandon Ship girls’ wear is not just cute and girlie but also 100% comfortable.
  • Collections are constantly refreshed with new styles and designs that you can wear all year round.
  • Some of the girls’ streetwear items are added with lovable prints and images to admire.

Additionally, the product list of Abandon Ship kids’ wear is constantly refreshed with brand-new styles to widen the collection of goods on offer. And even though the prices may seem a bit cheap, the quality is still amazing. That’s why this Scottish line keeps gaining popularity with young generation year by year.

Abandon Ship streetwear designs for boys and girls

As a young yet promising Britain-born trademark, Abandon Ship is quickly becoming popular on the European market. Exclusive prints developed by this brand are added with an anchor-shaped logo as the major thing that distinguishes it from other fashion houses. Although Abandon Ship is still relatively unknown globally, it undoubtedly has big prospects for future growth and development. It is currently trying to succeed in the US kids’ fashion segment as well.

The company employs only qualified designers and manufacturers that keep an eye on the quality of materials and other aspects of the kids’ wear production process. Nowadays, it’s possible to buy fashionable and stylish girls’ and boys’ clothes of Abandon Ship through many online retailers.

Nowadays, prints are on the top of popularity and, therefore, the clothing for grownups and kids are often produced with this tendency in mind. However, it’s often hard to find a really exquisite printed clothing to look stylish in any situation. If that’s what you are looking for, Abandon Ship apparel for children is just what you need.

Abandon Ship designs are always fresh and memorable, while cool prints and illustrations make this company especially popular with youngsters.

What products form part of their collections? To mention a few, their most popular goods include the next ones:

  • Jersey trousers for boys. This item is oriented on active teens who like sports activities. They feature brightly colored prints that would surely meet any teenager’s taste. Active boys can wear them in combination with long- and short-sleeved T-shirts and sports footwear of matching colors to make the look complete. This item is also added with a waist string to perfectly fit any size.
  • T-shirts for young girls and boys. They have a classical black-and-white design and feature a familiar logo print. Their design is versatile as they go well with various other types of clothes disregarding the preferable style.
  • T-shirts with a ‘Hand of God’ print for boys. This model is yet another example of the original kids’ streetwear from Abandon Ship. It was created with modern fashion trends in mind for kids of different ages to wear on a daily basis.
  • Accessories with Abandon Ship logo. Hats and socks form part of the selection of accessories from this designer. They come in different colors like green, red, black, and blue among others. The variety of colors makes it possible to combine them with other pieces of streetwear.

Overall, a great advantage of kids’ clothing from Abandon Ship is the carefully chosen fabrics. This makes their creations not just fashionable but also comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Every parent can make their kid’s dreams come to life with Abandon Ship fashion brand. This trademark stands for great quality, authentic designs and an impressive variety of girls’ and boys’ wear for all kinds of situations while their prices are always reasonable.

Abandon Ship is a famous Scottish brand of remarkable clothing for children aged up to 16 years old. It was established by Richard Davies and Duncan Sweeny, whose main idea was to design clothes to satisfy the tastes both of girls and boys. The most important feature of the company is using cool animal and other extraordinary prints in its products. The fancy clothing by Abandon Ship attracts the view of a child at once, as usually a big logo of the brand – an anchor – is placed on the front of T-shirts and sweaters of black or white colors. Besides, stylish patterns and unique images are adored by young generation. Brisk sequins, beads and diamante gems are also used and create a feminine look of a young girl. A big collection of additional items is also offered in a big variety. Besides, it is worth noticing that the qualified manufacturers use high quality fabrics while tailoring. They guarantee to parents to provide their kids with maximum comfort during all year around. Today the Scottish line is already popular in whole Europe, and has been gaining success in the United States as well. Nowadays, it is possible to purchase the stylish products of Abandon Ship online too.

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